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My hands are bound, both cuffed to either side of the bed. His lips dangerously caress my cheek, causing my neurones to explode into small buzzing symphonies. I snarl, my growl not doing anything to protect me. "Mhmm... I kinda like this position. You, handcuffed to my bed and me on top." His whisper makes my stomach slightly drop, the words making me forcibly close my legs at the sudden arousal that hit me. *** When Eva finds her mate, she knows that everything is going to change especially when her mate, Adonis, doesn't feel the bond. Adonis cannot understand why the little female keeps referring to him as his mate, but nontheless there was something about her that intrigued him. The only thing that's for certain is that there's a small primal part of him that wants to claim her, mark her, fuck her then tie her to his bed to continuously do it again and again.

Fantasy / Romance
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Mates: The same as a soulmate. Term is generally used for werewolves. A werewolf can immediately tell if someone is their soulmate due to an intense attraction they’ll have for their mate as well as their scent which will seem intoxicating to them

Rejection: When mates don’t want to be together, they ‘reject’ each other. However, it is frowned upon. Rejection is painful as it cuts the bond between the mates and if either of the wolves are not strong enough, it could also be fatal

Marking: To consummate a mate bond, werewolves mark each other, usually on the side of the neck. This seals the mate bond. After marking, the same spot is sensitive to the touch of their mate

Werewolves: They have two forms: wolf and skin. They have heightened senses similar to vampires (smell, hearing, sight etc), healing and strength. They age slowly but don’t live longer than vampires. Werewolves live in harmony, in packs, it connects them and gives them a sense of belonging.

Rogues: A disconnected wolf, a werewolf who doesn’t have pack. Without a pack, a werewolf usually goes insane/rabid. They tend to stay in their wolf form and become wild. They are a threat when they try to attack pack wolves because their wolf sees pack wolves as the enemy.

Alpha: An Alpha is the leader of a werewolf pack. They always think of the pack and what would benefit them. First in command.

Luna: The mate of an Alpha.

Beta: Second in command in a werewolf pack

Gamma: Third in command, also usually in charge of training

Lycans: All Lycans are born as werewolves first. A bite from a Lycan turns a werewolf into a Lycan but most werewolves don’t survive the change. Lycans usually only turn their own family, they have a mark that shows others that they are Lycan. They possess greater strength and live longer lives than werewolves. There are fewer Lycans than werewolves and they don’t need to join a pack.

Enforcers: Are usually Lycans because Alphas and other werewolves respect them more. Also, they are stronger than normal werewolves. They are like the ‘police’ of the werewolf world.

Council: Made up of a bunch of elder wolves, who have studied the laws and treaties of werewolves. They punish wolves that break any laws and negotiate treaties.

Vampires: Vampires can feed off any blood source. Their strongest ability is their speed, which gives them an advantage and they have similar heightened senses to werewolves regarding smell, sight, hearing etc. Vampires prefer the night; however, they can take sunlight in small doses. The sun just affects their eyesight. Vampires are immortal.

Immortals: A sect of vampires. Usually only royal vampires, who are a part of the monarchy or are related. It is harder to kill them, and they are stronger than normal vampires. Some immortals have powers such as compulsion, telekinesis, mind-control and healing. However, using powers can weaken a vampire so immortals with powers spend years controlling them and strengthening them. Some Immortals develop a second power later on in their life.

Immortals can only feed from one person. The vampire self chooses who it is, they just have a craving for their blood. Their thirst will only be satisfied from that one feeder until they die then they can choose another.

Witches and Warlocks: Magical beings separated into two. Those who use their magic for good and those who don’t. Those who don’t use their power for good face the repercussions by losing people they love

The Surrem: An ancient blade that holds the power to restore any kind of bond

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