Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Twelve: Deities of Vengeance

Over the next two days, things seemed to calm down a little. I hadn't heard from Selene, Zeus hadn't struck me down with lightening, and so far there seemed to be no sign of Dolos.

My Wolf was not fooled by the calm, though. She still knew something was coming. She kept a close eye on Alyssa. For some reason, she had the oddest feeling that Lyssa was in trouble.

Roxanna seemed keen to avoid me, and I was fine with that. She seemed to despise me and I wasn't too fond of her, myself.

Marc hovered around constantly, his Wolf sensing the distress of mine. He had been overprotective as of late, barely letting me out of his sight.

All in all,though, things had finally winded down.

"So, when do you think you'll do the Luna Ceremony?" Lyssa asked at lunch, devouring her fries.

A few Wolves heard her and their ears all turned to our conversation, their personal problems forgotten at the moment.

"Wasn't that what I did the other day?" I wondered.

She shook her head. "That was the Welcoming Ceremony. It's all the Wolves saying, "Hey, you're going to be my new Luna." The Luna Ceremony is where they truly accept you as their Luna. That's when you gain all your Luna abilities."

I took all this information in, leaning back in my chair as I thought.

"Well, I don't know. Maybe I should ask Marc about this."

Lyssa shrugged. "Well, whatever you do, you're gonna have to do it fast. Marc's already accepted the title as Alpha. The Pack needs its Luna at her strongest."

I opened my mouth to ask a question, when suddenly there was a loud bang. Alyssa's body crashed into mine, sending me hurdling into the ground.

I looked up and realized she had saved me from being flattened by the cafeteria door, which had been ripped from the door frame and tossed in my direction. Almost like someone had tried to kill me.

I could hear the panicked cries of Pack members as they scattered about, trying to run away from something.

Then, there was a loud, inhuman shriek. The shriek was so high, I had to cover my ears.Even then, I could hear the high pitched keening.

Alyssa moved away from me, her eyes focused ahead of us in shock and fear. I looked in the direction she was staring at, and felt my blood run cold.

There were three winged...things standing before us. Their eyes burned red and there was uncontained rage shining in them. They each had hollow cheeks and long, talon-like fingernails. The only difference between these three creatures was their hair. One had pitch black hair, another had fire for hair, the third had dark blue hair.

They were each equally terrifying.

"What the Hell...?" was all I could manage as I tried to scurry away.

"Tanaya Brinks," they said together, their eyes glowing brighter as they came closer. "For your crimes against Zeus, King of the Skies, your punishment is death."

"C-crime?" I stammered,heart beating loudly. "I didn't commit any crime. Dolos destroyed Olympus. Not me."

"Silly child," the flaming-haired one said, its voice low and gruff. "Vengeance cares not about technicalities. You are what Dolos wants. Therefore you must die."

As they came closer, my fear grew. My Wolf on the otherhand was sure, unafraid. She pushed herself into the driver's seat, using my body to do her bidding. My hands moved forward, palms outward, and--to my complete surprise--white light poured from my hands, wrapping around all three of the creatures.

There was the smell of burning flesh and incessant shrieking as the three beasts burned under the white light coming from my hands.

When I was done, there was ash where the frightening creatures had once stood.

I breathed out, looking toward the window just in time to see the moon disappear and the sun come out again. Selene had been here. She had helped me.

I looked at Alyssa, who was looking at me with her mouth agape. I sighed to myself, this was going to be hell to explain.

At that same time, Marc rushed in, his Wolf at the surface. His human form was barely human as he took in the scene. He was flanked by ten warriors, all of them looking ready for a fight.

"Tanaya," Marc said, coming to me after he was sure there was no longer a threat. "Are you okay?"

His eyes searched my body for any sign of a bruise or a scratch. When he found nothing, he looked into my eyes again. His Wolf reaching out to mine.

"I'm fine," I promised.

To my surprise, he pulled me to him, holding me close to his muscular chest. The Bond thrummed happily. This was what I was created for. To be held in his arms.

I heard him barking outorders to the soldiers, his grip not loosening in the slightest.

My eyes met Alyssa's as she stood with the other warriors. It seemed like she wasn't even phased. I guess she wasn't Beta for nothing.

"Later," she mouthed.


Marc didn't let me out of his sight after that. He kept a secure arm around my waist, dragging me with him wherever he went. Whenever I assured him I was fine, he would merely give me a look that clearly told me to shut the hell up, and continue to drag me along.

The day had come to a close, now. Marc was sleep, his arm slung around my hips, his nose buried in my neck as he breathed deeply. The Bond lived for moments like this. Between the Bond and my purring Wolf, I seemed to be the only one who remembered I was almost killed not even three hours ago.

What the hell were those things, anyway?

Furies, a familiar voice answered.

I stirred, my eyes widening as I looked toward the balcony. There was no sign of Selene, but I could have sworn I heard her voice.

You did, she said. I am in your head now, daughter. Your abilities have grown tremendously.

I was in shock for a brief moment before I processed that she had answered my question.

Furies, I asked tentatively, unsure about this new form of communication.

Yes, they are deities of vengeance. They feed from the anger of people and gods, alike. Once they are summoned, they kill the person of your choice, using your anger as power.

So, that means Zeus...

Knows about you, Selene finished, I could feel her sigh. Yes. It is as I feared. You are in danger, Tanaya. I will do what I can, but be careful.

I will.

I felt Selene slip out of my head and, before I even knew it, I was swept away in the tides of sleep.

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