Mated to a Werecat

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Running. That's what I was doing. From what you ask me. From wolves. They've been chasing me for a while now. The sound of the wolves howls and the sight of two of them came into view. As one tried to jump onto me, I swerved and then climbed onto a tree. All the wolves surrounded the tree, growling and jumping up trying to get to me. One of the wolves jumped up high enough to the branch that I'm on. I hissed an clawed at him, hitting his snout. The wolf whimpered from the claw mark I left him and growled at me. Then they all went quiet and looked behind them. I followed their gaze. That's when I seen him. The alpha of the pack in his intimidating wolf form. He growled at the other wolves, and they all left. The alpha shifted to his human form. and that's when I heard the one word come from him. "MATE!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Iris Lace is the last of her kind. She's been on the move for a while now. Then she meets him. Her mate. Lucius Lyons. Lucius Lyons is the alpha of the Filtrian Pack. He's one of the most intimidating and scariest alphas in all of history. Piss him off and he won't show you any mercy. But what will happen when Iris crosses onto Lucius's path? How would Lucius feel about being mated to a werecat? Iris?

Fantasy / Erotica
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It was a snowy day. School was cancelled from all the snow we’ve gotten the night before. Me and all the other kids in my clan ran out to play in the snow. Our parents laughing at our silliness.

By the end of the day, we all go home, covered in snow and red form the cold. Our parents would make us some hot cocoa before we head to bed. It was wonderful and so perfect until that night.

I went to bed after having my hot cocoa. My parents came into my room to say good night after I was all settled in.

“Night mama. Night papa,” I said giving them both a hug and a kiss on their cheeks.

“Night baby girl,” says my father.

“Night my love,” says my mom.

Then they walked out, turning off my bedroom light. Not even a few hours after I went to bed, I was woken up by my parents. I looked at them afraid and confused of what was going on.

My mom picked me up and ran out the house and into the woods with my father following behind. Then they came. The wolves emerged from the bushes on all sides, surrounding me and my parents.

My father and mother put me between them, protecting me. My father then said something to my mother that I didn’t catch. She nodded then shifted into her beautiful feline form. My dad set me onto my mom.

“Now listen Iris, take care of your mother for me. I’ll try to catch up with you guys as soon as I can. I’ll always be with you guys in your hearts. I love you baby girl,” my father said to me.

“Okay papa. I love you too,” I replied back.

The wolves came closer to us. One came to attack my dad but missed as he jumped over it and shifted into a larger feline, larger than my mother’s. At that my mom took off running away, leaving my dad behind. Little did I know, that was the last time I was to see my father.

She ran for a while before we heard a loud cat call from my father. My mom stopped and shifted back to her human form screaming in pain. Her mark glowed red than vanished. I also felt the pain, but ignored it. That’s when I knew my father died.

“Come on mama. Lets go,” I said trying to pull my mom.

She wouldn’t come. She kept crying and screaming. It was a heart broken scene that no one should experience. It wasn’t until the sound of wolf howls made my mom come back to her senses.

“Iris, baby, run. Run far away and never look back. I love you and always will be with you, along with your father,” my mom said with tears streaming down her face.

“But mama, papa said for me to take care of you,” I said trying not to cry.

“But I said to go. I know what your father said. Get out of here and save yourself,” my mom said pushing me away from her.

“But mama - ,” I started but the wolf howls came closer.

“GO NOW IRIS!” my mm said and shifted once again.

I ran when she shifted. Ran far ans as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran until I heard the cries from my mother. The same pain I had ignored when my father had died came back but stronger. I fell and cried my life out, mourning for both my family and clan. I fell asleep crying in the cold snow underneath a tree, wishing for my parents. Wishing to know what wolf pack had taken my family and clan away from me. Wishing for death to take me so I wouldn’t have to live with this pain any longer.

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