Gods And Monsters

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Chapter Nine

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Early the next morning, as I sat curled up on my sofa, still shuddering from the nightmare I'd had the night before, the local news reported that now, it wasn't just one girl who had gone missing but two. The police were looking for any leads they could, and the girls' families were willing to pay top dollar for anyone who could offer up any leads as to where these girls had gone and who took them. According to the news anchor, the only thing the police knew was that this kidnapper was going after girls aged eighteen to thirty. There wasn't much about any of these girls that was the same as the other except for the fact that all of them were pretty and their families were upper-class residents in Lacome Cove.

This was a lot like what happened twenty-seven years ago, the things that happened before my mother threw herself off the cliff and ended all of that. The archives I read spoke about the way these creatures that witnesses swore up and down were dragons kidnapped girls and just took them away. After my mom jumped from the Cursed Cliff, the police were finally able to find these girls. All thirty-seven of them had been pregnant, carrying the children of the people who had kidnapped them. There were children inside of those caves where they were hidden, too. Apparently, they had been forced to breed out children for years.

It was something so fucked up and unreal, I had trouble imagining it.

But if these girls were being kidnapped by dragons, this certainly fit the lore in a way. Dragons—in fairytales, anyway—always kidnap a beautiful young maiden until a prince can come along to save her. Of course, those fairytales say nothing about the dragons forcing the beautiful young maiden to breed with him and have his children.

A light knock sounds on my door, and I look toward my door in confusion. It's only just seven o'clock, and it strikes me as weird that someone would be at my door at this time, in the middle of the storm that's happening right now. The rain has thinned out a little since last night, but the wind is becoming a force to be reckoned with. After my nightmare, I had gone to stand outside to get some air, force myself to realize that the dream I'd had was just that, a dream. I had been surprised, however, when the wind blew so hard, it almost knocked me on my ass.

I got up from my spot on the couch, taking the fleece blanket—which is wrapped around me like a cape—and heading toward the door. When I look into the peephole, I know who is at my door immediately. The hair so blonde it's more like finely spun gold than actual human hair fills my vision.


I consider pretending like I'm not home, or like I didn't hear her knocking but at the same time, I'm done running away from this. For almost a week now, I've been avoiding her and Elijah because...I'm not sure, exactly. Maybe it's because I'm afraid. I know her secret. And it's not like I'm afraid she'll hurt me, Ophelia doesn't give off that vibe at all. That woman probably couldn't hurt a fly. My fear exists because I'm afraid of the answers I'll get to the questions I ask. What will Ophelia tell me about my mother and my father? What will she say about this Medallion? What will she say about me?

All of it terrifies me in a way that I don't think anyone can imagine.

But, like I said, I'm tired of running. Running hasn't done me any good and I need answers. The answers may not be the ones I want but they're what I need to keep my life going. I don't think I can live another day without knowing the truth about myself, my mother, this necklace and this town.

I wanted to laugh a little as I undid the latch of the door. In books, the heroine usually learns of her destiny near the final pages of the book or somewhere in the middle. She doesn't move to a new town and learn about the creatures in said town immediately after she arrives.

And yet, here I was. A heroine opening the door for an angel with trembling hands.

Once the door was opened, it was all I could do to keep from falling back. The wind howled as pushed through my house with a force so great, it nearly knocked the fleece blanket around my shoulders clean off if I hadn't been holding onto it tightly with one hand.

Ophelia, though, was completely unmoved. Save for her hair and her clothes, it was like the wind didn't affect her at all. The wind for her seemed to be nothing more than a fly buzzing in her ear; annoying but easy to take care of.

"You know."

I nod once, feeling no need to play dumb.

"May I come in?"

I hesitate for a moment before gesturing for her to come inside. After finally pushing my door closed, I just stand there for a long while, staring at the closed door, afraid to turn back and look at Ophelia. I have to take a few deep breaths and do a few exhales before I can turn around and face her with a look that is supposed to be nonchalant.

"You're an angel," I blurt out.

"I am."

"And you hid me when I was a baby."

"I did."


