Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Three: Selene

His nose was skimming along the side of my neck, leaving electricity wherever his skin touched mine. We were in the middle of a classroom filled with gawking, whispering students and a teacher who was staring at us wide eyed, but I didn't care.

The creature was purring like a house cat. It was content, happy.

"Well..." I heard Mr. Blaine say in an astonished voice. "Everyone, Alpha Allen has just found his mate, Luna Brinks."

My head was a whirlwind of confusion. Alpha? Luna? Mate? What did any of that even mean?

The boy pulled away from my neck, tilting his head back so that he could look into my eyes.

I saw it again. Behind those darker than night eyes was a wolf. A wolf who was staring straight at me, howling as he called to the creature in my head.

What the hell is going on?

Mate, said a low animalistic voice in my head.

I froze.

He's ours, she was saying, her voice was a growl. Look at him. He's perfect.
Against my better judgement, I looked at him. He truly was perfect. Those eyes. That hair. The way that shirt clung to his muscular body.

He raised his hand and touched my cheek. As soon as his skin touched mine, sparks began to fly.

Mr. Blaine cleared his throat. The boy growled in annoyance and snapped his head in Mr. Blaine's direction.

I watched as Mr. Blaine flinched under the boy's stare before he stuttered out, "You should alert the Headmistress. She'll want to know you've found your Mate."

The boy nodded in agreement before he turned to look at me again. His thumb traced my bottom lip and the longing in his eyes was crushing me with its intensity.

"Grab your things," he said to me.

I turned to grab my things and met Alyssa's wide eyes. I gave her a shaky, somewhat confused smile and she gave me an award winning smile. She looked happy for me.

Once I had my things, the boy took my hand and led us out of the classroom.

The girl who had been flirting with him was now glaring at me. She had silver eyes and her blonde hair was swept up and away from her perfect face. She was dressed classy. All of her clothes were designer and expensive. That much was obvious.

The creature snarled at her. My skin began to get hot and I felt the creature growling in anger, trying to get free. The creature was still angry that the girl had touched what she thought was hers.

He is mine, she snapped at me. He's mine and only mine.

I sighed as me and the boy walked hand in hand down the hall to the Headmistress's office.

Clearly I was going insane. I was hearing creatures growl and talk to me in my head. I obviously needed professional help.

The boy turned to look at me. His eyes were hazel now.

"Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

I gaped at him. "Y-your eyes..."

He raised a brow.

"Yeah, what about them?"

"They're not... I mean they weren't... They were pitch black at first. And now they're..." I just stared at him.

He stared at me for a few minutes before he began to look horrified.

"You don't know." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

I scrunched my eyebrows together.

"What don't I know?" I asked.

He said nothing, he merely reached out and smoothed my scrunched up brows, before he pulled us along.

All I kept wondering was what didn't I know.

"You know," I began, trying to make conversation. "I'm walking down the hall holding your hand and I don't even know your name."

He looked over at me and I saw a ghost of a smile on his serious face.

"Marc," he said. "My name is Marc Allen."

My eyes widened as I recalled my conversation with Alyssa earlier. She had said the Headmistress had a son named Marc Allen. Was this him?

"Marc," I repeated, tasting the name on my tongue and liking it.

He growled-an actual growl, like a wild animal- and his hazel eyes began to darken right before my eyes. It was the craziest thing: one moment I was staring into hazel eyes, and the next minute his eyes were as dark as night.

"I like it when you say my name." His voice was a cross between a growl and a purr. Strangely, it excited me.

I felt my face go warm and began talking to distract myself.

"I'm Tanaya," I said shyly. "Tanaya Brinks."

"Tanaya," he said, tasting my name on his tongue like I had done with his.

This time I wanted to growl. The way he said my name did funny things to me. It made me want to throw myself into his arms and kiss him. It made me want to take him to my bed and... You know what, I'll stop there.

We finally made it to Headmistress Allen's office. Marc raised his hand to knock when suddenly the door flew open and Headmistress Allen suddenly collided with us.

"Oh, Marc, I heard you found your mate," she cried, her voice filled with emotion. "I'm so proud of you, baby. I'm so happy for you."

She then turned to me, her eyes widening in shock before it turned into a warm smile.

"You're Marc's mate?" Before I could even respond, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in a bone crushing hug.

I hesitantly hugged her back, very aware that Marc still had his hand wrapped around mine.

When Headmistress Allen let go, she stepped back and gestured for us to step into her office.

We did. I sat in one chair and Marco sat in the other-after pulling it as close to my chair as possible.

Headmistress Allen stared at us warmly before taking a seat in her own chair, the smile on her face never wavered. I felt like her cheeks would surely crack if she continued to smile like that.

"She doesn't know what's going on," Marc finally said, breaking the silence.

