Gods And Monsters

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Chapter Three

Lacome Cove is only a few hours away. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited. For the past year, I've been blocked and unable to write a damn thing, but now there was hope. If I could get into a town where weird was normal, maybe I could actually write something that wasn't complete and utter garbage.

After a few hours of driving, I hit the town of Lacome Cove. It's just as beautiful in person as it had been in the pictures. Nestled in a thicket of trees sat the small town that had taken my breath away. It seems quiet enough. A few shops, a library, a restaurant or two. The necklace grows warmer around my chest almost as if it was telling me this town wasn't at all what it seemed.

All in all, I'm really fucking excited.

I pull up to a motel. It wasn't the most attractive motel I'd ever seen, but it also wasn't the most unattractive motel I'd ever seen, so that was a bonus.

Walking up to the counter, I check myself in and make my way to the room the hotel manager had given me. It was small and a little run down, but it was all good because I'd find a place soon and all would be well.

I throw myself down on the bed and before I even know what was happening, sleep is pulling me under.


When I wake up again, the evening has turned to morning. Granted it's really early in the morning, only seven-fifteen.

I groan and stretch, heading to the bathroom. The need to go shopping is getting really strong. I only have one outfit and it's becoming really annoying.

After taking care of my hygiene, I decide the best way to start my research is to go to the library. I want to pull up as many archives as I can on the things Ida was telling me about. I mean--and this is gonna make me sound like a terrible person--but missing girls and bloodless corpses are literally every supernatural writer's dream.

It doesn't take me long to find the library. It's located right beside a coffee shop and that is when I decide I'm in love with this little town. It has supernatural history and the library is next to the coffee shop. Could this day get any better?

I step out of the car and am making my way toward the library when I hear a soft moan. Automatically, my head turns in the direction of the sound and oh my God, I wish it hadn't.

There's a couple kissing on the side of the coffee shop. They're nestled so you can't see them unless you're trying to get into the library. Like me.

Now I have this personal pet peeve and it's called PDA. It's one thing to hold hands or to hug or to even give the one you love a small kiss. But full-blown I'm-taking-you-home-and-screwing-your-brains-out kissing makes me want to choke something.

I mean, hello, you're in public, you asshole. Can't you grab her ass somewhere else?

I'm about to turn away when suddenly the guy's eyes open and they meet mine. He's got vivid grey eyes and from what I can tell, he's really attractive. His eyes are really burning into mine and I'm getting kind of uncomfortable. I mean, he's making out with the petite redhead with his hand on her ass, but he's focusing on me in this really serious way.

I break eye contact and practically run into the library. This town was weird already.

The library itself is very vintage. I can tell it's been here for a long time. Smack dab in the middle is a service desk and sitting at that desk is a beautiful young woman. She's got long golden hair--I mean, her hair is literally like spun gold. She is sitting in a chair, reading what looks like a first edition of Moby Dick.

She looks up when I walk closer. Her eyes are the bluest blue I've ever seen. Her eyes are like the sky and the closer I get, the more beautiful she becomes.

"Can I help you?" she asks, looking at me curiously.

Her voice is quiet, soft, soothing. I study her for a moment. I get the oddest feeling we've met before...

"Yeah, you can, actually. I'm in Lacome Cove to do some studying. I hear weird things happen here and I want to know all about them."

She closes the book and looks me over a little warily, probably wondering if I'm sane.

"Well, strange things have happened in Lacome Cove over the years," she answered slowly. "Our archives are in the back. Which ones do you want?"

"All of them."


An hour and a half later, I'm neck deep in old archives. Ida wasn't kidding when she'd told me this town had a history of weird. From the year 1780 all the way up to 1990 where it all just stopped. The strangest thing is that it all stopped after a young girl name Marie Coleman committed suicide. Everyone who had known her had been shocked, she had been happy with her husband and her newborn baby, no one had understood why she killed herself.

When I'm done with my research, I return the archives to the librarian. She looks at me and gives a smile.

"You're new in town, aren't you?"

"Is it that obvious?" I wonder, watching as she walks into the back to put the archives away.

"A little," she calls out. "This town is pretty small, so everyone has seen everyone at some point. I've lived here my whole life and know just about everyone in this town. Never seen you, though."

"I decided I wanted a fresh start," I say, shrugging. "Everyone wants to start over sometimes, you know?"

The girl returns from the back. She really is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her skin is so flawless, like a polished pearl.

"How are you liking Lacome Cove so far?" she asks, tilting her head to the side as she awaits my answer.

"It's a nice place. Quiet. The perfect place for a writer."

Her eyes widen. "You're a writer?"

I nod once.

"So, are you planning on staying in Lacome Cove permanently?"

"As soon as I can find a house, I'll do just that," I tell her, frowning. When I was searching through the archives I'd completely forgotten, but I had no home. I needed to find one quickly. Maybe a job, too.

"If you're looking for a place I can help you out with that," she says excitedly, writing something down on a pink sticky note before handing it to me. "Elijah King's family owns all of Lacome Cove. He's a great realtor with a ton of great houses. If anyone can help you it's him."

"Thanks...um...I'm sorry, I don't know your name."

She gives me a bright smile. "My name is Ophelia."

I smile back at her. "Thanks for the help Ophelia. My name's Natasha."

We shake hands and I get this feeling we'll be seeing a lot of each other. I get this feeling Ophelia is someone who I can count on when it matters the most. 

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