Child Of The Moon

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Chapter One: Blood

Blood is something that we can't live without. Blood is essence. It can make us or break us. Without it, our bodies wouldn't be warm, our blood wouldn't boil with anger or passion.

I found out the importance of blood that night.

As teeth tore sharply through my body -the teeth of seven wolves, all incredibly large-I couldn't scream.

Their teeth tore into me, meeting bone. I could feel the blood pulsing out of my body. The tears pouring out of my eyes as I stared up at the night sky, praying this would be over soon. Begging God to have mercy and to let it end quickly.

A sharp growl rocked through the forest. The wolves suddenly backed away and for a moment I thought maybe I was safe.

Until she pounced on me. A wolf-I somehow knew she was female-hovered above me. Her paws held down my arms and her cold blue eyes stared into mine. Her muzzle curled back to reveal razor sharp teeth and all I could do was stare.

I stared, not in horror, but in wonder. Because despite it all, the wolf was beautiful.

There was a loud gunshot and the she-wolf's eyes released mine and she looked ahead at something I couldn't see.

I was afraid if I diverted my attention from the wolf she would kill me.

"Get the hell off of her!" I heard a man shout. Then a few other men responded with "yeah" and "let her go!"

The wolf backed away, snarling. Her eyes flashed to mine once more before she and her pack ran off.

And then, finally, I passed out.



Not a day went by when I didn't think of that wolf. Her cool, calculating eyes of blue. Eyes so merciless, so cold they stared right past me.

I knew what I had witnessed wasn't the act of normal wolves. They were far too big and their eyes far too intelligent, far too human, to be animals of the woods.

After being attacked, I became known as the 'Wolf Girl.' This title was followed by looks of wonder and pity wherever I walked. And I guess that was no big deal for someone who loved being in the spotlight, but for those of us who preferred a low profile it was annoying to say the least.

So-understanding my yearning for a clean slate-my parents sent me off to Rosary Academy in England.

I was just happy to be getting away from our small town. Happy to get away from the prying eyes and the "How did it feel when they attacked you?"

They all probably didn't mean to be rude, but it still offended me.

All I really wanted to do was forget that incident ever happened. To forget the pain I felt as their teeth ripped into my flesh.

"Baby, you be careful out there," my mom cooed gently, placing a kiss on my forehead. She was struggling to keep her tears at bay, but they were falling anyway.

"I will," I promised.

Dad-who was loading my bags in the cab- had finally finished. He came to stand in front of me. I'm not sure if I imagined it or not, but for a few seconds my old man seemed misty eyed.

"Are you sure about this, Tanaya?" Dad asked solemnly, his eyes searching mine for hesitancy.

I nodded firmly. "I'm sure, Dad. I need to be somewhere where no one knows who I am. Where no one knows about that day."

Dad's jaw clenched, but he nodded in understanding. He leaned forward and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back just as tight.

"I'm gonna miss you, kiddo," he said gruffly. "Take care of yourself, okay?"

"Okay, Dad," I responded, pulling away. "Bye, guys. I love you."

"Love you too," my parents said in union.

I turned around and slipped into the cab, looking at my parents one more time.

As the cab pulled away, my heart strings tugged tightly in my chest and suddenly I felt like I would cry just like my mother had.

I would miss them.

Hours later, I landed in London. It had been a long flight. I was sandwiched between a man who snored way too loud and a woman who threw up the entire flight, but it did nothing to dissolve my happiness.
I was euphoric. I was finally getting out of town, away from the stares, the memories.

I caught a cab to Rosary Academy. The driver looked at me strangely when I'd mentioned where I was headed, but he drove me nonetheless. Within an hour, I arrived.

Rosary Academy was huge, more than that it was enormous. It was made with white bricks and it stood regally, roses were twisting along the sides.

A couple of students were sitting in the grass and they looked up as the cab rolled around. Their eyes held wonder as they focused hard on the car.

The driver stayed inside. He popped the trunk so that I could get my things, but as soon as I had my suit cases, he sped off, driving as if Michael Myers would be arriving at any minute.

I frowned and tightened my hold on my bags.

Everyone was staring at me. Their gazes were intense, locked on me as if they were searching for something.

My skin warmed under their gazes. I hated attention. I just absolutely hated it.

I walked inside, trying desperately to ignore the gazes I felt on me.

Once I had pulled open the enormous, white doors and stepped inside, the staring peiple behind me were all forgotten.

It was gorgeous. The main hall was swarming with students, they were all dressed in uniforms and they breezed by quickly, hurrying to class. However, even filled with people, I could see how spacious the place was. It was all white and a large chandelier hung daintily from the ceiling. I couldn't be thoroughly positive, but I was pretty sure it was made from pure gold.

