Mated to a Werecat

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They’re planning on taking his Alpha title away?!? Does he really deserve it? I mean, he did try to attack me. But I knocked him out cold, so I kind of had it coming. I looked over at Maxwell and Marcus as they patiently wait for my response.

“Who’s going to be Alpha if his title is stripped away from him?” I asked.

“I’ll be taking over as Alpha,” Maxwell said.

“Will I still be Luna or no?” I asked.

“That’s if you want to. Usually when the Alpha’s title is stripped, the Luna backs out of her place and the Beta male and female takes over. But I don’t have a mate. So if Lucius rejects you, do you wanna be my Luna?” Maxwell said.

“Sure. I’ll be your Luna,” I said with a blush forming.

Marcus stood up and we looked up at him. Maxwell nodded.

“Bring Lucius out. It’s time to start the ceremony,” Marcus said and walked away.

Lucius’s Point of View:

Being in the cells does a lot to a person. Makes them more mentally insane than they were already....if that’s even possible. I heard the guards open my cell, and one walked in.

“It’s time,” the guard said.

I nodded and let the guards do their thing with the chains and led me to where I clean up.

After cleaning up, the guards put the chains back on. They led me upstairs where I met up with my mom. I slightly smiled at her and she gave me the ‘you’re in trouble you man’ look. I sighed and the guards stopped in front of her.

“May I speak with my son alone?” my mom asked.

“Ma’am, under the orders of the former Alpha Marcus and current Beta Maxwell, that won’t be happening,” the guard said to my mom.

Oh boy, she’s going to make a scene.

“I’m the former Luna of this very pack. I still have a higher rank than you do, pup. So I demand you to let me have a word with my son,” my mom demanded.

The guard looked back at me. I shrugged and told him that he can be at the doorway. He sighed and listened, well partially. He told Maxwell and my father what my mom is doing. So he stood close by the doorway to keep an eye on me and my mother. I walked over to my mom.

“Hi mom,” I said.

“Hi Lucius. My baby boy was all locked up in a cell. How dare they do this to you,” my mom said in a pampering tone.

“Mom, I did this to myself,” I said leaning away from her.

“But you’re the Alpha. Anyways, I met your mate Iris. Really?! The moon goddess paired you with a werecat,” my mom said disappointingly.

I sighed.

“She’s the last of her kin and clan,” I told my mom.

“Oh really?” she said.

“Yep,” I replied with a straight face.

“Well she clings to dear ’ole Maxwell like he’s her mate. And the look she gives him, I would reject her. I bet she even slept with him. No wonder why they put you in a cell. So you won’t feel a thing about their naughty doings,” my mom said.

I was pissed. Extremely pissed off. My Beta/best friend was going behind my back. How dare he? But at the same time, I cheated on Iris. Iris...the one girl who is my arch enemy, yet my mate. The one I’m supposed to love and care for, but I don’t. Instead I feel disgust and hatred for her. I’ve felt this since I met her those weeks ago.

“What are you going to do about that my son?” my mom asked.

I looked down at her.

“The only thing that’s left to do,” I said.

“And what would that be?” my mom asked.

“Reject her,” I said and walked to where my guard was with my mom tailing behind.

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