Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Into The Woods

"I knew he was coming for you eventually," Lyssa was saying, frowning. "Sorry I couldn't warn you."

"It's not your fault," I assured her. "I just wished I would have known it was him from the start."

"How could you have? You haven't had your Luna Ceremony yet?"

I looked over at her, slightly taken aback. "How do you know that?"

She shrugged. "It's just an assumption. If you had had your full Luna abilities, you would have known Dolos was a fake right away."

It was quiet for a moment before I asked, "How come Marc didn't know?"

"He's an Alpha, they don't really...I don't know how you'd put it...feel the energies of their Packs the way Lunas do. Alphas are all about scents. Dolols somehow was able to get my scent on him and that's why Alpha Allen was unable to tell the difference. He probably smelled something a little off sometimes, though, but the scent was most likely gone before he could get a full lock on it." She closed her eyes, sighing. "They don't call Dolos the god of trickery for nothing. He really is a tricky son of a bitch. He somehow managed to rope both the Hunters and Alpha Cortes in this whole thing."

I looked at her wide-eyed. "So the Wolves here..."

"All Wolves from Alpha Cortes's Pack." Lyssa's eyes narrowed as she continued on. "That asshole is breaking seven different violations right now. Whenever Alphas from distant Packs come to visit, they always bring a few members from their Pack along--like the Luna, the Beta, a few warriors, blah blah blah. But they have to let the Alpha of the Pack they're visiting know just how many other Wolves will be coming. I'm sure Alpha Allen didn't authorize Cortes bringing half of his damn Pack. When he finds out..." she trailed off, flinching at some image only she could see. "He's going to be freaking livid."

Lyssa looked genuinely terrified. I guessed that Marc was a lot more intimidating to the other Wolves that he was to me.

"Either way, we have to get out of here," I finally spoke up, turning my gaze to her. "Can you think of anything to help us out of this situation?"

Lyssa looked at me, a slight smile on her face. "I may have a few ideas."


It turns out that the quiet male Hunter was actually Lyssa's Mate. He had been secretly feeding her information and they'd had this whole thing set up. The only way to prove Alpha Cortes was a traitor was to wait for his Pack to team up with the Hunters and Dolos and kidnap me.

I was surprised about that. I hadn't been a Werewolf very long, but even I knew having a Human Mate was rare. No, scratch rare, it was supposed to be impossible. Yet, here Lyssa was, insisting the Hunter was her Mate.

"So, you know that I'm Moon Blessed?"

She nodded once. "I mean, I kinda figured once I found out you had been Bitten, but it was still a shock to the system when Roy told me about you."

The way she said the male Hunters name was soft, gentle. I could tell she loved him already.

I chuckled to myself, despite our situation and she looked over at me, wide-eyed. "What?"

"All that talk about not wanting a Mate and here you are, completely smitten with yours." I leaned back, grinning when a dainty pink touched her cheeks. "I guess no one can help falling in love when it's written in the stars. Not even you, Lyssa."

It was quiet after that. We were waiting for the Hunter--er...Roy--to show up and help us out of this situation. I wasn't too sure about him, but Lyssa trusted him and at the moment, I had no choice.

He came a little while later. His face was every bit as serious as I remember it, not a hint of a smile on his face. However, when his eyes moved over to Lyssa, they softened.

He went to her, going to untie her first, but she shook her head.

"Untie Tanaya first," she insisted.

He hesitated but nodded once and proceeded to untie me. Once Lyssa was untied, Roy glanced over his shoulder, checking to see if anybody was lurking in the shadows. When he was sure it was safe, he looked at us and spoke.

"There are five Hunters and four Wolves here now. Cortes and Dolos are planning to attack your Pack." Roy's eyes met mine, something like pity shining in his deep brown eyes. "Apparently, since his Luna was kidnapped and he was unable to get in touch with her Wolf, the Alpha has been...erratic. His father has had to take up most of his duties for the time being."

I was floored. I looked deep inside myself and realized my Wolf was still weak due to all the exposure to silver, looking down at my wrists I noticed the burned skin was already beginning to heal. It was healing slower than my wounds normally healed, but it was faster than how a Human would heal. With a couple of hours away from silver, I had no doubt that my Wolf would be feeling a million times better. I hoped that she got well soon so that Marc's Wolf could connect hers, he would feel that I was alive and well and get back to his duties. If Dolos was coordinating with Cortes to take over the Moon Howlers Pack, I could only assume that it was because the Pack had something he wanted. Cortes was just a pawn and once he had done everything Dolos demanded, I had no doubt Dolos would cut off the loose end.

" Two Hunters and two Wolves are patrolling, just in case you somehow manage to escape, so be careful. Your only chance of getting away is going through the woods. If you continue east, you should end up in the city. We're in Wales. It's pretty far away from London, but I'm certain your Mate would get on a rocket and fly to the moon if it meant getting you back."

I nodded once, knowing he was right. I gave him a soft 'thank you.' I noticed that he and Lyssa were just gazing at each other and I backed away from them, trying to make myself as scarce as possible in the small room.

I tried not to listen to their conversation, instead focusing on Marc. It wasn't hard to do, not when I was as worried about him as I was.

After a short time, Lyssa came to stand beside me.

"C'mon, Tanaya, let's get out of here while we still can." Her face tense, I saw underlying sadness underneath. Roy wasn't coming with us, that much was apparent. She must be worried about him.

Lyssa and I left, but not before she punched him a couple of times so he wouldn't look like he'd helped us. We ran away quickly, as the sounds of shouts started, clearly they'd noticed our leaving. We fled into the woods, footsteps pounding behind us with every step we took.

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