There were two sets of spiraling staircases on either side of the spacious room. On the right staircase students were going up, on the left, they were coming down.

I forced my feet to move, narrowly dodging students who were all gazing at me curiously.

I walked for a while until I came across a door that read 'Office' in big, bold letters.

I breathed a sigh of relief and stepped inside.

Even the office was huge. It, too, was white. It was decorated expertly. My eyes, though, immediately landed on the woman sitting behind a large, mahagony desk.

Our eyes met and she tilted her head to one side. She was pretty. I'd say she was in her mid-thirties with copper hair and calculative brown eyes.

"May I help you?" she asked, still studying me.

"Umm...yes... I was accepted here. My name is Tanaya Brinks," I told her.

Her eyes portrayed a hint of surprise before they study be again, more vigorously than before. She looked deeply in my eyes, so deeply that it kind of creeped me out.

She seemed dissatisfied as she rose from her seat and disappeared in the back.

I blinked once. She just left without a word. Should I leave? No, I couldn't do that, I didn't know my way around the school. I decided to just stay. I shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot.

She came back suddenly, eyeing me again.

"Headmistress Allen will see you now," she finally said.

I followed her all the way to an office that was located way in the back. I left my bags after the woman told me it was fine and someone would take them to my room for me.

She pushed open the door and gestured for me to walk inside.

Once I was inside, I heard the door shut, but I was too busy ogling the room.

It was large. A large oak bookshelf was pressed against the wall to my left. In front of me was a matching oak desk and a tall black chair. Sitting in said chair, was a woman. She was stunning. Long, ink black tresses and sharp eyes that were as dark as her hair. She was tan with a straight nose and full lips.

"Miss. Brinks," she greeted me, a soft smile on her lips as she stood, her face welcoming. "Welcome to Rosary Academy. I'm Headmistress Allen. Please, have a seat." She gestured to one of the expensive looking chairs in front of her desk.

I sat down quickly. There was something about this woman that radiated authority. As soon as I was seated, she did the same.

"You're not British," I blurted out.

She blinked in surprise and laughed at my outburst.

"No, I'm not," she answered, her chuckling never ceasing. "I've lived in London for about twenty years, though. It's where I met my husband." She smiled softly. "There are students here from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common: they're special. Like you, Tanaya."

I just stared at Headmistress Allen, hardly believing my ears.

"Like me?" I said in shock. I'm sure my ears were hearing things. There was absolutely nothing special about me. In fact, I was the closest thing to boring there was. Besides the fact that I'd been attacked by a pack of savage wolves, my life was unchanging, predictable.

Headmistress Allen nodded, her eyes gleaming with humor. She stared deep into my eyes, looking for something. Whatever she found made her nod her head in approval.

"You're strong, Tanaya, stronger than you think," she was saying, looking right at me. "You don't know it yet, but you are different, you are special."

She said the words so swiftly, so honestly that I almost found myself believing her.


Though I appreciated her faith in me-her faith in a complete stranger-I knew I was not worthy of that faith. I was not strong and I was definitely not special.

"Anyway," Headmistress Allen said cheerfully, snapping me out of my inner monologue. "Here are the keys to your room." She handed me a set of keys. "It's room 307. The girl's dorms are in the west wing. You have your own room, everyone here does. The students like their privacy." She looked stern as she continued on. "There is also a strict policy of no boy-girl interactions after eleven. No boys should be in the girl's dorms and no girls should be caught in the boy's dorm."

I nodded. She really didn't have to worry about that. I always shied away from boys. Mainly because, where I was from, they were only interested in what it was like to be attacked by wolves and honestly, I didn't have time for that.

Headmistress Allen then handed me a sheet of paper. When I glanced at it, I realized it was my schedule.

"You can pick up your uniform from the front desk," Headmistress said. "You don't have to wear the uniform on weekends or after school hours. The kids here are allowed to leave school grounds after school, but the curfew is ten o'clock sharp. Eleven o'clock on the weekends. You don't have to attend school today. School will be letting out soon anyway."

As soon as she said that, the school bell rang. I jumped in surprise and Headmistress Allen smiled, looking very amused by my reaction.

"School is out now. The cafeteria is open from seven in the morning to seven in the evening. If you ever get hungry, just visit." She smiled brightly at me. "I hope you'll enjoy your time at Rosary Academy. If you ever need anything, Tanaya, please don't hesitate to ask."

Teachers and principals said those words all the time without really meaning it, but when Headmistress Allen said those words, I felt the truth behind them. She really cared.

I thanked her and got up, ready to get my uniform and head to my dorm room. All I wanted was sleep.

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