Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Eleven: The Joys of Having A Mate

My arms were filled with books as I sat down in one of the quiet booths located in Rosary Academy's library.

It was a quiet Saturday morning and the library was completely empty save for me and Rhonda--a sweet, silver haired She-Wolf who looked to be in her late seventies.

Normally, I would feel relaxed in such a peacefully quiet setting, but not today. Not after what Selene had told me.

Apparently, Dolos had wrecked all of Mount Olympus, frightening many of the gods and angering others. And among those he had angered was Zeus. Selene was afraid for my life, fearing that--once Zeus discovered I was a crucial part in Dolos's plan--Zeus would kill me to retaliate.

I was understandably nervous. It's not everyday that you're told the king of Olympus may or may not kill you if he finds out about you.

At the moment, I was drowning away my sorrows with books. I wasn't old enough to drink, so drowning my sorrows in alcohol wasn't an option. I wasn't ready to have sex with Marc and even thinking about another man touching me like that made my skin crawl, so drowning my fears with sex was out.

Instead I was reading about Reya. Lyssa had mentioned her once or twice. I was shocked by how much Reya and I had in common. She wasn't born a Wolf either. She was Bitten. When she met her Mate, her dormant Wolf came to the surface, and she went into a very brief Heat-like state.

Upon further research, I came to the conclusion that being Bitten almost never happened. Mainly because the people who were Bitten didn't survive. They all died within hours of being Bitten. Only the few human that Selene deemed worthy survived the Bites.

But, what I found strange was the part where Reya died...and everything after that.

The books said Reya was killed by Hunters because of her connection with the Moon Goddess, but further research showed that Humans didn't know about our existence at that time. They definitely wouldn't have known about the Moon Goddess. It was almost like someone had fed the Human information on us, on Reya.

And then there was the bit about Reya's Mate convincing an Alpha to start a war with the Hunters. Charging straight into a war without any knowledge on your enemies was suicide. It was no wonder all those Male Wolves had died. It was a doomed fight from the beginning. While the Hunters knew us in and out--our weaknesses and our strengths--the Alpha just charged straight into battle. Not even knowing the people he was fighting against.

Was it him being cocky, stupid? Or something else altogether?

It bugged me. Something that was right there, and yet I couldn't put my finger on it. In other words, it was annoying.

I had a long conversation with Mom and Dad after that. I wondered how they would feel if they knew what I was, what I had become. Would they still love me?

Could they?

"You look like complete and utter crap, love," Lyssa stated, plopping down next to me on the cool grass.

I was sitting in the courtyard, staring blankly at the sky, trying to contemplate how my life had changed so much in two weeks.

"Do I?" I wondered, absently pulling my knees closer to my chest.

It was chilly out today. It had been a long, hot summer, but now October had come in. And this evening was no joke. It was almost too cool to not wear a jacket.

"Do you wanna go somewhere or do something?" Lyssa asked,looking at me carefully.

She had been doing that a lot since the party held in my honor. Like she was curious about something. I guess she was just worried about me. I had been kind of spaced out lately.

"Not today. I'm supposed to be meeting Marc today."

"Ah, the joys of having a Mate," Lyssa sighed, looking up at the cloudless sky. Despite the chill, it was a perfect, cloudless day.

I sighed, too. The day Selene told me about Dolos destroying Olympus, something had happened right before that. Marc and I were alone in a beautiful glade and the Mate Bond had pulled us closer, I found myself about to kiss him.

In many of my classes, the teachers told us how strong the Mate Bond could be, but I hadn't believed it could be that strong until that night.

Ever since then, Marc and I would visit that glade every night. And every night the Mate Bond would show itself. It would be stronger and fiercer each time we were alone together.

I could have resisted. I could have said no. But, I feared that would hurt his feelings. Whenever I looked deep inside my heart, I found that the idea of hurting him was so painful, it was almost impossible to breathe.

I caught a familiar scent in the breeze and immediately sat up straighter. My eyes found his form immediately, his long legs walking confidently toward me. All the She-Wolves were eyeing him. While I understood why, my Wolf did not agree. She tried to claw her way to the surface and show these weak, little Wolves why it would be unwise to look at what was hers.

Marc stopped in front of me, holding out a hand to help me up. I took it, and almost jumped out of my skin. The tingles that I had grown used to were stronger now. It was like being electrocuted, but more pleasant. Marc's eyes darkened and he eyed me hungrily.

"Well," Lyssa said, clearing her throat, partly amused and partly uncomfortable. "I'm just gonna go now."

"Thank you for looking after her, Alyssa."

"No problem. It's my job, remember? Laters, baby," she said to me, waving as she walked away.


We always ended up in the same place. The glade. Our Wolves liked it here and we liked it, too. It was comfortable, beautiful.

As always, Marc was much too busy concentrating on my face to pay attention to his surroundings.

"You know, it makes me feel uncomfortable when you stare like that," I finally said,looking away from the scenery and fixing him with a steely gaze.

"No, it doesn't," he murmured matter-of-factly. "I can feel what you feel. You like feeling my eyes on you as much as I like keeping my eyes on you."

The Bond pulsed and I looked away, quickly. It was easier to ignore the Bond if I wasn't looking him in the eye.

We didn't say anything else after that. We just sat in a comfortable silence. The entire time, the Bond thrummed and thrashed, and I knew it was only a matter of time before we gave in.

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