Mated to a Werecat

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Mystery Person’s Point of View:

I watched as the alpha chased after his mate, not with love and gentleness but with anger and ready to kill. And the beta chasing after him to stop him from harming his own mate. The alpha’s mate is who Master wants. She’s a pretty young girl. But why does he want her?

Once the beta and the alpha had stopped fighting, I ran back to where Master wanted to meet up. I shifted and put on a pair of shorts before being startled by him.

“Master! Master! I found her! The girl you wanted!” I said to him.

“Where is she?” he asked me.

“She’s Alpha Lucius Lyons’s mate. But he was chasing after her in anger and in need to kill. He also fought Beta Maxwell Collin,” I said.

He chuckled lightly in amusement.

“I want you to keep an eye on them. Don’t ruin your cover or I’ll have to kill u. Come back here on the next full moon to tell me news,” Master told me.

“Yes Master,” I said bowing my head down in respect.

When I lifted my head back up, Master was gone. Not a hint of him being here. I took that as my cue. I ran back to the pack, so no one realizes that I had left.

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