Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Everyone Wins

We drove for a long time. I was thinking it had been a couple of hours at the least. Wherever we were going, they were taking me far away from Marc.

The battle must have been over because I could feel Marc's anguish when he discovered I was gone. When his Wolf reached out to mine and discovered I was still alive, the relief he felt was so strong that, if I hadn't been sitting, my knees would have buckled.

At least he knew I was still alive. I didn't want to imagine the agony he would be in if he couldn't contact my Wolf. Besides, I now felt a lot stronger. It was almost as if he were here with me. I was suddenly not so alone anymore.

The car came to a sudden stop and hands gripped my arms roughly, pulling me out of the car. It was clearly a Wolf, I could feel their claws digging into my skin, drawing blood.

"Sorry, Luna," said a mocking female voice. "I hope I'm not being too rough with you."

"It's fine, pup," my Wolf hissed, using my mouth to speak her thoughts. "It would take more than an Omega Wolf to hurt me."

The Wolf growled lowly. I felt a shift in the wind as the She-Wolf reared her hand back, preparing to slash at me with her claws. There was the sound of her hand being caught and a male Hunter spoke.

"You foolish little mongrel," he hissed, the venom in his tone was so strong that I almost flinched away from. "He wants her back in perfect condition. If you hurt her, he'll kill you."

"And you care why?" There was a jerking as she pulled her arm out of the Hunter's grasp. "One less mongrel for you to worry about, right?"

"Yes, but for whatever reason, you're needed in this plan. We'll need as many of your kind on our side as possible. And we'll especially need her."

It was silent after that as the She-Wolf pulled me forward. There was only the sound of footsteps and the chill of the air as they shuffled me inside. I could smell rust and mold, the scent making me scrunch up my nose in distaste. I could sense the place was probably dark. I mean, when did kidnappers ever bring their victims to a well-lit place?

The She-Wolf tossed me away from her roughly. I staggered forward, still completely unsure of where I was since the blindfold was still on.

Finally, the blindfold was removed. I blinked my eyes a couple of time, adjusting them to the darkness. I was definitely in a deep, dark hole. All there was--no matter where I looked--was darkness. A sliver of light shone from one of the windows on the far right side of the room and that provided a little help in seeing my surroundings.

"Tie her up," commanded a voice that was distinctly familiar.

My head whipped around, trying to find the source of the voice, but I was being grabbed and chained to one of the walls. The second the silver chains touched my skin, it burned like acid, my skin bubbled and the pain was like nothing I've ever experienced. I bit back an anguished scream. My Wolf immediately was weakened, she whimpered, thrashing to be free and protect us, but the silver prevented her from doing so.

"You still want to meet the boss?" It was a Hunter who sneered this at me, his eyes shining as if he was all too eager for this.

I just looked at him, my head held high. I wouldn't show my fear to these Hunters and their pups. I certainly wouldn't show my fear in front of Dolos.

"You know I've been waiting a long time for this moment," the voice said, coming closer.

I watched as the figure came closer, patches of light revealing a familiar face. Bile rose in my throat and I had to swallow hard to keep it down. My mouth opened but no sound came out. I was in complete and utter shock.

"Surprised?" Dolos asked.

"You were pretending to be her the entire time, weren't you?"

Dolos looked down at the disguise he had chosen, smiling a little. It was Lyssa's face, but this wasn't Lyssa. It was Dolos using Lyssa's face to trick me and lure me into a false sense of friendship.

"How long have you been pretending to be her?"

Dolos smiled a secret smile and said, "Why, since the party thrown in your honor, of course. I kidnapped the real Lyssa, tossed her in a hole and ta-da,"--he gave a little twirl, showing off his work.

"The real she...?"

"She's very much alive," Dolos said, sighing. "I had to get close to you, though. Things worked out much better than I expected. I half expected you to sense that I wasn't Alyssa, but your Luna abilities hadn't extended that far yet." Dolos put a hand on his chin, thinking to himself. "I considered disguising myself as your Mate but your Wolf would definitely sense I wasn't him. Still," --he bent down on my level, smiling merrily-- "things worked out exactly the way I wanted them to. You're mine, your Mate will fall apart, his Pack will belong to Cortes, the Hunters get half your territory and I have control of Selene. Everyone wins."

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