Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Twenty: A Sunny Sky

The weather had been terrible lately. Thunderstorms and lightening constantly striking the skies. Endless rain pouring down in buckets. There had been three tsunamis in Japan, a flood in France and an earthquake in the States.

I had called my parents who had assured me they were fine, promising that one little earthquake wasn't enough to shake them up.

Everyone was wondering what was going on. Scientists were baffled and weather experts couldn't explain it. They didn't know the truth.

The gods on Mt. Olympus were angry. Their anger was causing many things to go awry. Everywhere you looked there were earthquakes and oceans rising and volcanos erupting.

As Lyssa and I sat together during lunch, I looked out the window and into the storm. The sky was grey, filled with clouds. The wind was howling, blowing so hard that trees had fallen over.

"Jeez," Lyssa muttered. We watched as yet another tree toppled over. "When this storm finally does let up, this school is going to be hideous."

"Jane said she knows a witch who could handle this," I said, watching as a lone branch danced in the strong wind. "She doesn't seem too worried, so I guess this really isn't too much of an issue."

"Headmistress Allen has an answer for everything," Lyssa said, somewhat in awe.

"That she does," I replied, distractedly.

"You still think your friends on Mt. Olympus are responsible for this?"

Alyssa was the only one who knew about Mt. Olympus and Zeus, who was trying to kill me to get back at Dolos.

"I know it is," I said, sighing. "The lightening, the rain, the earthquakes. I mean, unless you know someone who can control the weather."

"Unfortunately, I do not. You're probably right about it being the gods and goddesses. Having a pissed off god out for your blood is probably terrifying."

"It is."

I hoped that this would all be over soon. I hoped Zeus would reign in his anger and stop all of this. All the natural disasters had taken far too many human lives.

All of this needed to stop.

He appeared differently than Selene did.

I was alone when a large ball of light appeared out of nowhere. I shielded my eyes from the golden light that was more bright than anything I'd ever seen in my life.

Before my eyes, the light began to create a figure. A tall, golden haired, topaz eyed figure with broad shoulders and a strong build.

"Tanaya Brinks, I presume?" he finally spoke, after a long while of us staring at each other--me, in shock and him with contempt.

"U-um, y-yeah, I am. You must be Zeus."

"I am."

We were quiet for a while after that, sizing each other up.

I broke the silence with, "You tried to kill me."

He frowned and nodded slowly. "I did. However, Dolos had just destroyed my kingdom and I got upset. I wanted to get back at Dolos and the only way to do that was by targeting you. I apologize."

He was a haughty asshole and I didn't like him very much at all.

"Your apology is pretty half-assed." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yes, but it's the thought that counts, correct?"

I blew out a sigh. "Well, lucky for you, your attempt on my life didn't work. I have the feeling Selene would have been a force to be reckoned with."

Zeus chuckled and nodded, allowing that.

"Probably so. You have taken her favor."

I just studied him. He was exactly like a womanizer who had cheated on his wife for centuries. I could see that underneath all that bravado, there was a good guy somewhere. He was buried deep, but he was there. I could see him.

"If you want to stop Dolos, killing me isn't the answer."

He sighed. "I realize this now. The gods and goddesses are all at war with each other. That's why there's been earthquakes and storms. All of them are fighting among themselves."

"All of this stuff with Dolos will be over soon. Selene gave me the power to fight Dolos and when the time comes, that's exactly what I plan to do."

Zeus eyed me for a long time, his face serious. The guy underneath all that swagger was making an appearance.

"You're a warrior, Tanaya," Zeus spoke. "I can see now why Selene chose you. When the time comes, make Dolos wish he was in the deepest pits of Tartarus."

And with that, he disappeared, leaving me alone and standing underneath a sunny sky.

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