Gods And Monsters

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Chapter Five

It doesn't take me long to get my life together. I've been in Lacome Cove about a week and in that week I've gotten a job at the coffee shop beside the library, made a friend--Ophelia, the beautiful and kind librarian-- got a house, courtesy of Elijah King who, by the way, likes to show up at my place uninvited. I also bought furniture from a cute little homemade furniture shop in town.

All in all, my life had gotten better. I'd grown used to how strangely cold Lacome Cove was. I'd grown used to the grey skies and all the rain. In my short time here, these things all became natural.

"Hey, Ophelia," I call out. I'm in the library on my break like I always am. I come by to read archives and talk to Ophelia.

She pops her head up from the back. "Yeah?"

"Do you ever think it's weird how all of the weird stuff in Lacome Cove stopped just after Marie Coleman killed herself?"

Ophelia is silent for a moment before she asks, "What do you mean?"

"It's just something I've been thinking since I first read these archives, but all the crazy stuff has been happening in this town for centuries, right? And then all of a sudden, this Marie woman kills herself and it all just...stops. That doesn't sound weird to you?"

"Maybe it's just a coincidence," Ophelia calls out. "Those do happen, you know."

"Yeah, maybe," I say, unconvinced.


There is a large crowd in the coffee shop today so Mindy--the busty, friendly owner of the shop--had to call me and cut my break short.

"I'm so sorry to cut your break short," she says as soon as I walk in. "But I need as many hands as I can get right now."

I smile at her. "Not a problem. Where do you want me?"

She fills me in on what customers want what and I get straight to work. After a couple of minutes, everyone is served and Mindy walks up to me, wiping sweat from her brow.

"Whew, I'm so thankful you're here, Natasha," she says, smiling tiredly.

"Eh, no worries. It's part of the job description, remember?"

In the middle of our chat, the door opens and the bell chimes, causing us to pause and look up at whose come in. For the third time, I sincerely wish I hadn't looked up.

Elijah King struts in, his eyes finding mine almost immediately, a smirk finding its way onto his face. Every girl in the room is distracted almost immediately. You can practically hear the sound of ovaries bursting.

He sits at the counter, never breaking eye contact as he does. I turn away and begin to walk off when he calls out, "Is that how you treat a waiting customer? Especially when he's starving?"

"There are two other waitresses here. One of them can serve you."

"But I don't want them, gorgeous, I want you."

The coffee shop is silent, everyone looking back and forth between us. Clearly they were thinking this was some kind of cute confession. I mean, wouldn't you think the guy was confessing? He was looking at me intensely and saying he didn't want anyone but me. However, I knew Elijah's type. Hell, in my wild teenage years, I'd dated his type. He was saying the things he said with no regard for anyone's feelings. The only feelings he wanted were cheap thrills and honestly, I'd had enough thrills to last me a lifetime.

I look over at Mindy who is giving me this look that's begging me to serve him. Elijah King was the most powerful man in town and serving him would be good business.

I sighed. There was clearly no way out of this.

"What can I get you?" I ask, struggling intensely to make my voice professional.

"A date with you."

I give him a deadpan look and say, "Something you can actually have."

I hear a few gasps and the waitresses are all staring at me wide-eyed. You'd think I just told God I'd rather go to Hell than enter the pearly gates of Heaven.

He laughs and shrugs a little. "Fine. I'll ask you again another time. For now, can I get a coffee and one of those legendary turkey sandwiches I've heard so much about."

I nod once and hand his order in. The talking gradually starts up again, but I can see people occasionally shooting looks in my direction as they talk among themselves.

All I wanted was to go somewhere away from Damien and live a quiet, meager existence where no one knew my name and I was basically invisible and somehow my plans just completely fell apart all because a man with a pretty face harassed me.

"I'd like to punch him in his stupid pretty face," I mumble to myself as I head toward him with his sandwich. "Here you go, sir," I say with fake enthusiasm, setting his food in front of him.

He gives me an amused look and again, I imagine repeatedly punching him until his handsome face is not so handsome anymore.

"Can I get a refill on my coffee, please?"

I hold in my sigh and grab the coffee pot. I lean over to pour his coffee, thinking about how much I wanted him to leave when I heard him give a sharp intake of breath.

I looked up and saw his eyes were on my chest, his gaze deathly serious.

"Hey, my eyes are up here, perv," I snap, straightening up.

Elijah just swallows the last of his sandwich and meets my eyes solemnly.

"That necklace," he says, gesturing to my necklace. "Where did you get it?"

"This? I've had it since I was a baby." I look over at him carefully. He looks pale, almost as if he's seen a ghost.

He jumps up and out of his seat, leaving a few bills on the counter and says nothing as he hightails away from me as if I have the plague.

I'm a little shocked, but at the same time at least he's gone. Still, I can't help but wonder why he had such a strange reaction to a necklace. Looking down at it carefully, I see nothing special and shrugging, I tuck it back into my shirt.

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