Headmistress Allen nodded. "Yes. I sensed that when she entered my office earlier today."

I looked back and forth between them, feeling confused and not liking it.

"Tanaya, dear," Headmistress Allen began gently. "Have you been bitten by any wolves lately?"

I stiffened. People constantly asked me how it was being bitten. How it felt to be attacked. I had built up walls, defense mechanisms against the questions.

But the way Headmistress Allen and Marc were staring at me now, I saw no judgement. They didn't look like they were eager for gossip. Taking another look at Marc's serious face, I realized he probably wasn't the gossiping type.

"Yes," I answered.

Headmistress Allen gave one nod as if she had already known the answer to this question.

"And the wolf, it was a lot larger than an average wolf, right."

I frowned as I remembered. Slowly, I gave them a nod.

"Tanaya, you were bitten by a werewolf."

The way Headmistress said that, her voice was so sure, so devoid of any joking.

I blinked at her. Then I looked at Marc's serious expression. I expected them to bust out laughing and tell me how gullible I was, but they remained serious.

"You guys are crazy," I finally sputtered when I realized they actually believed that. They actually believed I had been bitten by a werewolf.

"Ever since you met Marc let me guess, you've been hearing a voice in your head, am I correct?" Headmistress Allen's voice suggested she already knew the answer.

When I grew quiet, she smiled at me comfortingly.

"That's your wolf," she explained. "She has been dormant for a long time, but now that you have found Marc, your Mate, she has come to life."

I guess that would've been enough for anyone else to assume she was telling the truth, but I of course don't believe her.

Don't or can't, the creature says mockingly.

"Headmistress -"

"Please, call me Jane," she interrupted.

"Right... Erm... Jane... You do realize that what you've just said sounds absolutely crazy, right?"

She nodded once. "I do realize that. I also realize that you know this is the truth."

She looked at me and I just sat back in my seat, very aware of Marc watching me. I gestured for Headmi-er... Jane-to continue.

"Right. Well, Tanaya, you are a werewolf. Actually, everyone at this school is a werewolf. We all belong to the Moon Howlers Pack. We are the largest and strongest pack in Europe. There are over three thousand of us. My son," -she gestured to Marc-"accepted the position of Alpha last week. And now that he has found you, you will be his Luna."

I looked at Marc and found him staring at me, his expression showing pride.

I looked back at Jane and saw her grin.

"What's an Alpha? What's a Luna?"

"The Alpha is the leader of the pack. He protects the pack, provides for the pack, ensures their safety. An Alpha is like the father of the pack. The Luna is like the mother of the pack. Often times, the Alpha must be tough, sometimes callous. The Luna cares for the pack, she loves them. While the Alpha protects the pack, the Luna must make it something worth protecting."

I pondered over her words when she was done, all the while thinking of how weird this was. Just a few minutes ago, none of this existed to me. And now I was being told that the guy beside me was an Alpha and I was expected to be his Luna.

"But why do I have to be his Luna? Why can't someone else do it?"

As soon as I said those words, I felt warm hands on my chin, yanking me to face him. I knew it was him because as soon as he touched me, tingles shot through my body from head to toe.

I was staring into pitch black eyes and his expression was livid.

"Because you're mine," he growled. "You are my Luna. You are my mate. You will be by my side."

I just stared at him wide eyed and I heard Jane chuckle.

"Marc, you're frightening the poor girl. She doesn't know what's going on, it's only natural that she asks questions," she scolded him.

Marc closed his eyes for a moment. When he reopened them, they were hazel again. He reluctantly let go of my chin and I turned back to face Jane who was smiling like we were the most adorable thing she had ever seen.

"To answer your question, though, Tanaya, you are the Luna because you are Marc's Mate."

"What is that?" I asked, glancing over at Marc who was still staring at me. "A Mate?"

"A Mate is someone the Moon Goddess chooses for you. This person, your Mate, they bring out the best in you. They are made specifically to love you no matter what." Jane smiles brightly at the two of us. "That's why you feel those sparks whenever he touches you, it's part of the Mate Pull."

I looked at Marc. His eyes were still on me and as soon as I turned to look at him, our eyes met.

The creature-my wolf-was panting in appreciation.

I just found it so hard to believe that he and I were supposed to be together. I mean, I wasn't sure how this whole "Mate" thing worked, but I couldn't be with a guy I didn't even know. No matter how gorgeous he was.

"You said something about a Moon Goddess. Who is she?" I finally ask, tearing my gaze from Marc to look at Jane.

