Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Ten: The God of Lightening

I was in high spirits. I don't think it was possible to bring me down. Not today, anyway.

Today was the day Alpha Cortes returned to his pack. After an entire week of dealing with his sly remarks and his knowing stares, I would finally be free of it. My Wolf was relieved. She didn't like Alpha Cortes at all.

"We'll just see him off," Marc was saying, as we walked hand in hand toward the entrance of Rosary Academy. "It's mostly just a show of good faith. We respect him and he respects us, that's all."

There was a large, yet sleek black car parked a few inches from the school fountain. A few of the student loitered the area, pretending to read and relax on the grass, but I knew they were watching us.

"Alpha Cortes," Marc said, politely, nodding at him. "I hope you enjoyed your stay in my territory."

"I did, indeed, Alpha Allen," Cortes replied, giving a smile that made me cringe.

He looked over at me, then, his eyes meeting and holding my own.

"It was nice to meet you, Luna Tanaya. This was my first time meeting a Wolf that had been Bitten instead of born. I must say, you are definitely not what I expected. You're a lot more interesting."

Alpha Cortes turned his face heavenward, as if he were thinking. Somehow, I sensed this was all for show and a feeling of dread pooled in my stomach.

"I actually have a friend who would be interested in you--"

Marc's eyes grew dark and a low growl rumbled from his chest, reverberating from his throat, his Wolf rearing his head at the mention of another Wolf being "interested in me."

"Not like that," Alpha Cortes explained. "I mean he has an interest with all Wolves who were Bitten instead of born with the gene."

My eyes snapped to his before I could think. Meeting his eyes was exactly like stepping into a pool of ice. You shivered, you cringed, every muscle in your body screamed at you to get out.

"Are there others like me?" I asked.

"Not anymore. Not since Reya."

"You know about Reya." I could hear the dryness in my own voice.

"Of course, she was a legend. Very tragic end, though."

I just looked at Alpha Cortes for a long time, my dislike for this man completely shoving aside the Wolf instinct that told me to look away when in the presence of an Alpha.

"My friend," Cortes continued, his voice muffled as he spoke around his elongated canines, fighting his Wolf who wanted to come forward and rip my throat out. Marc had shifted so he stood protectively in front of me, his own Wolf at the surface.

"My friend has been studying Bitten Wolves for a long time. He thinks they have some kind of connection to the Moon Goddess. He thinks they are useful to whatever Pack shelters them. He's really a tricky guy. You never know where he is. As curious as he is about you, Tanaya, he might be closer to you than you think."

Alpha Cortes gave me a smile that was dripping with menace, as ice flooded through my veins, freezing me in place.

"Alpha, Luna.Thank you for having me. This visit has been...educational."

And with that, Alpha Cortes hopped into his car, and I watched it go, frozen in place all the while.


I ended up back in the room I shared with Marc. I sat on the edge of the bed, my chin resting on the palm of my hands and my elbows on my knees.

Alpha Cortes's words rang through my head.

He really is a tricky guy.

Tricky? As in the god Selene was telling me about. Dolos, the god of trickery. The god who wanted to use me to trap Selene and use her powers of the Moon for his own personal gain.

And then Cortes had said Dolos might be closer than I thought. It was true, my Wolf had been anxious since the night of our acceptance ceremony, but I wasn't sure what for. I think even she was unsure of what had her so on edge, but the fact that she was restless made me restless, too.

I blew out a sigh. At that exact moment, a familiar feeling washed over me.

Looking over at the balcony, my eyes met blue ones, and my suspicions were confirmed.

I got up and walked over to the balcony,closing the door halfway behind me.

"What, you don't talk in dreams anymore?" I asked, sarcastically, a brow raised.

"Not about this, my daughter. It is urgent."

Her voice was low, hushed and her words flowed quickly. Upon looking at her, I realized she looked troubled. Worried lines creased her smooth forehead and her lips were pulled down at the corners.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my eyes wide.

"It is Dolos," she said, closing her eyes. "He has destroyed Olympus."

I choked on my breath and my saliva at her words.

"Olympus? That's real?"

"Yes, child. It is very real, and now it is destroyed." Selene tilted her head up, looking at the crescent moon with melancholy. "Olympus can be rebuilt, but Zeus's temper, once fed, cannot be quenched."

"Zeus? The god of lightening and manwhore of Olympus?"

She smiled a little and nodded.

"So, Zeus lost his temper, what does that have to do with me? Why did you come all the way here?"

"I came because at the moment, Zeus's thirst for vengeance has blinded him. He has one goal and one goal only in mind, and that is to destroy Dolos like he destroyed Olympus. He does not know about your ability to talk to me or about Dolos wanting to use you to gain control of me, but once he finds out, daughter, I fear for your safety."

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