Emerald Eyes

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The Man in the Armchair

The Teal Gem, King's Court, Tharia, 12:08 PM.

Finally she was beginning to wake up. After being lifeless for twelve hours it was a relief to see that my hard work hadn't been in vain. She stirred slowly, almost like a newborn experiencing life for the first time, every breath seemed surreal. Her eyes, full of confusion, searched the room for some kind of an answer before landing on me, the man in the armchair.

"Before you ask where you are, let me ask you a question. Do you remember what happened last night?" my voice was calm but held a hoarse quality I couldn't rid.

"I-" she grabbed her forehead and scrunched her face in pain. Understandable, considering the blood loss and beating she'd endured. "I remember being chased. There were four men."

"Four men that planned on-"

"Aye, thank-you. I remember." she spat her words at me, her expression exhausted.

"Who were they? Why were they following you?"

"Where am I?" her northern accent was becoming more apparent. I wasn't in a rush to answer her question before receiving answers of my own so I sat in silence until she piped up once more. "Does it matter?"

"If I ask you a question you'll answer it. Who were they?" I raised an eyebrow. It wouldn't have been wrong to say I was intrigued by her lack of a response.

"An old lover." she said after a short hesitation. I wasn't sold on her answer but my interrogation would get me nowhere. If she wished to keep secrets then me pressing further would simply irritate her and infuriate me.

I stood and began to strap my harness to my chest as she looked down at the bloodstained bed sheets. She gasped at what could only be perceived as the amount of red.

"Aye, you're a bleeder, young lady." I said through a subtle smile.

"Is that meant to be funny? You left me on a bloodied bed."

"I'm not a babysitter."

"Thank the heavens." she said as she pulled herself off of the bed, her torn remnants of a skirt revealing a hefty portion of her thighs. I turned just as I'd finished tightening my harness to witness her eyes rolling back into her head. Cursing beneath my breath I darted forward and caught her as she began to collapse, the impact of her falling into me pushed her back into the realm of the living. I'd managed to catch her at a forty-five degree angle whilst staring down at her, oblivious to my prying eyes. Her own gazed back up to mine and, for the first time in a long while, I was lost on how to continue.

Her lips parted slightly before her head tilted to one side. "Sara. M-my name is Sara." she whispered.

I slowly placed Sara back onto her feet only to look down at her. I nodded, once, separating myself from the interaction as I returned to the dresser, donning my coat, cursing myself silently.

After refitting my outfit I pulled my hood back over my head and turned to face Sara, her illuminated, emerald eyes still watching me and her stance looked vulnerable. She was unrecognisable as the loud-mouthed northern girl that lay on bloodied sheets two minutes ago.

I surveyed her openly as I had a habit of doing. Her red hair was more tame than last night but dirt still marked her pale skin. She was putting her weight on her right leg, the left still tender after Carlisle's operation.

"You need to go home. Bathe, rest, take your weight off of your injured leg." I ordered.

"I have no home." her voice was nearing a whisper.

"Family? Friends?"


"Then use this room until I get back. Think of a place you can stay and, be helpful, change my sheets. I'll ask Bertha to bring some up." I strode out of the room leaving no chance of a reply. As I chased the stairs to the lower floor I spotted Bertha behind her bar using a dirty towel to clean an even dirtier glass. "Bertha. New sheets in my room, if you please."

"Piss off, Freeloader."

"There's my girl." I jabbed, exiting the inn completely into the refreshing air of King's Court. I scratched my chin casually as I scanned my surroundings for any sign of Bjorn; I needed to take him up on his offer to take me to Huskway. I was going to make it to Direthorne and follow Ralph's lead on the covert operation running in the village, because curiosity had gotten the better of me. It was fairly quiet for this time of day, only a few bodies walked by, none of them short enough to pass for a dwarf.

I pulled myself toward the market district in search of his caravan. The stalls were still doing business and it seemed the majority of King's Court were there, packed tight between merchants, haggling as they made their way around. The square the district was planted in was fairly open and I could make out a row of caravans to the right of the crowd. I skirted the district so that I wasn't sucked into the commotion and began to inspect the vehicles. After checking the first few caravans a voice drew my attention.

"Alright there, laddie?" instantly recognisable as Bjorn. I spun around to offer him a curt nod.

"Bjorn. Still able to take me as far as Huskway?"

"Sure can. You're in luck, we leave in an hour."

"My thanks." I offered a smirk as I had a habit of doing before exiting the conversation and converging with the market crowd. Before leaving I'd need to replenish the bones powder bomb used in Brimrose Dire.

Then I'd need to see to Sara.

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