Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Two: Mine

I finally arrived at my dorm room with my new uniform tucked under my arm.

This school was huge and if it hadn't been for the sign that read 'Girl's Dorms', I would've gotten lost.

I placed the key inside the keyhole and turned it. There was a light click and I placed my hand on the gold knob, turning it.

This wasn't a dorm room. It was the room of royalty.

It was huge! There was an expensive recliner resting right in front of a huge flat screen TV. There was a king-sized bed with rose colored sheets and a filmy white canopy draping gracefully over it. There was even a balcony behind double glass doors. There was another door that led to the bathroom. I couldn't bring myself to focus on anything other than what was before me.

"Whoa, you got the good room. The Headmistress must like you," said an amazed voice from behind me.

I spun around to find a girl standing in the hall, staring into my room open-mouthed. She's about 5'6 with short chestnut brown hair and huge brown eyes. Her skin is the color of cream and roses and she was very pretty.

"Don't all the rooms look like this?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Not even half this good," she breathed, staring at my room in wonder. "I mean, they're nice, but that,"-she pointed to my room-"is just amazing. The only other person in this school who has a room better than yours is the Headmistress's son."

I looked at her. Normally I wouldn't be talking this freely with the girl's my age back home. I'd be cautious, waiting for them to ask me about the attack. But I knew here, that wouldn't happen. Besides, there was something about this girl. I knew I could trust her right away.

"The Headmistress has a son that goes to this school?" I asked, watching as the girl nodded. "What's his name?"

I really couldn't understand why this was so interesting to me. All I knew was that I was interested in a boy I didn't even know.

"His name is Marc Allen," she said his name like it held meaning, like I should know who he was.

Something stirred inside of me at the sound of his name. Something inside of my head was trying to gain consciousness, trying to come to life.

I didn't know what it was, but it honestly freaked me out.

I hid it, though and smiled at the girl in front of me.

"I'm Tanaya," I said.

"Alyssa," she said, smiling back.

And just like that, I'd made a new friend.

Alyssa dragged me to lunch after that. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to suffer through lunch alone. I was also relieved that I didn't have to stumble through the halls in confusion anymore. Alyssa seemed to know this school like the back of her hand and before I knew it, she'd led me to the cafeteria.

We stood in line. Alyssa was talking a mile a minute. She was a cheerful person, her attitude so happy, I doubted anything bothered her.

Once it was our turn, I grabbed a plate of pizza, a bottle of water and a giant piece of chocolate cake.

My stomach groaned involuntarily and I knew I was more hungry than I'd first realized.

"My mom sent me here when I was thirteen," Alyssa was saying as we sat down at a table together.

Everyone was staring at us. Well, actually everyone was staring at me. Alyssa didn't seem to notice, though, she continued chatting away.

"I didn't even know what was going on," she continued watching as I scarfed down my food, starving. "She just loaded me into her minivan and said I was going to a school in London. It was weird." She shook her head.

The rest of lunch continued this way. Alyssa talked of her family: her mother, her father, her two sisters and four brothers. I just ate and listened to her. I was an only child and when she described the constant bickering between her and her siblings it made me chuckle.

All of a sudden, though, things changed. I suddenly didn't feel well. My skin was hot, feverish and I was shaking.

"Hey, are you okay?" Alyssa asked. She had abruptly stopped talking and was looking at me in worry.

I shook my head and Alyssa got up and moved to my side. She helped me up and then placed one arm on my waist to support me. I threw one arm over her thin shoulders.

People in the cafeteria watched us with wonder, but they said nothing.

Once we were away from the cafeteria and back at the dorms, I felt better. A lot better, actually. I felt normal.

"Wait, Alyssa, I feel fine now," I said, pulling out of her hold and standing up myself.

Her hands hovered the air around me, unsure if I would fall or not.

"Are you sure?" she asked. "Your skin was burning up, Tanaya. You felt like you were on fire."

"I don't know what that was," I admitted. "I'm fine now, though. Maybe I just need rest, it's been a long day."

"Okay," Alyssa said, her worry replaced with cheer. "I'll come by and check on you before classes start tomorrow. Bye, Tanaya, it was nice meeting you." She waved before heading off to her own room.

I sighed and dug in my pocket for my room key. When I found it, I immediately opened the door. Once I was inside, I wasted no time throwing myself on the bed.

It was soft. Softer than anything I'd ever slept on in my life. I was out within minutes.

I was dressed in my uniform and staring at the schedule in my hands. I hadn't left my room yet, I just sat at the end of my unmade bed, staring at the piece of paper in front of me.

A knock sounded on my door and I jumped.

I walked over to the door and when I opened the door I was greeted with the sight of a grinning Alyssa. Her eyes ran over my uniform as she smirked.

"You stole my outfit," she said, faking anger.

I chuckled and shook my head.

"I came to see if you really did feel better," Alyssa said. "I'm gonna be honest, Tanaya, I was expecting to come back and find you turned to ashes. Your skin was burning up." She shook her head.

