Trustworthy or Not?

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Chapter 1: Runaway wolf

Luke’s P.O.V



Who could be knocking at my door for an hour almost at this time in the morning. I opened the door to scold the person knocking. But after I opened I saw my Dad who doesn’t even act like one furious at me for some f*cking reason. He was looking at me with the fearce alpha look all alphas have.

“Son...” My dad said with an alpha tone. I answered “Yes dad” then he said “You’re on your video games to much it’s time you take responsibility and be alpha” I was not ready to be alpha yet but my dad never understood

That’s when I had too much, I wanted to run away. I planned to run away tonight to the human world and the alphas nor the demon council can stop me. The human world is the one place where werewolves don’t dare enter.

This was the perfect place to go. I waited till it was about 11:00 when everyone was asleep. My bestfriend was a witch so I asked him to make a portal for the human world. I Transformed to my human form before entering. This was when my adventure had begun. I registered for a college as I had money from my Dads account.

Jake’s P.O.V

“Wake up” I hear my mom say from the kitchen in a loud voice that could be heard throughout the house. I wake up immediately and check my phone. Again my mom failed to wake me up within time, I was running late for college. It was my first day back and I was still running late. I quickly dress up and eat breakfast. Right after I run all the way to college. I rushed to my SFx class i made it in time tho.

“We have a new student joining us this year please welcome him” Mr.Johnson said with an exciting tone in his voice. He never introduces anyone but looks like the new kid’s an exception.

“Let me introduce to you—Luke” Mr.Johnson said

Mr.Johnson Indicated Luke to sit right next to me as the seat was free.

Luke quietly waved at me in a cute way and sat in his seat. Suddenly we both stare at each other and our eyes lock. His eyes were Red, crimson red, he was wearing a white sweatshirt with black ripped jeans and a black hat to go with it all. This made him look very cute indeed.

Wait what am I thinking he might be straight and not even gay. Why am I so stupid. His eyes make me feel like I can stare at them forever, lost in his red eyes. Everyone in the school new I was gay just because of one incident which I don’t want to remember.

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