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After having the same dream since she turned eightteen and every birthday from then on, but lately, it has gotten worse, especially this week. Why do you ask? Does having the same dream over and over every night for the entire week count plus working during the day work? Leaving her physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted by the week's end. Rosa Romano does. Rosa decided to take a break for a while, two weeks at the most. When she finds a place that is up For Rent in the local real estate office in town. Where she makes a decision that's totally out of the blue, even for her. Not realising until later that it's the same place from her dream. Is that spooky or just plain eerie to you? This is my own story. It started out in a Writers Workshop class with Tanya Vessey at Cae as a writing activity prompt at the local adult education centre that l go to. Please enjoy vote and comment. AUTHORS NOTE: Book cover photo is from the Pinza App that's available in the Google Play Store Apps

Fantasy / Mystery
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It all started for Rosa Romano when she turned eighteen and from every birthday since then, but lately, it has gotten worse, especially this week. Why do you ask? Does having the same dream over and over again every night for the entire week plus working count?

Little does she know that her dream will be the beginning of her adventures. Or will her dream turn into a nightmare? Who knows.

Rosa is twenty-three years old, a college graduate and also works full time at the local community hospital as the receptionist to the head manager.

Rosa has dark brown wavy long hair that reaches down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a brilliant blue and sparkle with green specks in them with a hint of mischievousness found in them as well. Rosa is just under six feet in height and is of slender build with a fair complexion and a few freckles on her face that are hard to see.

Rosa Romano resides in a little cottage in the small town of Moonlight.

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