Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Long Gone

We ran for a long time. We ran until my legs burned and my feet ached in protest, my heart was pounding and I couldn't seem to get enough air in my lungs.

Lyssa came to a sudden stop and I followed suit, panting. She raised her nose into the night air and sniffed.

"I think we lost them," she said. "But we still have to keep moving. They've probably alerted Dolos and Cortes by now. Cortes will be sending a lot of his warriors to look for us. We have to get somewhere safe, call and warn Alpha Allen, and get home."

I nodded in agreement. My Wolf was filling a bit stronger than she was before, not strong enough to call out to Marc's Wolf, but hopefully strong enough that Marc could at least feel her presence.

"If we're in Wales," Lyssa was saying, moving forward. "Then Alpha Donovan owns a hotel here."

I recognized the name, I think Marc had mentioned him once or twice.

"He owns the hotel here for some type of peace treaty, right? He's the American Alpha."

Lyssa nodded, her face terse as she moved branches, her eyes taking in everything and missing nothing.

"He's only the Alpha from California to Florida, though. You see, Alpha Allen's Pack is one of the largest Packs in the world because he owns all of Europe. When you have a Pack that big, a lot of Wolves become wary of you. Giving the American Alpha a hotel was a sign of peace between us. So far, Alpha Donovan and his Luna have been one of our greatest allies."

I was quiet after that. There was only the sound of dry leaves crunching underneath our feet, only the chill air brushing against my skin. Whenever I breathed out, my breath left its mark, swirling in front of me, proof of how cold it was. Tiny rays of sunlight were beginning to stream down onto us. It was early in the morning. We had been walking through these woods for hours without pause.

Lyssa finally looked back at me, coming to a halt. "We should rest. Your Mate would have my head if I brought you back unharmed."

I smiled weakly and made my way over to a log. Once I was seated, my legs groaned in thanks. Lyssa sat on the ground, her eyes still taking in her surroundings.

"You should sleep," she said after a while. "You've been up all night, running and walking through forests, I'm sure you're tired."

I looked at the deep circles under her eyes. "You're tired too, aren't you?"

She gave me a small smile. "I'm a Beta. I'm kind of trained for sleepless nights."

Despite the fact that the log was lumpy and uncomfortable, as soon as I closed my eyes sleep found me and dragged me under.


I know where I am almost immediately. I could feel her presence almost as strongly as I can feel Marc's.

"Tanaya," she called out. It was weak at first, as if she was far away, then it grew stronger. She drew closer and closer.

"Selene," I called out, looking around.

Everywhere I looked was darkness. I was surrounded by the pitch black of nothingness. It was frightening in many ways.

"Your Wolf is still weak," she was saying, her voice the only thing keeping me from fearing the endless dark. "But she is healing quickly." Selene was quiet for a moment before she spoke up. "I cannot express how relieved I am that you are safe. I've been trying to reach your Wolf for days now, but the silver has blocked me."

The relief in her voice was strong, so strong it almost knocked me off balance.

"Yeah, Dolos is kind of a dick," I said to her, sighing. "It's no wonder Zeus wanted his head on a pike."

"Dolos has never been the strongest of us, but he is the most cunning. This is why I chose you, Tanaya. You and you alone can defeat him. Rest up, let your Wolf heal, she will tell you what to do next. When the time comes, call for me. I will decide what Dolos's punishment will be."

"What about Alpha Cortes? He betrayed his own species to work with Dolos and Hunters. What should his punishment be?"

"I will leave that up to you and your Mate," she murmured, a smile in her voice. "Take care, daughter. We will speak again soon."


I woke up to Lyssa shaking me urgently, her nostrils flared, her stance tense.

"We have to go," she whispered, pulling me to my feet. "I just took care of some Wolves,"--she jerked her head into the direction of two unconscious Wolves. "It won't be long before they wake up and alert the others. I'd like for us to be long gone when they do that."

I nodded, running as fast as I could. Things like running seemed so easy when my Wolf was with me, but without her, I grew winded quickly. I didn't stop, though, I ran and I ran because if I didn't run I knew Dolos wouldn't just capture me. This time he would kill me.

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