The Awakening: The Beginning

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Chapter one

Violet the violent, they call me. Lethal with my custom made copper fiber whip with copper plated handle. I'm almost done with my training to become an assassin. Top of my class, not surprising my parents, Alpha's to the Himalayas Mountain Pack.

The whole pack are either assassins or trained bodyguards, working for our beloved Goddess. Tiki, our shaman, collects our instructions directly from Her. In our obedience and worship, we have been blessed with Her protection, power, and skills. She is why we haven't been found by outsiders. Our existence is unknown by the world. We slip in and out undetected.

We are the only pack left who can shift into our wolves. The rest have turned their backs to tradition and our Goddess. In turn, for the suffering and neglect of her beloved pets trapped in the minds of their human vessels, she put them to sleep. They act more like humans than werewolves. They disgust me.

I have a meeting with my parents soon. They said they had something really important to discuss with me. Shifting from my wolf, Calypso, I grab a robe hanging by the door. I walk casually to my parents office and step inside.

Father is sitting behind his desk, mother straddling him. Even though I'm 19, I still get uncomfortable with their acts of affection. I clear my throat, hoping to alert them of their audiance.

On cue, they stop and mother climbs off his lap and on the desk top, turning her body to look at me. Father gestures to sit in the chair in front of him, I oblige.

They smile at me, then look at each other. This isn't good. My stomach turns in knots, as I anticipate the news I'm about to receive.

Father speaks first. "I have confirmed with Tiki that your mate is not in this pack."

My heart drops into my stomach getting tangled in the knots that have gotten tighter. If been waiting since I was 16, after my first shift. I'll be turning 20 this fall and my parents are getting impatient.

Only the Alpha can go to Tiki and inquire our Goddess who and where our soulmates are. Father has resisted until now.

Mother sighs with her whole body then looks lovingly into my lavender eyes. "No worries dear, we know where he is."

Dread is filling my chest as she gets up and rounds the desk. She gently takes my hand and brings it to her face with a purr. She does this when she knows I'm not going to like what she's about to say. " We're sending you to the pack he resides in. Luckily its not too far from here, you'll be there in a days hike."

Wow, that is close. I've studied all the maps that shows where each packs boundaries are during the training. The only pack that is that close is actually the Alpha king's palace. The village that surrounds it is just a place where the servants live.

The king, Russle Steel, reigns over twenty five packs, each with their own separate resource they use as the pack income.

Father frowns, eyes laced with concern. "Listen, love bug, we had a little problem setting up some arrangements to get you to meet your mate. It seems like the only way is through this complicated contest the King has set up-"

I cut him off. "Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me that my mate is the prince?!"

I stand up with a jolt, pulling my hand out from mother's hand. I back up a step, digging my finger tips into my forehead. My feet seem better to look at right now or I'll do something I regret.

Mother coos,"sweetheart, please try to understand. Our Goddess has a plan far bigger than we can comprehend. Trust Her and have faith."

I have to sit down, I can feel my blood pressure rise. "And what about this contest," I hiss,"why?"

"It is a ritual done for generations, for the search of the prince's mate. Because they can't feel the matebond anymore." Father states dryly. He waves his hand in the air at the idea of it.

"So I have to compete with other women for a mate that is rightfully mine? Ridiculous!" disgust written all over my face.

"Unfortunately, yes. The world outside of our haven is so different and wrong. That's our mission field. Soon our Goddess will be ready for us to start waking our primal friends up. We sent in the application a week ago, and you've already been accepted. We're already have you accommodated in the village hotel. You'll be leaving tonight." Mother says smooth and dominantly.

I sigh in defeat. I want my mate, I've been looking forward to it, but the thought also intimidates me. Which is a new feeling to me because I'm not afraid of anything. Fear is whipped out of you during training. I'm trained as a ruthless coldhearted assassin that has to be in some kind of beauty contest.

What has this world come to? I can already see this is going to be a disaster, but I have to go. I have to claim what is mine.

I stand nodding. I don't say another word as I leave their office and go to my room to pack. At this point I'm emotional numb, and throwing my clothes mechanical into a duffel bag. When I slide that last few things in. I collapse on my bed. My shock finally subsides, leaving me feeling exhausted. I'll rest before my adventure begins.

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