The Intelligence Bond

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Book 4 in 'the bond series' (cannot be read as a stand alone, so I recommend book 1 first at least, the royal bond) ________________________________________________ He's smarter than most, if not all. He's known for saving countless of packs from near disasters. He's the key man for assisting in war-and with Alpha Mason by his side-they were unstoppable. They say his mind works like no others. He can outthink anyone, one of the many reason he is the powerful alpha of the Intelligence Pack, but there's one thing that comes into his life he quite can't figure out, his mate Aurora Leigh. He can't help but like the way she keeps him on his toes. There was one thing he has determined, he will figure out each and every little thing about her, no matter how long it takes. ---------------- Books in the series: The Royal Bond The War Bond The Power Bond The Intelligence Bond

Keylee Hargis
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Before Reading!

You need to read the other first three books before reading! This will NOT make sense if you don't read them IN ORDER!


In these series, Alphas are alphas of very big packs, like huge. So, it's a big deal when they see their alpha out and about and even bigger when their alpha acknowledges them and speaks to them, think of them like celebrities to us.

Each alpha has different color eyes representing their packs. (A curse from a witch that passes from alpha to alpha of generations) Alpha Christian's (king christian) eyes are gold for being a royal and powerful. Alpha Mason's are red for war, blood, and power. Alpha Ryker's are purple showing power, dominance, and trust. Alpha Jackson's are blue showing intelligence, power, strength, etc.

Wolves are dominant in the world and humans are more secluded, most became hunters in order to try and get back their world. Explained more in story.Some fights can be graphic but not much.

I do answer DM's and comments, so if you get confused just ask me and ill clear it up! In no way should this story or any other be copied in any shape or form, I do look for that and will call you out on it and contact wattpad. This is a serious deal. You can be fined for it. Us authors take great precaution because we work very hard to make these stories for y'all.

Without further ado, please read 'The Intelligence Bond' , have fun!



Don't copy my stuff it's as simple as that. It is punishable by law and if I see you copying my stuff ill report you yada yada yada.

Us authors work hard on these books for y'all so just don't copy please, it's not cool. Make your own stuff, it's worth it in the end.

I've already reported someone on a book already, so I'm not afraid to do it:)

I hope you enjoy the story :)

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