Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Thirty: Gods of Olympus

Marc came barreling from the far side of the forest not even two seconds after Selene vanished. He was in his Wolf form--a large, powerful beast with a silken coat of black fur. As soon as his eyes met mine he shifted back into his human form and--naked and all--hugged me tightly to him.

"Marc," I struggled to say as he crushed me to him. "Can't...breathe..."

He cursed an apology and stepped back a little, his eyes soft as they studied my face. He didn't have to speak in this moment, because I knew we were thinking the same thing. I'd missed him and he'd missed me back.

"Are you okay? Dolos told me you killed Cortes. What happened?"

He blew out a sigh, not seeming too bothered. "Cortes had his eye on my territory for a long time. My father was a powerful Alpha, so he never dreamed of making a move while my father was Alpha. Especially after what my father did to his father for trying to take over our territory. However, Cortes thought I was weak. At least weaker than my father. He thought his Pack could take mine and that he could take me. I had to make an example out of him."

It sounded cold, but I understood where he was coming from. The longer I stayed around Wolves, the more like them I started to become. And I wasn't so sure it was all bad.

Marc hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, "You know that tonight I plan on making you mine completely, right?"

My body heated up, the smell of my arousal was strong. A low growl came from his throat when he caught the scent, his arms pulling me in closer.

"You'd better," was all I said.



"Yes! No more school!" Lyssa shouted, throwing her hands into the air and doing a really strange dance.

We had officially graduated from Rosary Academy and were now free to live out our lives the way we truly wanted to. For me, that meant accepting the role as Luna and staying by Marc's side through thick and thin. In all honesty, I could think of worse ways to spend my life.

"It's very exciting for you all I'm sure," Mom said, smiling at me proudly as she touched my face softly. "I'm so proud of you, Tanaya."

"We both are," Dad chimed in, smiling broadly.

One of the hardest things I'd ever had to do was tell my mother and father I was a Werewolf. At first they were shell-shocked, as expected, but they accepted me anyway. Of course, they had a lot of questions about how the whole Werewolf thing worked and I explained it to them the best I could. My father had been belligerent about the whole Marc being my Mate thing, but eventually he came around.

For the first time in a long time, everything was peaceful.

"When are you planning on doing your Luna Ceremony?" Lyssa asked, linking her arm through Roy's.

"Tonight, Alyssa, remember?" My tone was made heavy with exasperation. Lyssa was smart, strong and a fierce Warrior, but she was also annoyingly forgetful. We had been planning for the Luna Ceremony ever since we returned from Wales three months ago.

"Oh, yeah, that's right," she said, smacking her hand against her forehead as she remembered. "I almost forgot. What are you gonna wear?"

"I don't know yet," I admitted, sighing. "I'm supposed to look through a selection of dresses today and choose which one I'm gonna wear tonight."

I'd been sifting through hundreds of dresses all week and nothing had felt right. My Wolf kept telling me that a Luna Ceremony was one of the most important ceremonies we would ever perform, second only to the Bonding Ceremony which was a lot like a wedding. This was a ceremony Marc and I were planning to do a few months after I became Luna.

Needless to say, my Wolf was very hard on every dress we came in contact with. She wanted everything to be perfect. I couldn't find it in me to be annoyed with her, because I wanted everything to be perfect, too. I wanted my Pack to feel pride when they looked at me as their Luna.


It was a little after midnight. Marc was still up working. After taking control of the Spanish and Brazilian territories, he was more busy than ever. He still always made time for me somehow, though. No matter how busy he got, he never neglected me or our relationship.

I was on my way to go lay down and go to sleep after yet another fruitless effort to find the perfect dress when I heard Selene calling out to me.

We still talked often, but she didn't visit as much as she had when Dolos was around. I gathered she didn't like leaving the moon unless it was necessary.

I followed the sound of her voice and found her leaning casually against the railing. She was--as she always was--enviably beautiful. Her long black hair being caressed by the wind as she focused on me, a smile on her face.

"Tanaya. Your Luna Ceremony will take place in a few more hours. Congratulations, daughter. You have come far."

I smiled at her praise, then blew out a sigh. "Thanks, but I don't have anything to wear. I can't exactly go naked, so I don't know what I'm going to do."

Selene grinned at me and stretched out her hands. A great, bright light shone magnificently and when it finally died down, my breath was taken away by what I saw. A midnight blue dress shimmered strikingly under the moon's soft glow.

"It's beautiful," I gasped and for the first time since we had been dress hunting, my Wolf approved.

"It was fashioned using the last drops of daylight and the first beginning of night. I also embedded stars into it. It is the most beautiful dress in all of Olympus. Aphrodite tried her very best to get me to give it to her, but I want you to have it."

She put the dress into my arms as I marveled at it. Even the texture was unlike anything from this world.

I beamed up at Selene. "Thank you so much."

She leaned forward and pressed her cool lips against my forehead. "You will do well, my daughter. I will watch over you."

And then she disappeared into the night.


It was two in the morning when the ceremony began. The entire Pack was here from all over Europe and even our Brazilian and Spanish branch had come to see this moment.

I walked confidently toward Marc as thousands of eyes focused on me. There were gasps of awe as I made my way closer and closer to my Mate. The female pups all looked at me with awe, a few of them whispering to their mothers that they wanted to be a Luna just like me. That made me smile a little as my Wolf puffed up with pride.

Marc's gaze was steady. He didn't seem to see anything or anyone but me. He held out his hand when I was close enough and I took it. He turned me so that I was facing Jane who was smiling at me warmly, tears gathering in her eyes.

She took both of my hands in her slender ones and closed her eyes. Power coursed through my body, it was so strong it was electrifying. I gasped as my Wolf savored this moment. When Jane was done, her legs buckled beneath her and her Mate was at her side instantly. She waved him off and he stepped back as she regained her balance.

She knelt before me, her neck bowed in submission and the rest of the Pack followed, neck bared as the pledged their loyalty.

Marc wound an arm around my waist and said proudly, "Moon Howlers, you have your Luna!"

They all tossed their heads back and howled triumphantly. The moon gleamed more brightly before and at the same time a flash of lightening struck the sky.

I smiled to myself. I knew that my Pack wasn't the only ones congratulating me. The gods of Olympus were congratulating me, too.


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