"Because of that," she pointed to the Medallion, which seemed to vibrate in response. It was like it was alive and it had seen her pointing at it.

"What is this thing?" I asked, feeling kind of freaked out. "Why is it so important that my mother killed herself over it and an angel—a freaking angel—protected me?"

"It's a long story," Ophelia whispered, rubbing the palms of her hands on her black pencil skirt nervously. "I don't know where to begin."

"A wise man once said it's always good to start at the beginning."

"The beginning. Okay. In the beginning, God created man and woman and—"

"Jesus, Ophelia, not the beginning of the beginning."

Ophelia shook her head. "This is important Natasha. In order to understand that Medallion's power, you must understand where it came from."

She looks at me seriously, making sure I'm on board. Since her face is so serious, my head nods automatically.

"Okay, so in the beginning, God created man to live in his garden, Eden. And well, basically, he created a wife for the first son he'd ever made, Adam. He called her Lilith. Lilith didn't want to submit to Adam, not that I blamed her. Despite the way mankind painted her, she was loved by God and she loved Him back. She wasn't damned for not submitting, she was damned when Lucifer fell."

"Right," I chime in, nodding. "Some of the stories say she became the worlds first demon."

"She did. Her soul was twisted beyond recognition. A once kind, loving human being became malevolent, evil. Father was saddened. He hadn't thought that Lucifer would go that far as to twist a human soul into something completely other. Back then, that was unheard of. No one knew what a demon was. Anyway, after that, Father created Eve but this time, to prevent what had happened to Lilith from happening to Eve, he gave her his greatest gift: creation. The gift he had used to create planets, galaxies, life, he passed it all onto her and he told her, "Protect this gift with your life. Defend it and pass it on to your children.'

"After that, God became an observer, only able to use his power when absolutely necessary. He had spent so much of his power creating the universe, you see, and when he gave such a big part of his power to Eve, it became more difficult for him to be as present as he used to be. Now, he can only observe, only performing small feats which mortals deem as miracles from time to time. Eve created more human to inhabit the world with her, Adam and their sons Caine and Abel. Perhaps it's because Eve is a woman, too, but the women she created were given a small fraction of her power to create, it's why women are able to carry children. It's the gift she gave humanity."

Ophelia took a breath and I took one with her. I'd like to explain exactly what I was thinking at the moment but honestly, I had no fucking words.

"Anyway, after Caine killed Abel, Eve was heartbroken at the loss of her sons. One son was murdered and the other son—the murderer—had been cursed by God. Eve took all of the power that God had given her and pushed it out of her body, forming what you're wearing around your neck."

My hands reached for the Medallion instinctively, and I try to process everything that's been told to me. God and Eve and Adam and Lucifer. Stories that I'd heard growing up with a Christian adopted mother but had never really put much thought into. I mean, sure, as a writer, I found the stories from the bible interesting, fascinating even. I mean, a being who could create galaxies and angels and do things most people only dreamed of. God, for me, was what dreams were made of. It's not that I didn't think he was real, it's just that I hadn't thought about it. Honestly, if I pondered it long enough, I was sure the answer would frighten me. Because even if I didn't think that God existed, I would have to wonder how the universe did exist, I would have to wonder how that first atom, that first particle was willed into existence.

And that terrified me.

"So, everyone wants this because it belonged to Eve and it contains the powers of life?" That sounded unsure even to my own ears.

"Contains the powers of life? No, Natasha. That Medallion is life itself. You have no idea how powerful that thing is. With it, you can create things at will. Want an army of Vampires? You can will it to be. Want an army of angels at your command? You can create angels who would serve you and only you. With that Medallion, a man could rule, not only the Earth but the universe. The Supernaturals searched for a long time to find that artifact but Marie, your mother, found it first."

"Where in the Hell did she find something like this?"

