Child Of The Moon

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Chapter Four: History Is Doomed To Repeat Itself

Alyssa arrived at my room a couple of hours later. I had been awake for about twenty minutes when the incessant knocking began.

As soon as I opened my room door, she breezed in as if she owned the place.

"I can't believe you're Mated to Alpha Allen!" she shrieked, plopping down on my unmade bed. "He's so strong and powerful." She sighs dreamily. "I'm so jealous of you right now."

I sat down on the bed beside her, thinking about what she was saying. The creature-my wolf-was purring intently at the mention of how powerful our Mate was and, although she didn't like Alyssa fawning over him, she understood why.

"You're a Wolf, too, right?" I asked.

She nodded. "I turned when I was thirteen which is not as unusual as you'd think. Average wolves turn when they're sixteen, but Betas and Alphas turn when they're thirteen. Because my father is a Beta, I got my Wolf at thirteen."

I sat there for a moment, going over what she said.

"So is it...weird for your Wolf to be dormant until you meet your Mate?"

Alyssa snapped her eyes in my direction, eyeing me curiously. She sat up slowly.

"Well it's pretty unheard of. The last time that happened was in London seven hundred years ago. She was the only case. It never happened again after her."

My interest was piqued.

"What happened?"

"Her name was Reya and she was a part in the Moon Howlers Pack. Our pack has been around a long time. Anyway, she was seventeen years old when she got her Wolf. Her Mate was a warrior, one of the best to be exact. The minute she caught his scent, she felt this heat, like she was on fire."

I sucked in a deep breath. That's exactly what happened when I caught Marc's scent.

"Now, She-Wolves do go into Heat, but we don't heat up when we meet our Mates. Reya was special." Alyssa leaned forward excitedly. "She was blessed by the Moon Goddess, Selene. Reya was the only Wolf in history to ever speak with Selene."

"So that doesn't happen often?" I asked, my heart pounding. "People don't often speak to the Moon Goddess?"

"The only contact Wolves really have with Selene is the Winter Solstice. She takes over a Were's body and all the Wolves from all over the world are immediately drawn to her presence. They all gather and whoever's body she chooses, she blesses that person's Pack.

"But to see her true form," Alyssa shook her head. "That's just...amazing. A lot of people think Reya was a myth, but I don't know. I mean anything is possible.

"Anyway, Reya was eventually killed by Hunters because of her bond with the Moon Goddess, which made her Mate lose his shit. He convinced the Alpha the Hunters had to die. Five hundred Wolves marched into battle. None came home."

I didn't say anything, shocked and appalled by the story Alyssa just told me.

Part of me wanted to open up to Alyssa about this, but another part of me-a bigger part-knew that seeing the Moon Goddess was a gift that was clearly dangerous. So dangerous, Reya had been killed because she had it.

And for now, it had to be kept a secret.


I had just come out of the bathroom in my room-teeth freshly brushed, body freshly showered. Upon catching my reflection, I took notice in the fact that my uniform fit my body regally, my hair framing my face in a way that could only be described as perfection. The way my head remained high, the gracefulness that seemed to seep from my pores was like that of royalty.

As I stared at myself in shock my Wolf spoke up.

We're gaining our Luna abilities, she said, sounding pleased.

A knock on the door startled me out of my conversation with my Wolf. I knew who was on the other side of that door immediately. My Wolf was already purring like a house cat, urging me to hurry up and fling the door open.

I walked over to the door, braced myself, and finally slowly eased it open.

His smell hit me like a ton of bricks. It was intoxicating, woodsy. I tightened my grip on the door, struggling not to fall to my knees or jump into his arms and kiss him until day turned to night and the days turned to years.

It didn't make things any better when he spoke my name in that deep, husky voice.

"Tanaya," he whispered in longing, giving me a come-hither look that had my stomach doing back flips.

"Marc." My voice was only a whisper.

His eyes darkened and he took a step forward.