"The Moon Goddess has many names: Luna, Diana, Artemis, Phoebe, Cynthia, but werewolves often call her Selene. She is the goddess of the moon, the goddess of the hunt, the goddess of maidens. She is the twin sister of Apollo, who is the god of the sun. She's the daughter of Zeus and Latona. No one has ever really seen the Moon Goddess' true form, but every ten years, she gifts someone by taking over their body and we hold a festival in her honor. The person is considered to be a symbol of good luck after the Moon Goddess chooses their body to possess. It's the only time all of the Weres in the world come together.

"Selene was known for her hunting skills. Often times, she would go hunting with her hunting wolves. She soon gave those wolves the ability to transform into humans. That's where werewolves came from."

I thought over that and nodded. I guess that made some sense. Humans have their religion, I guess it was only fair that werewolves had theirs.

"I want proof," I said. "Proof of the whole werewolf thing. It's not that I think you're lying. I'm just...unconvinced."

Jane nodded and murmured something about completely understanding.

I saw movement from the corner of my eye and I turned to see Marc shrugging out of his clothes. I was greeted with abs and pecs so spectacular, I was drooling.

I slapped my hands over my eyes, though, when he began stripping out of his pants.

"Oh my God! What are you doing?" I shrieked. The wolf was howling, demanding that I move my hands from my eyes and ogle him.

He didn't answer. Instead, I heard the sound of bones snapping. My eyes flew open to see Marc hunched over, his eyes closed in pain as the snapping continued.

I watched in fascinated horror as the smooth planes of Marc's body twisted and jerked and suddenly standing before me was a wolf.

It was the same wolf that I had seen behind his eyes. His wolf was tall, taller than a horse, with thick black fur and dark eyes that stared at me intently.

He howled with authority and in his howl I heard one command: Shift.

My body grew hot and I began to shake. I felt the creature-my wolf-take control. I felt my bones shift and I heard the snapping. It was the most painful thing I'd ever experienced. The pain was white hot. I opened my mouth to cry out in agony, but then all at once I heard the fabric of my clothes rip and I felt my body change. Instead of the anguished cry I was going to release, I let out a howl.

I caught my reflection in the clear glass window in Jane's office. I realized that I had paws and dark, chocolate brown fur. My eyes glowed a vibrant gold.

My wolf was completely in control. She walked toward Marc's wolf and nuzzled her head against his fur. She was big, but he still towered over her and she loved it.

Marc's wolf growled appreciatively and I heard his voice in my head.

Mate, he said. His voice was deeper and more animalistic than Marc's was.

Mate, she said back.


I was laying in bed. It had taken a lot of effort to convince Marc that we should sleep in separate rooms. He had grudgingly agreed, but said I would be sleeping in his room tomorrow. Before I could open my mouth to protest, he had already left.

Now I was laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling as I remembered what happened.

I turned into a wolf. I turned into a giant freaking wolf.

After that, Jane excused us from our classes, so that I could get some rest. Not only had I been told some jaw dropping information, but transforming into wolf form for the first time was draining. My body needed rest.

I'll admit, I could see myself falling for Marc. But I wasn't going to fall all over him just because we were Mates. If he wanted me he would have to earn me.

I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I was asleep.


I looked around in confusion. I didn't know where I was, all I knew was it was windy. The wind was whipping by and despite that, I wasn't cold.

My eyes saw her almost immediately. Her back was to me, all I could see was her hair. It was as dark as the night sky and it tangled gracefully in the wind.

She turned and her eyes sought mine. They were a pale blue and they twinkled like stars. Her skin was pale like the moon, but smoother. Her full shell-pink lips curled back over her pearly teeth in an easygoing smile.

"Tanaya, my daughter, I am happy to see you," she greeted me kindly.

"Who are you?" I asked. Her beauty was mesmerizing and I found myself gaping at her.

"I'm Selene. I have been waiting for you, Tanaya."

Selene. Selene. I thought of where I'd heard that name, and the woman waited patiently.

Finally it clicked.

"You're the Moon Goddess," I gasped. "Holy crap, you exist."

She laughed a musical laugh. "Yes. I am the goddess of the moon, and yes, I most certainly do exist."

"Jane, the Headmistress, she said no one has ever seen your true form before." My eyes were wide. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"It is true. I have never shown my true form. I have not shown my true form for thousands of years. The last earth being to see my true form is long gone."

Selene's voice was soft, gentle, like a breeze in spring.

"So, why are you showing your true form to me?" I asked.

"Because, Tanaya, I have given you a gift. You have won my favour, you will be the Luna of the largest pack in Europe but more than that, you will change lives wherever you go. For your kindness and your bravery, I have awarded you with gifts that no other wolf has ever had before. Not only can you speak with me, the Moon Goddess, but you can do so much more."

I opened my mouth to ask what she meant, but she cut me off.

"In time you will know, Tanaya."

And then the dream began to fall away and I was immersed in darkness.

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