Soliders Mercy

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This would be a year like no other, my job quest was going nowhere until my well connected DAD got me a job abroad. WHERE!!! I asked of all the places in the world and I can't even repeat it. I'm being shipped off to photograph more solid. GREAT!!! the coming three weeks, wait did he say months. oh my god! DAD! I yell. my world felt a mess at it was how was I supposed to work while soldiers were at war. I​ didn't want to be there but it was a job to get my name out and as soon as I got off the plane I hated it. but SGT. STATON locked eyes with me and now........

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[email protected]#KEGYPT!!, Literally!

No fairytales, no vampires, no werewolves, just the fact that men who can love you or protect you can’t be found in the same man, unless he’s your dad, gross I know, right!. As a teen, I emersed myself in love books and movies falling in love with the romance and the unknown of it all. A flashback to reality tells me otherwise.

Single, in my 20′s, A photographer literally hot off the press somehow I find myself on a military aircraft headed god knows where for a job I don’t yet understand. “photograph the soldiers” they said “tell us a story,” they demanded. Of what? And then he showed up, 6′3, Tan, built, and completely out of my league. “Are his eyes hazel or green” omg! stop staring. I tell myself as his eyes look me over. “Your Katceian” (caught-sea- an)like Katherine but with a little twist. I Nod and smile shyly up at him, he nods “Follow me” he demands.

I stumble taking a step almost losing my shit, as two large and powerful hand grab me keeping me upright. I look up only to see his face right in mine, a stern look on his “We don’t have time to babysit, so please watch your step we can’t have you killing yourself before you actually do something useful” he grits out almost annoyed.

I’m tired after the long flight and landing here isn’t the safest nor is his attitude appreciated. “yeah, Thanks! my hero my knees won’t be bruised” I mumble out as he quickly replies biting back “don’t be a smart ass, get your shit and let’s go”

I sigh this only proves my point the beautiful men don’t always have a heart or at least in my eyes, I think to myself.

“You coming, Damn women” I hear growling at me from the bunker doors, shaking my head clearing my thoughts I grab my bag and follow him out “Asshole” I whisper

“Its Stanton, SGT. Stanton to you!” he tells me leading me to another bunker “your suit, Princess enjoy” his words cold and unsettling, God Damn has this man been at war so damn long he no longer knows how to be polite or gentle. I stare daggers at him for a moment before grabbing my bag and saying “Thank you,“.

Killing him with kindness for now, until I know this place and how to stay alive.


How did I get into this shit? I ask my self again and again.

“Dad, I Swear next time we talk you’re getting an ear full” I grit my teeth and tell myself.

If it wasn’t for him with his connection with the “high Up” of the military world I wouldn’t be where I am now.

THE MIDDLE OF BUM FAHK! EYGPT!!!! I Scream internally.

I just graduated college 3 years ago, and you’d think I’d have a job by now but nope not poor ole’ me. I am a starving photographer still trying to find my way.

moving back in with mom and dad’s for the last few months now and haven’t been let off the hook since.

jobs in this filed don’t normally fall out of the sky, getting my name out there has been harder than I thought!

I sigh thinking it all over, this field can be competitive to say the lease, Well except now, I’m in the middle of a war zone. yeah! no, really I was sent here to photograph the soldiers and the efforts here, “where ever here was” along with “hopefully” bring up moral.

and so far the only perk thus far is l thing I got is my own bunker, I have no idea how Im going to fill the moral part of this trip when I’m having a hard time making me happy, but I think it’s just been the lack of work. Dad assured me that once I go there I’d see things differently at well as find my happy a passion.

Shit, the flight alone “20 odd hours later” I mumble sarcastically felt like decades and it was the worst flight of my life! Ever. PERIOD.

Then there was the meet and greet, it was more like lions looking at fresh meat they could get too, all eyes on me! my T-shirt should have read. “HERE’s STUPID, smile and say cheese” As I held my camera bag in one hand and my suitcase in the other. I roll my eyes at the thought that this is not going to be easy.

I’m all for solider’s and what they do, I am. Dad Ex-military, I’m a military “Brat” after all no joke. but, sometimes they don’t seem human. but perhaps after seeing and doing all the shit they have, I wouldn’t want to be human too. So, I will do my best to be respectful of them but, that last one what an ass.

“Its’ Sgt. Stanton to you” I say mocking his deep voice sounding like a dumb drunk clown.

I sigh just reflecting on the day, setting my things down I slowly just try to normalize my room and breath.

a week ago I heard the news and then they called telling me to pack just want I needed for 3 weeks, and that was that! a week later I am here.

