The Cloak of the Vampyre (Men of Logia Book 1) (The Millennium Wolves Universe)

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Aileen is an average 21-year-old woman who just wants to live her life in blissful peace - until one night she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now that her life is forever changed, Aileen has to navigate the cruel, hierarchical, and morally obscure world of Vampyres as a newbie, while seeking revenge on Ragnor Rayne, the Vampyre Lord who'd forced this new existence upon her, and doing everything to keep her dark past from surfacing. "Something moved to my right and my spine went stiff. Surreptitiously, I took a long sip from my water and glanced sideways to see what caused my internal alarm to go off. What I found made my whole body freeze. It was a man, and if I’d seen him in the normal crowd, he wouldn’t have caught my eye at all. Not because he wasn’t good looking or anything like that - in fact, he was pretty hot, with shoulder-length dark brown hair, dark eyes, tanned skin, and a face that was as handsome as it was completely expressionless. Sure, he was also extremely tall with broad shoulders and a muscular figure evident even with the dark trench-coat he had covering him, but still, I’d seen werewolves bigger and stronger than him, so that wasn’t anything out of the norm. Yet now, when he was a mere couple of feet away, something about the air around him, made me feel an intense sense of danger. Run, my instincts told me. Run, and don’t look back.״

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Hello and welcome my new book, The Cloak of the Vampyre! You must be wondering, “Why is she writing this foreword? Why can’t I just go ahead and read?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

This book belongs in the Millennium Wolves Universe. It’s in the same universe as my other books but it’s not the same series. This one will focus on another aspect of the world that I didn’t get to cover in the MW series, which you can already guess from the title - VAMPS! This doesn’t mean you can’t read this book! You can totally read this book without reading the others - consider it a stand-alone if you must.

Now, a few words regarding this book:

- There is a WARNING for this book in the description, and I copy-pasted it here: This book contains the following triggers: descriptive violence and gore, bullying, torture, sexual abuse, mature themes, rape, etc.

- This book is about NEW CHARACTERS that you haven’t been introduced to in the MW series. There might be some cameo appearances of characters you know, though.

- Inconsistencies & Grammar and spelling mistakes: I write as I go along. I’m in the middle of college, and I don’t have time to edit everything I write or make sure it all fits together. I do the best I can, but I would rather use the time I have for writing. I believe revisions will come later along the way, but don’t expect it in this book. Of course, if you feel the Grammar Nazi inside you burning up, feel free to criticize, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

- I will do my best to upload weekly, but if I can’t do so, I will let you know through the wall on my profile page, so stay tuned!

- Everything I write about is from my own very fruitful imagination. If you are offended by anything I wrote, you’re more than welcome to PM me and I will address the issue accordingly.

That’s all!

Happy reading - and don’t forget to vote and comment!



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