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Fae, Wicthes, Warlocks, Wizards, Werewolves, Vampires, Fairies, Demons, Angels, Mermaids, Nymphs, Dwarfs, and humans. These are all the creatures that live in this world and beyond. Creatures powerful enough to create worlds and destroy them. Yet, they live in the shadows, hidden from the human eye. ~~~ Thyra Redgrave A 13 year old Fae is of age to go to Faenura Academy of Magic. She comes from a family of powerful fae's who have changed the magical world with their abilities. All her life, she has practiced magic with her grandfather, to follow her families footsteps in bringing a change to the world. Though she is not as excited as on would be. With the pressure from her family to be perfect at everything magical and to stay away from the human world. Thyra's plan is to go to the Academy, harness her magical prowess and be better than everyone in her family. There, she will encounter other of her kind and make a discovery that will change her life. Follow Thyra through her journey of friendships, love, magic, betrayal, and adventure.

Fantasy / Adventure
Nova Avery
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Prologue I

The wind blew harshly, blowing silver hair around a tanned face. Bright blue eyes with a silver hue gazed out. The girl stood on the balcony, just looking down at the vast field, filled with the many things one could do at the Redgrave residence. The Redgrave residence was 32.718 acres, with facilities beyond anyone's wildest dreams. One could live here for a thousands of years and still find new places or things to explore.

Thyra Redgrave has always wanted freedom, like the wind. The wind can blow anywhere and anyway, without any restrictions. Whereas, she has always been under lock and key. Since the day she was born, there have been restrictions on what she can and cannot do. There are rules she has to follow. Thyra comes from a powerful family, which means there are certain standards she has to live up to. There is a certain way she has to live her life and be a figure people can follow or be forced to follow.

Thyra comes from a family of powerful fae, who may have contributed their time and intelligence discovering and changing the world but they have also contributed to mass destruction and their own selfish endeavors. Anyone who knows or has even heard of the Redgrave family knows of the power, wealth, and respect they have achieved. They have everything one would dream to have. Yet, Thyra has always felt like there is more to this world than just power and the many things the Redgrave family stands for. Since she was a child, she has known there was a world out there that cared about other things than just wealth, gaining respect, power, and a name that can draw respect but also fear.

Though Thyra was only thirteen of age, she was still very much like her family. She wanted — no needed — to have the wealth, the power, the fear, the respect her family has acquired over the centuries. She was no stranger to money. She had loads of it. If she wanted she could buy anything she wanted. She also believed, and was told, that she inhabited great power. Power, that she could use to achieve anything and she knew that the minute she set foot on the ground of the Academy, she'd be free to use her power however she liked.

Thyra was always into leaning new things and being perfect at everything she did. It may be because it was a prerequisite to be a part of the Redgrave bloodline or maybe it was just in her, to be perfect at everything, better than everyone else. She was not going to the Academy to make friends or have a boyfriend, but to learn. She has her whole eternal life to make connections, but only so little time to learn everything there is about magic. She does not want any distractions that will take away her time from being the most powerful fae known to this world.

Thyra did not have many friends. With the kind of family she had, she did not want to get close to anyone neither was any dying to be friends with her. She was too different than everyone else. She lived a life that was different for normal fae to understand. Only a fae of her status could even begin to understand the struggle she goes through everyday. The only close friend she had was Darren, the son of one of her grandfather's advisors. The boy was her age and over the years she had known him, has become her confidant. He was very good with plants and flowers so everyone assumed he will most likely be put in the nature category.

The brown haired boy was the only one person who put any effort to get to know the girl and continue to put effort to keep their friendship on a good level. No one was surprised when they found out that the two had become friends because of Darren's personality which consisted of much humor, charm, reliability, and adventurous behavior. Though he is also arrogant, lazy, loud, and obnoxious. Darren would be joining her at the Academy. She was happy that there would be someone at the Academy she knew and could go to when things got overwhelming. Though many people have said that their personalities were very similar to each other's, maybe that was why they got along very well.

In a couple of days, Thyra will be moving to the Faenura, the magical academy for fae's, for six years. Six years without the eyes of her grandfather and his people watching her every move, keeping an eye on her, making sure she does not do anything he did not approve of or that she was doing everything she is supposed to do every day. When her grandfather informed her that she would be starting at the Academy in a couple of weeks, she was excited. She could finally put her mind to achieving everything she has ever wanted.

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