"Thanks for checking up on me," I said, smiling.

A bell rang and all the other girls came out of their rooms and began heading toward the exit.

"It's time for class," Alyssa explained, grabbing my arm. "We have five minutes to get to class."

I checked the pocket of the navy blue blazer that went with the uniform, making sure my key was there. When I found that it was, I nodded and closed the door.

"What class do you have?" Alyssa asked as we followed the crowd of girls out of the dorms.

I looked at my schedule for the fifteenth time that morning.

"Math with Mr. Baine," I said.

A wide grin spread across Alyssa's face, making her prettier than she already was.

"I have that class, too," she exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement. "You can sit next to me."

I chuckled again. Alyssa's excitement was contagious.

I saw a few people exiting the cafeteria as we made our way to class.
I then remembered Headmistress Allen saying the cafeteria was open at seven in the morning. When I glanced at the clock overhead, I saw it was eight.

No breakfast for me, then.

"You can always pick something up in between classes," Alyssa said, sensing my thoughts. "Everyone does it. Even the teachers."

I nodded at this as we made our way to Mr. Blaine's class.

We arrived in no time. Alyssa moved nimbly, avoiding the rushing students with a grace that made me envious.

There was still three whole minutes before class started. We walked up to Mr. Blaine and explained that I was the new student. Like all the teachers here, he gave me a searching look before he reached over and handed me a mathematics textbook.

Once Alyssa and I were seated, she began talking to me again. There never seems to be any quiet with Alyssa around, I thought with amusement.

Suddenly, I felt it again. The flames. They burned all over my skin and I was hot. So hot. Uncomfortably hot. I felt a strong urge to shrug out of this blazer I was wearing.

I tried to concentrate on Alyssa's story but I couldn't. Something was happening.

There was a scent. A scent of pine and mint and something else that was just indescribable. It was single-handedly the best thing I had ever smelled in my life. I wanted more of it. I wanted to bury my nose in that scent, I wanted to lose myself in that scent.

I felt the stirring in my head again. Something was waking up in my mind. Something that wasn't me.

My eyes immediately landed on the strong back of a boy. All I could see was wavy hair that was darker than night. His hair was on the long side, just above his broad shoulders. His back was turned to me, his attention on a tall blonde girl who had her hands all over him. I got the feeling he was completely disinterested in whatever she was saying. There was something about him that made the heat more unbearable. The sight of just his back made my body tremble uncontrollably.

I was vaguely aware of the classroom filled with people, of Alyssa who was looking at me with her eyes big as saucers and her mouth parted in an 'O' of surprise, but my eyes wouldn't leave him.

The creature inside of me was awake now. It was panting at the sight of the boy's back. Its eyes locked on him in a way that was territorial, possessive.

And then I heard it. In my head. There was a howl. The sound was happy, I knew that because I could feel it, the happiness the creature inside me felt.

The boy's back stiffened as if he heard the howl. He didn't turn, though, he only shook his head as if he thought he'd imagined it and continued to look at the girl running her hands all over him, his back was rigid.

The creature inside of me didn't like that. She wanted to rip the girl's hands off of her body. She was scratching at me, clawing to get to the surface. She wanted to show this girl who was boss. How dare she touch what belonged to us?

The creature howled in my head, louder this time, demanding his attention.

He snapped his head around, then, his black eyes meeting mine. He was gorgeous. So gorgeous he took my breath away and made the creature pant in appreciation. Dark hair framing his face in a halo, a strong jaw, a straight nose, high cheekbones and olive toned skin. It was like God hand crafted this boy Himself.

It's him, the creature was saying, her voice excited. It's him, it's him, it's him!

The bell rang, but the no one in the class moved. Everyone was staring between this boy and me. Even the teacher was looking.

The boy stood up and walked across the class. When he was in front of my desk, he stood there for a moment, his dark eyes drinking me in. Finally, he pulled me out of my seat and pressed me to him. The moment he touched me the heat stopped, I was no longer on fire.

Up close he was even more handsome, his eyes even more hypnotic. His skin was clear and smooth, not a trace of a blemish on it. His lips were not too full but not too thin, they were just right.

He was staring deeply into my eyes and I was staring back. Behind his eyes, I could see it. A large black wolf who radiated power.

The creature in my head was humming with happiness at being in in his arms at seeing what she called "his wolf." I was happy at being in his arms, sparks were shooting through my body and my heart was pounding in overdrive, but seeing the wolf in his eyes freaked me out a little.

"Mine," he said softly, pulling me closer and burying his face in my neck. "Mine. Mine. Mine. All mine."

If possible the room got even quieter. I heard a few gasps and I got the feeling everyone knew what was going on. The room had gone still, I didn't think I could even hear anyone breathing, so I knew everyone heard my response.

The creature had taken over my mouth and she whispered the words, "My mate."

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