Pure Agony

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Max had powers that her family never lets her use, they scare her into not using them... for her own good. She is part of a wolf pack that adopted her since she was born. And she swore not to use her powers until Daniel, a guy from another wolf pack, exposes her to her true powers that she cannot control. She trusts him to help her but instead uses her for his own personal gain of land.

Fantasy / Romance
Liliana Samaniego
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I took Eric’s hand and pulled him through the ropes of the games, heading towards another pack who had a game set up that included getting wet which was perfect for the fuming weather we were in. Smiling knowing this was the only day I didn’t have to worry about anyone finding me out. If they did, not only would my pack be banished but I would surely be killed. Peace of the packs was not only an event, once a year where werewolves have to come together and enjoy themselves as a whole but the day I could run free and finally blend in. The only thing I couldn’t do was smile much because as a non-werewolf person, I didn’t have the fangs.

We finally got the water stand and nodded at a pack that was drinking alcohol who never interacted with anybody to avoid trouble. Having no doubt that if anyone challenged them surely they would win.

A fight brought out behind them bringing me to step backwards until I bumped into a guy who snickered at my jumpiness. “Strange one” one of the others guys said taking another sip of his drink. “You’re the one who drinks non-stop” they all laughed. I smiled and turned to find Eric. I looked up at the bright sun and took in the warmth. Feeling eyes on me, I turned back to the pack who I was talking to earlier and they were staring at me. My breath quickened. Daniel appeared behind them and smiled at me, pursing my lips in awkwardness. My stomach tied in a knot knowing I shouldn’t even acknowledge him or his pack even though I didn’t even know it was his.

He started a fight with Vicky who punched him in the face last year for stealing her flowers that she was going to use for medicine. I turned and walked away from their deep stares that I could still feel burning her back. Eric was standing close to Tyler who kept his time occupied with buying wood. She saw him trade his rings for six piles of wood. I held Eric’s arm, he growled and tensed up but when he saw me Eric lowered his growl and smiled.

The day ended with us sleeping in one of the tree houses that are built for the commuting that day. I laid down in the corner with her pack as they cuddled around me. Eric stayed awake, watching out into the darkness. I didn’t have the energy to tell him to sleep so I turned over close to Nicky and closed my eyes.

Today went better than I could have imagined but then again I said that every year and every year I says it to Carlos who mimics my words. I could only tell Carlos but I loved the way he repeated what I said in a weird way. My giggles didn’t stop me from asking him to say it again.

Waking up Vicky would also be the highlight of a new day and I couldn’t wait to run away from her growling complains.

Having the sun almost blind my eyes, I used my arms to shield myself. The mirror above me taunting my curiosity. I loved watching my reflection. My crystal brown eyes that were slightly covered by my double eyelids. Only a few years ago that I accepted and saw the beautiful eyes everyone would compliment me on. Vicky groaned into her pillow as the pack shifted awake making noise and the tree creak. I shut my eyes hoping to get another minute of the beautiful silence but the pack was already up and going, having no choice but to get up and throw on my tight sweater that Chase gave me for my birthday.

I lightly tapped Vicky’s head and ran to the door as Vicky shot up growling into the air. Dramatic. Eric was already waiting for us by the tree next to the one we slept in. He shifted his eyes right to left, cautiously moving ahead. I took that as the cue to cautiously walk ahead also. There was still a few packs moving around to get home and Vicky had her head up and proud.

My eyes wandered towards the forest where Daniel was leaning against a tree, a toothpick between his teeth. He waved me over and I stepped towards his direction but Tyler passed between us, nodded at me to continue walking. I wanted to be his friend but it would be odd to because of what he did. Stealing plants, especially Vicky’s plants is not the way to go. I shrugged to which Daniel laughed loudly. Tyler turned his head and Daniel covered his mouth almost immediately which made me giggle. I waved and left.

It only took a few hours of walking for us to get back to our home. Our land was an open field because that’s what Vicky specified when we picked our home, she needed a place for her plants.

We spent the rest of the day helping Vicky, Carlos, Eric and Tyler get their supplies ready for the hunt. I didn’t want to interfere in their way by not knowing how to and asking Eric for lessons was a waste of time because we didn’t have much of that. Time. Our schedules were pretty full most of the time.

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