Epic Adventure: Dragonapping

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Follow the wizard Leonan on his quest to save a dragon that was taken by an evil princess! You, the reader, will choose Leonan's path in this epic choose your own adventure story. As he journeys to Castle Torrent in an effort to confront Princess Viliana for abducting the local dragon protector, Rufarious, the wizard will cross paths with various obstacles, creatures, and people. It's up to the reader how Leonan handles each situation and those choices will drastically affect how the story unfolds. How will the wizard gain entry to the locked and magically warded Castle Torrent? Will he discover what has happened to the castle residents? Who is really behind Princess Viliana's sudden rebellion? Will Leonan befriend his foes or make permanent enemies of them? Find out in this dynamic story with four unique story paths, three different epilogues, and even a secret epilogue unlocked by story achievements!

Fantasy / Adventure
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As an adventure novel, this story is in your hands. You, the reader, will adventure alongside the main character and choose the course of events. Your choices will affect which story path the main character takes and what decisions he makes. Once he reaches the castle, those decisions will affect the outcome of his quest and result in earning or failing at three specific achievements.

There are three different epilogues that depend on those achievements, regardless of which story path taken. With a total of four story paths, two choices for each of the three achievement scenes, leading to the three separate epilogues, you can re-read the book several times and have a new story each time!

This is only a glimpse into the world of Ceylon and you can be sure that there will be future magic and mischief to be had there.

Achievement Bonus

There is a fourth, hidden epilogue section that can be unlocked by gaining all three achievements. The achievements unlocks are the same regardless of which story path you take.

The name of the hidden epilogue section is concealed within the following code. Each of the three possible achievements will provide a piece of the cipher. Earn all three achievements to unlock the cipher and reveal the name of the hidden epilogue section! Once you have it, look at the table of contents to find it.

Secret Epilogue:

% # ~ # > & ^ \ @ ~ + \ @ ! * > * [

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