The War Bond

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I never knew life could take you for a turn so quickly. I had secrets... secrets I told no one but those close to me. I never wanted a cold hearted mate, let alone Alpha Mason. He entered my life on the wrong terms and we got off on the wrong foot. He hated me. What was I supposed to do now? Im set for a life of misery. And what is going to happen when my secrets aren't so secret anymore. He'll kill me... i'm sure of it. Because people like me... they don't survive. I might hate myself a little too. Goddess save me. Im begging you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Books in the series: Series in order: 1. The Royal Bond- Complete 2. The War Bond- Complete 3. The Power Bond- Complete 4. The Intelligence Bond -Complete on Radish 5. The Immaculateness Bond 6. The Malevolent Bond 7. The Rampant Bond

Keylee Hargis
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Notes & Trailer

I do recommend reading 'The Royal Bond' first, you don't have to but it will make more sense for ANY other book you read in the series, as long as you read that one you can read any others of the first four books (listed in order in the description) If you do not wish to read that first here are some notes to guide you through!

In these series, Alphas are alphas of very big packs, like huge. So, it's a big deal when they see their alpha out and about and even bigger when their alpha acknowledges them and speaks to them, think of them like celebrities to us.

Each alpha has different color eyes representing their packs. (A curse from a witch that passes from alpha to alpha of generations) Alpha Christian's (king christian) eyes are gold for being a royal and powerful. Alpha Mason's are red for war, blood, and power. Alpha Ryker's are purple showing power, dominance, and trust. Alpha Jackson's are blue showing intelligence, power, strength, etc.

Wolves are dominant in the world and humans are more secluded, most became hunters in order to try and get back their world. Explained more in story.

King Christian and Alpha Ryker are from an Italian background so in the stories they will speak it some, and their will be translations at the end in authors note or beside the sentence in parentheses if not explain by either of them of what it means.

Some fights can be graphic but not much.

I do answer DM's and comments, so if you get confused just ask me and ill clear it up! In no way should this story or any other be copied in any shape or form, I do look for that and will call you out on it and contact wattpad. This is a serious deal. You can be fined for it. Us authors take great precaution because we work very hard to make these stories for y'all.

Warning: this book has not been edited. There are grammar errors and some translation errors from other languages that some characters speak. Please keep that in mind. If someone has already pointed out an error please DO NOT comment about it again! Thanks!

This book does not start out right where the Royal Bond left off. It starts from when Octavia meets Mason.

Without further ado, please read 'The War Bond' , have fun!

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