Dad always wanted me to follow his footsteps and hell a part of me wishes I did, After all, I can still do it, the cut off for things like that is 35 or something and Im not there yet. but, I can’t seem to get my head in the game. A drill Sgt. for real in my face yelling “give me 20” or whatever they tell you I sigh knowing I would either roll my eyes unintentionally and get a shit more trouble coming my way or I literally would bust up laughing. WHY! well since I could remember that made me nervous and if I’m nervous enough I start laughing, long story short! I’d get kick out for being an ass and not taking things seriously or so I’m sure they would think.

I have always loved Military people and life. it’s truly is it’s own world and people, you will never understand a fraction of it unless you are in it or have been a dependant of one. thus said that is why I am here.

DADDY Dearest had a few convos with the big man! and got me in. The big man meaning a general, They said my work was exceptional and would like my expert eye on the matter. I couldn’t believe it, I smiled knowing I was excited to be doing what I loved, but not so much traveling to the forging place waiting for the troops to save my ass at any given second. I felt hopeless the whole ride over, taking note that women stared wondering how I got this job and men well let’s just say “their men” how else do they look at women. rather I was hot or not to them I don’t think was the point, I was fresh meat and they were going to put me in through the wringer or so dad informed me to keep my head up and ears open when it came to that sort of thing.

like a freshman in college I was about to be tested, I could feel it coming and soon.

I gather my things keeping them always packed and at the ready, in case we need to evacuate.

My camera bag was more important to me here than the rest, and so was it to the colonel in charge. depending on what I took footage of depends on how well kept it would have to be. I grinned, hoping for some good shots!

NATIONAL GEO!! BIG! I screamed in my head to my self. of course.

my plan was to survive this trip for the next 3 months and get to know the crew/ troops and know who was who, what they liked, lived and did or wanted to do after. I wanted to tell each of there stories and show it in Photographs.

“Shouldn’t be too hard” I whispered to myself knowing that I’d have to earn there trust and respect this was a tightly fitted crew and newcomers especially civilians weren’t always welcome kindly seeing as how they already have shit to worry about, now they have my ass to protect ontop of that too.
My bunker was well kept I didn’t need much in here, which was nice. Whoever had lived here before took pride in keeping it ready for there guest. I sigh with a smile if my bunker is this way perhaps the rest of them aren’t as hard as they seem.

Ready to change and head for the in-room shower I lift my shirt off tossing it on the bed standing in my bra I begging to remove my pants and as of on perfect Cue!

The door swings open a bit and a hard knock echoed in “ma’am you’re needed I the mess hall” Sgt. Stanton says his eyes on me as if indifferent to and what I was doing.
′ oh, I see the testing begins’ I grin and think to my self two can play this!

“Great let me just change out of these clothes and shower first or do I not have time,” I say slowly undoing my zipper and lowering my pants to my feet I step out before ” Stanton” can say anything his eyes look me over as if he wanted to grin but he holds back enters the room and tells me ” I have direct orders to except you, so I will wait till ur ready but hurry the caption won’t wait forever” he direct standing at attention looking off at some point on the wall and closing his arm behind his waist.

‘wow, a personal bodyguard and Sgt. Stanton none the less’ I grin thinking to my self wondering what he did to earn this punishment.

“Okay, I’ll only be few minutes then, I’m sure ur hungry too” I reply knowing he hasn’t been gone long since he dropped me off and if we are heading to the mess hall that means he hasn’t been there yet either!

I turn to sway my hips a little grinning to my self, if they play at me I can playback. After all, I was raised by the military and know how to joke and tease just the same. Entering the bath I shut the door and I swear I hear a sigh of relief come from the room before I run the Luke warm water to take a quick shower.

I’m done in. No time flat dresses and refreshed. I had to come out towel around me because I’m the playful moment I forgot to grab the things I needed. I asked Sgt. to turn around seeing as how it be faster to dress there then leave the room again, he did not cause a fuss. And I through on new pants and t-shirt not worrying about sock, panties or almost no bra! That I needed for sure.

" Okay, ready,” I said as I walked passed him coming to stand at the door

“Follow me then,” he said softly as if to say finally and now we eat!

I grinned knowing he was trying to hold more back but being hungry took the better of us.

As we walked to the mess hall I got a few soldiers to stand and watch as I passed and others turning and ignoring me altogether. Who knows it’s a new world where they all had there own issues I’m sure, being away from home and more.
There was at least a whistle or two coming from the last large group exiting the mess hall as we got near to enter!

Sgt, glared clearing his throat as the group’s smile disappeared and they almost ran off.

“Wow, u have a way with people, Sgt,” I said

“They needed to know your here on business, not an amusement for them” he countered back opening the door for me.

“Thank you,” I said as I walked in

all eyes on me as I walk in the mess hall, women and men alike but only for a mill-a-second, before returning to there task at hand. giving me sudden relief as I walk through following “The SGT” to his commander.