"Your mother is a direct descendant of Eve, and so are you. Your mother grew up here in Lacome Cove, so she was used to weird. Her mother told her stories of her heritage, of how she was a direct descendant of Eve and how it was her duty to find and protect the Medallion. The Medallion had been lost to the true descendants of Eve for a long time, being passed from gypsy to gypsy, none of those gypsies knowing the true power that Medallion held. That's probably what kept it out of the wrong hands. Anyway, about two years before you were born, she and your father headed to Italy and met a gypsy there who was selling it. The woman only sold it for about five US dollars, probably completely unaware of what she had stumbled upon. Marie sensed the power coming from it and knew what it was immediately. She bought it and the angels sensed that the Medallion was in the hands of a true Daughter of Eve, so I was sent to guard your mother and keep her safe."

Ophelia fell silent and I swallowed, taking a deep breath.


"But after you were born, your mother knew they'd use you against her and she and your father became anxious. They sought out a witch—an old, powerful witch—who was trustworthy. It's rare to find witches who don't mean you harm but this one was kinder than most others. We fought the other Supernaturals for a long time, all of us. Me, your mother, your father, the witch, Elijah's pack—which was run by his father at the time—and an old coven of Vampires helped us, too, if you can believe it. We all fought until they backed us into a corner.

"To save your life and the lives of everyone in this town," Ophelia said, looking away from me as her voice grew thick. "She asked the witch to bind the Medallion to you. It was the only way to ensure both yours and the Medallion's safety. Binding the Medallion would have killed a normal baby—Hell, it would've even killed me probably—but since you're a true Daughter of Eve, it worked for you. But with magic, there's always a price and the price Marie had to pay for your safety was—"

"A life," I finished for her. "And because she could bear to take an innocent life, she took her own life instead."

Ophelia looked at me in surprise, her blue eyes going wide. "Yes. How did you—?"

"I saw it. About five years ago. I had this vision of this woman standing on a cliff and I could feel what she felt and hear her thoughts like they were mine. I wrote a book about her and everything but I didn't know it was my mother I was writing about." I paused. "And wait, did you say Elijah's pack? He's a...what...a Werewolf?"

Ophelia nodded.

"Holy..." I breathed. "I mean, I heard him telling you about full moons and Fated Ones and I remember thinking to myself that it sounded like some really bad Werewolf romance Fanfic but I had no idea that he was really..."

"Now that I've told you the truth, are we okay again?"

Her eyes looked so wide, open and honest that I could bring myself to say no. Honestly, I just couldn't find it in me to distrust Ophelia. Nothing about her screamed that she would hurt me. So I gave her a nod implying that yes, we were very much okay.

She gave me a relieved look and said, "Good. I don't know how much you'll believe me after all of this but I do consider you a friend, Natasha."

"Even after I started all of this?" I asked, pointing toward my TV screen. At the moment, the news was reporting that another girl had been kidnapped just last night.

"Natasha, this isn't all happening solely because of you. Yes, it's true that the Medallion stirred a lot of slumbering creatures but Lacome Cove itself is a Supernatural town."

I felt like she was saying something that should be obvious to me but I wasn't picking up what she was throwing down.


"Meaning this town is like a beacon for the Supernaturals. You know how when a sailor is on the seas, the lighthouse will shine brightly to help lead him home?" When I nod, she keeps going. "Lacome Cove is a lighthouse and many Supernaturals are drawn here. Vampires, Witches, Succubi, Werewolves, Sirens, you name it and they're either already here or they will be at one point. When Marie died, she inadvertently put them in a...deep sleep. But now..."

"They've sensed the Medallion and are wide awake."

Ophelia nods again.

"So, should I just leave?" I ask, clutching the Medallion. "If I leave, will they go back to their deep sleep."

Ophelia is shaking her head before I'm finished with my sentence. "That won't work. They've already started waking up meaning the curse that kept them asleep is being undone as we speak. They'll be able to sense the Medallion and they'll just come after you. You're safer in Lacome Cove. I'm here, Elijah's here, and we have allies here who don't want to Medallion ending up in the wrong hands. If you leave, that's exactly what will happen."

"So I stay."

"You stay."

"That's fine with me," I say, letting out a breathy laugh. "With all the people trying to kill me, it'll be nice to have a few people on my side."

And as I said that, I was achingly aware of the fact that my own life had become like the books I wrote and the TV shows I watched. I was a heroine trapped smack dab in the middle of Supernatural warfare.

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