Gods And Monsters

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It's been a long time since Paranormals have been seen in Lacome Cove. The quiet, peaceful town has long since forgotten the existence of Vampires, Werewolves and all the other frightening creatures that go bump in the night. But when aspiring supernatural writer, Natasha James moves to Lacome Cove, desperate to escape her past, she unintentionally awakens all of the creatures the serene town forgot about. Things are about to get a little less peaceful in Lacome Cove.

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The waves, black and blue, crashed ominously against the sharp, jagged rocks that aligned the treacherous cliff. A cliff that so many had lost their lives on. And standing on the edge of the cliff was a girl.

The girl couldn't have been older than twenty. Her dark curls tousled against the night sky, her senses filled with the scent of seawater, the cold biting through the fabric of her jeans and T-shirt.

"Where is she?" a voice rasped from behind the girl, almost inaudible against the loud crashing of the waves.

She faced the owner of the voice. He was tall and alarmingly pale, his eyes glowing a vicious red and a cruel smile stretching across his attractive face.

"Jack," the girl spoke, her voice was clear, strong. It didn't waver or shake and she stood tall, showing no signs of fear despite the monster who stood in front of her.

"Marie, darling," he spoke soothingly, every time his mouth opened a bit of fang flashed. "I'd like very much if we could end this...civilly."

"Civil?" Marie rose one brow. "And what would be civil for you, Jack? Killing my child?"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Oh, come off it, love, you can have more children. You're young."

"My child is gone, Jack. She's safe. And so is the Medallion. The Vampires or any other Paranormal will never touch it again."

Jack's eyes flashed, but he still managed a tight smile.

"Well, that's not fully true, is it, love? All we have to do is find your baby, rip her heart out and take the Medallion. It's quite simple, really."

"You won't find her because I've given her to an Angel, we both know how good they are at hiding things. And how protective they are of children. And as for the Medallion, I've had it spelled. If any harm comes to my child, the Medallion will turn to dust and be destroyed. If you try to take it from her, it will turn any Paranormal to ash."

Jack didn't want to believe this was true, but the fierce look in Marie's eyes was so sure and strong that he knew she wasn't lying about this.

"You attached the Medallion to a baby?" Jack hissed, taking one menacing step toward Marie who held her ground. "Are you insane?"

"No," Marie murmured, smiling and closing her eyes. "She's special."

"You're coming with me." Jack's voice was barely human now, he was baring his fangs at her and the red in his eyes seemed brighter. "You're going to tell us where she is."

"No," Marie said again. "I won't tell you. I'll never tell you anything."

And then Marie stepped back and gracefully threw herself from the cliff. Jack ran at inhuman speed, trying desperately to catch her. But Marie was falling fast and before long she had plunged into the icy depths of the black and blue waves.


The dark hooded figure carried the bundle in her arms as she moved quickly down the streets of Woodbury Lane. She knew exactly where she was headed. She knew exactly where this bundle in her arms would be safe.

She was there in almost no time at all. It was a small brick building with the words 'Claire's Orphanage' written in fading white letters.

The Angel held the child close. Already, she knew the child's mother was dead and its father long gone.

As they stood in front of the worn out building, the Angel took this moment to look at the child. She almost wanted to laugh at how such a tiny little being could have such a large destiny.

"We'll meet again, little one," the Angel spoke, her voice quiet and musical. Tendrils of blonde hair swept from the hood of her cloak and the small being in her arms grabbed at them immediately, cooing to itself.

The Angel placed the baby carefully in front of the door of the orphanage, knocked clearly, then disappeared before any human could see her.

A nun came out. She looked around once before she looked down to find the baby lying there. Immediately, the nun's eyes softened with sadness and understanding.

She bent down to pick up the poor child when something hanging around the child's neck caught her eye. It was a thick, circular shaped medallion embedded with rubies, diamonds and emeralds. From what the nun could see, all the jewels were real.

Amazed at its beauty, she reached out to touch it. She was surprised when it shocked her hand, burning her fingers with a pain so severe, she almost dropped the baby in her arms.

Hissing in pain, the nun studied the child more closely. It looked like a normal child and yet its necklace had burned her as if she were a demon and that necklace had the power of God.

Shaking her head, she turned to bring the child inside.

The thoughts she was having were silly. The baby in her arms was just that, a baby. Nothing more, nothing less.

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