"Say my name again," he pleaded huskily, moving until he was right in front of me. His dark eyes swirling with a promise, a promise that said if I said his name again, we would end up inside my room on my bed with him inside me.

The warning was clear in his eyes and instead of scaring me, it made me feel alive.

I looked up at him, surprising him and myself when I stared into his eyes heatedly and bit my lip, causing him to groan in appreciation. His Wolf, which I could clearly see in his onyx eyes, was panting with joy.

"Marc," I said, my voice needy even to my own ears.

His Wolf howled and my Wolf howled back and before I knew it she had taken control of my hands. They slid down, past his pecs and the hard roiled abs.

He grabbed my hand before it could go any lower and pulled me to him, the intent in his eyes clear. He leaned forward, his lips parted, his breath fast in anticipation.


We both turned our attention to the third party in unison. Marc seemed greatly annoyed as we stared at his mother and my Headmistress.

Jane was staring at us with a look that was supposed to be disapproval, but instead was very very amused.

"And exactly what were you two planning on doing?" she asked, looking back and forth between the two of us.

Marc groaned and I tried-unsuccessfully-to wiggle out of his arms. He only held me tighter.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Marc asked, his voice tight with annoyance.

"I came to deliver these,"-she held up the stack of textbooks she was holding-"to Miss. Brinks. I certainly didn't expect to find my son not only in the girl's dorms, but getting handsy as well." She glared at Marc, but overall she just seemed amused by this whole situation.

"She's my Mate. My Wolf has been going crazy without her." He looked at over at me. "I didn't sleep a wink."

As I studied him, I realized he was telling the truth. There were barely noticeable dark circles under his now hazel eyes.

Jane smiled. "It's completely normal for your Wolf to be so antsy. Especially since you're an Alpha." She looked over at me and held out the textbooks she was holding. "These are for you. You two had better hurry along and go get breakfast. Classes start in twenty minutes."

With one last kind smile Jane was gone, leaving Marc and I behind with my arms filled with textbooks that should have been heavy but for some reason felt as light as a feather.

Marc sighed. "I guess we should get going."

I nodded and he and I set off together.


This was the most awkward thing that had ever happened to me. Eyes followed Marc and I as we walked down the hallway. It was as if William and Kate were gliding down this hall.

Marc seemed used to the attention and quite frankly, so was I. I had gotten a lot of attention back home after I had been attacked.

But all this attention really sucked. I had come to England in hopes of escaping the stares and the whispers. But it seemed these things were destined to follow me.

In the cafeteria, Marc piled my plate high with bacon, sausage, pancakes, eggs and fruits. The lunch lady smiled warmly at us, saying it was on the house.

It was at that moment Alyssa found us.

"Tanaya," she shouted, flailing her arms madly as she grinned hugely.

"Alyssa," I said, wanting desperately to hug the girl.

It was nice to see a familiar face that wasn't simply being friendly to me because I was Marc's Mate.

"You totally ditched me," she scolded, pretending to pout.

"Sorry," I apologized, glancing at Marc who was watching the two of us.

"It's okay, babe. All's forgiven." She looked over my shoulder and saw Marc. "Alpha," she greeted him, baring her neck to him.

I was confused, but my Wolf understood.

A sign of submission and respect, she told me.

"Alyssa, you're friends with Tanaya, right?"

"Sir, yes sir," Alyssa answered him, giving a military salute. "We've been two peas in a pod for about two days now."

Marc nodded. "Come," he ordered.

Alyssa looked over at me a smiled. I just grinned back.

We made our way to a table filled with other Wolves, but they were different from all the other Wolves in this school. My Wolf was pacing, ready to show them who was boss if any of them dared to disrespect us, their Luna. She sensed power within them and it made her wary.

"Marc," said a girl with pin-straight blonde hair and dazzling silver eyes. She was smiling happily up at Marc, her elegant features like something from a painting.

My Wolf let out a sharp growl. This was the girl from yesterday. The girl who'd had her hands all over our Mate.