“Please join us, have a seat” a gruff voice speaks out catching my attention

“Yes, Thank you!” I automatically reply before really seeing who I am talking too, the dime lighting in the large event like tents making it hard to see.

“I’m Captian Smith it’s a pleasure to meet you finally, my apologies I didn’t greet you when you arrived I was detained” he begins as I look up and she these piercingly emerald green eyes looking at me, dark hair and chiseled features, the captain is a striking man to say the less. the uniform suites him as you can see he takes his command and post seriously.

“Oh no worries, I understand duty calls” I reply with a shy smile up at him.

“we’ll Miss, I hope you have found our home from home at least for now to your comfort its not much but its what all we can offer” he clears his through looking up at “Sgt. Stanton for a moment before back at me as if to say ′ someone wasn’t too happy with giving up his housing for me’. I smile

“it’s great honestly it’s more then I expected,” I tell him “thank you”

“what were you expecting if I may ask” he ask me in a surprised manner trying to gage me a little

“Well, I ... I’m not sure I know how to answer that, I wasn’t expecting it to be like anything I guess, I have never been to a post before. Forgive me that it’s all new to me and my lack of understanding, but I assure you Captian I appreciate all of it and all you are doing for everyone me encluded. this can’t be easy on you have to watch me and do your work my apologies on that” I tell him being a sincere as I possibly can because I am.

“no worries, its nice to have guest even in a place like this, but with that said let me be clear this isn’t an easy-going place we can at any time have enemies threats so keep your eyes open, ears and listen to whomever you are within regards to orders so we can keep you safe and alive is that understood.” his voice stern with command but soft as welcoming only altering me to the dangers that can happen.

I simply nod in agreement as he stands to gesture to me to get up an follow him.

I do, and he begins to tell me about the base and what they do here, pointing to groups in the mess hall as to who is who and what they are in charge of; all the things I will need in order to write a good story.

smiling at everyone I greet, most shaking my hand with a smile back. the Sgt. still on my tail. I feel as if he is in charge of my personal safety. grinning inwardly knowing he can’t be happy about it. I turn to the captain as ask “And what about SGT. Stanton, what’s the deal?” I smile knowing he heard me as his eyes flicker to me then at the captain standing in front him.

“Ah, yes well Stanton here is Airborn Combat crew, but right now he is grounded,” the captain says making a Pune at his words and laughing.

I smile wide looking at the Sgt. he’s eyes flickering and a small smile lights up his face “Funny Captian” he mummers

“Oh, lighten up “Stanton you’ll be back in the air soon enough, but for now you are her guard and I need you to show her around a bit,” the captain says still chuckling.

“Oh so am I his punishment, what did you do Sgt. to deserve such a task” I tease

his grin curling up his lips. “on the contrary I won the beat and get the privilege to be on your guard” he teases back making it seem as if I was a prize to be won.

my eyes darken at him and his words as I grin no longer smiling at him. “Is that so, well I hope it was worth it for you, I make sure to note it to be your last if you like” I mummer to him

causing a laugh from the captain again as his hand rest on my shoulder, “Well look at that, she was raised by a military dad, good to know you can keep up and on your toes, Princess” Cptn. Smith says

“Well, none that we have had a little fun on my expense I’m sure that Miss, here is hungry” Sgt. Stanton says looking at both that captain and I.

“yes, actually I am Thank you, no hard feelings Sgt,” I reply with a shy smile

“It will take a lot more then the both of you badgering me to hurt my feelings, Miss”

“Please, Sgt. Captian you may call me Katceeian” I say catching the Cap’s attention

“wait how do you pronounce that, my apologize I was never good with names,” he said shifting his weight to stand more in front of me

“It’s like CAT -SEE-AN” Cap or kathereen with a twist” Suddenly the Sgt. let out before I can open my mouth. Sgt. catching my eye and giving me a wink.

How in the hell did he know my exact thoughts on my name, or does he like it so much he has studied it. I’m in shock for a moment when someone taps the captain on his shoulder and whispers something to him.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a moment” Captn. Smith tells the other solider

“Katceian, I hope I said that right please excuse me, duty calls but you are in good hands here with the Sgt,” he says nodding at both me and Staton before turning and leaving us.

“So! shall we get some food” I say still looking in the direction the captain left from for a quick moment before turning to Sgt. Stanton, our eyes meet as we stare at each other for another moment?

“Please, after you” his tone soft yet firm his eyes never breaking from mine. I nod and start to walk to the line grabbing our trays and ordering or meals.

“Tomorrow, if you are up for it I will need to show you a few things” Sgt. Stanton tells me as we grab our food and head to our table.

“Great, I’m up for whatever you got,” I say not realizing what I might have just gotten myself into.

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