Gods And Monsters

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Chapter Six

My necklace had been hot lately. It was so hot, it was almost too painful to wear. Unfortunately for me, though, the necklace was attached to me and didn't come off.

It was Saturday, my day off. Of course, I planned to spend the day in the library, reading more archives. It had been almost two weeks since I'd been in Lacome Cove and I barely even scratched the surface of those old archives.

After taking care of my hygiene, I get dressed--yes, I stopped by a clothing store a bought more clothes--and head out to the coffee shop first.

When I walk in, Mindy greets me with a grin.

"The usual, right?"

"You know it."

Mindy makes two coffees and gets two muffins--one banana nut and one blueberry, handing them to me she says, "Hey, just a heads up but I hear that Ophelia and Elijah are going out."

I raise a brow like that. Ophelia's such a sweet, quiet, bookish type of girl, there's no way in Hell Elijah's her type.

"Where'd you hear nonsense like that?" I ask.

"Elijah went by Ophelia's place last night. She wasn't home, but he's been asking around town for her." She looks ahead, her eyes wide. "And there he is now, going to the library."

I turn and sure enough, Elijah is walking into the library. The people who think Elijah's going to see Ophelia because he's into her clearly have no idea how to read body language. Even from this distance, I can tell Elijah is pissed. His shoulders are tense and his jaw is clenched, he's even walking differently than usual.

I don't know much about Elijah, but I have a feeling when the guy throws a temper tantrum it would be dangerous to be on the other end of it.

"I've got to go. Thanks for the coffee, Mindy," I say, rushing out the door.

I run over to the library--getting there in no time at all--and pushing the door open. Once I'm inside, the familiar smell of old books and vanilla fill my senses. I'm about to walk around the corner to announce myself when I hear hushed talking. I don't know what compels me to do it, but I hide around the corner, listening to their conversation instead.

"You knew the entire time, didn't you?" Elijah hisses. I can only imagine how fiery his liquid grey eyes must be right about now.

"Knew what?" Ophelia asks calmly.

"Don't screw around with me, Ophelia," he snapped. "Everyone knows you're the one that hid the baby all those years ago. As soon as she came to town you knew she was Marie's child, didn't you?"

My ears perk up. Marie is the woman who threw herself off of the cliff. My mind starts to put two and two together and holy shit when I add it I get four. There's only one new resident in town and that's me. The blood drains from my face as I realize they're saying I'm the child of the woman who committed suicide all those years ago.

"It's kind of hard not to remember the child," Ophelia finally speaks up, sounding forlorn. "She's older now, but still the same. Still so unaware of her destiny."

"So, she is..." Elijah trails off, swearing under his breath. "I knew there was something about her, I just--"

"Why do you care so much?" Ophelia cut in, her voice hard. "I mean, I could understand you caring about the Medallion, but you seem genuinely worried for her sake. Why?"

"You didn't know? She's my Fated One."

It's quiet for a while before I hear the sharp intake of breath. Ophelia's voice is low and rushed as she says, "But that's unheard of. Your kind and Mortals can't Mate."

"Yeah. I was surprised at first, but now I understand. She's not Mortal anymore, Ophelia. Some of the Medallion's power must have seeped into her and...Jesus, I don't know. But, what the Hell did you think would happen when you attached that much power to a baby?"

"Maria knew what she was doing," Ophelia snaps, her soft voice sharper than I'd ever heard it. "She died protecting her family and yours. Never forget that, pup."

I swear I hear a low growl sounding through the room.

"The Medallion is starting everything up again," Elijah says after a moment. "It's strong this time. Stronger than before. We're turning whether it's a full moon or not."

Ophelia sighs. "And it won't be long before the Vampires awaken," she murmurs.

I back away--unable to listen to anymore-- slowly making my way outside. Once I'm away from it all, I breathe in deeply, staring at the dark grey sky.

There's a possibility that it wasn't me they were talking about. Maybe there's some other new girl in town who has a freaky, old necklace that she's had since she was a baby that won't come off no matter how many time she tries. However, I know that it was me they were talking about.

Marie was my mother. Ophelia--although she seemed to be my age--is clearly not my age. I'm not sure how old she is exactly, but I know she's old enough to have known my mother and hidden my away when I was a baby. This necklace they called the Medallion was apparently a big deal. A big enough deal that Elijah had freaked out in the coffee shop yesterday. I was also not human because of the necklace and apparently I was Elijah's 'Fated One.' I didn't know what it was exactly, but I could guess.

And I did not like what I was guessing.

To top it all off, Ophelia had said the Vampires would be awakening. I'd watched enough Nosferatu and Dracula to understand what that meant. Those archives about drained blood were about to get a reboot.


She brushes her long, auburn hair, looking at herself in the mirror. Creamy white skin, wide green eyes, and full shell pink lips. She smiles at her perfect reflection.

"Are you ready yet?" her friend calls up to her, sounding annoyed.

"Yeah, just a second," she calls back.

Her friend, who is downstairs with a semi-handsome guy, looks at him apologetically.

"Sorry about Aleena, she can be pretty slow when it comes to these things."

The guy shrugs his shoulders. "It's fine, really. Paul really wants to meet her and I really want to be with you, Chloe."

Chloe blushes placing her hand over his, she opens her mouth to speak when they hear a terrified shriek from upstairs.

"Aleena?" Chloe calls out, expecting her friend to say she accidentally smudged her eyeliner or something.

Instead, they get another terrified shriek followed by a loud crashing.

"Is she okay?" the guy asks as Chloe starts bolting upstairs to help her friend.

She kicks the door open in time to see a great scaly beast hovering her friend. Its scales are a beautiful shade of purple and it is so large it hardly fits into the room at all. Chloe knows what she is seeing is, in fact, a dragon.

Unable to help herself, she stares at the beast and lets out a horrified scream.

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