The girl's eyes snapped to me and her smile dropped immediately.

"So this is your Mate?" she said, her voice tight.

"Yes it is," Marc said as the three of us sat down. "Everyone this is Tanaya Brinks, my Mate and your new Luna. Tanaya these are my friends. Carlos, my third in command. Aria, the head warrior. Louis, one of the pack doctors. You've met Alyssa, my Beta. And Roxanna, the daughter of an Alpha a few packs over."

My eyes studied the beautiful blonde with the hypnotic silver eyes. Roxanna.

I smiled pleasantly though, before looking over at Alyssa.

"You're the Beta?" I raised a brow at her.

"Yup." Alyssa grinned happily.

The rest of breakfast went this way. They all included me into the conversation. Carlos, Aria and Louis all conversed with me as if they'd known me for years. Roxanna, on the other hand, looked as if she'd swallowed sour milk.

Whenever our eyes met, I felt this chill go down my spine and I knew right then and there, there was something about Roxanna that I didn't like. Something about her that I didn't trust. The feeling was so strong, my Wolf was on edge, pacing back and forth.

Marc's Wolf must've felt my Wolf's discomfort because his hand touched my thigh and squeezed.

I offered him a little smile and he smiled back. My Wolf calmed a little at the feel of Marc's warm hand on my thigh, but she was still on edge.


I was in history class when it happened.

Mrs. Burns was telling us animatedly about a war that had taken place between the humans and our kind centuries ago when the first Hunters had come to be.

"It was brutal," she was saying, her blue eyes wide. "Hunters, a whole legion of them, against five hundred of the best Warriors from The Five Packs. Every Wolf from every Pack banded together. There was only the sound of pained cries and howls mixed with the sound of flesh being torn into. The stench of blood and death strong enough to make you sick to your stomach. It was then, that-"

And that's when it happened. Suddenly, the classroom was gone and I was on a battlefield.

It was littered with bodies, the smell of blood so strong I gagged. It was eerily quiet, only the sound of the wind whipping by, my hair billowing around my face as I took in the scene around me.

I took a step forward and was greeted by a squish. I looked down and realized in horror, that I had stepped in a pile of gory guts.

The urge to throw up was becoming overwhelming, but then I saw her.


She was kneeling over the body of a fallen Wolf, her shoulders slumped as if she felt defeated.

I began moving toward her, the ground squishing each time I stepped. I'm guessing I stepped in more gore.

When I finally reached her, she said, "Everything I have ever done has been to prevent this very thing from happening."

She didn't move her eyes from the form of the fallen Wolf.

"What is this?" I asked her. "Is this... Is this the future?"

She chuckled. "No. No man can travel into the future. This is the past."

I nodded once. "Why did you bring me here?"

"Although this is the past, centuries before your birth, this,"-she gestured around the battlefield-"will be your future."

I felt like someone had knocked the breath out of me. I looked around at the mutilated bodies, some with their throats torn out, some completely unrecognizable.

"What is this?" I asked Selene.

"This is the war between humans and Wolves seven-hundred and fifty two years ago when my daughter, Reya, lived."

"Reya? You mean the only other Wolf besides me who's seen your true form?"

The Moon Goddess nodded, gracefully rising from her kneeling position on the ground to stand before me. She was tall, taller than I realized. Now that we were within spitting distance of each other, I saw she had to be at six feet at the minimum.

"History," Selene spoke, "is doomed to repeat itself, my daughter. Unless you can stop it."

"And how do I do that?" I asked. "Reya had the same abilities as me and look." I gestured around us. "She couldn't stop the Hunters and the Wolves from murdering each other."

Selene smiled patiently and touched my cheek with her ice cold hands.

"It is not the abilities that determine whether or not you will succeed, my daughter. It is your heart. That is why I have chosen you."

Suddenly, the Moon Goddess's face began to slowly fade away and darkness enveloped me.

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