Detective Witch (Devil's Witch Book 2)

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Chapter 31-Body and Blood


The night is quiet as we wait for one of the other hybrids among us to conceal another ward around the graveyard. Savior said it necessary to do so the coven won’t be aware we’ve stepped through their ward. I’m so honored to get the opportunity to attend. I know I have let savior down with my mistakes in the past, but I will make it up to him.

The ground is frozen from the chilled rain we had on our drive over here earlier. We have already finished digging up and pulling out our new father’s coffin. The dead grass crunches underneath our feet as we follow in line behind Heinrich and another fella who carry the coffin beyond the crumbling stone walls of the graveyard. We walk off a little further into the surrounding woods and the coffin is set down.

An endless amount of spruce trees provide our fellowship seclusion from outsiders. We circle around the cheaply made plywood box.

“Welcome my brothers and sisters. We gather here today to seek our father’s guidance. It is by his blood, and his blood alone, that we are able to walk this Earth after death. A new life awaits us.” Noctus announces as his magic scorches the ground around the wooden coffin.

It forms an upside-down pentagram as he pries the coffin lid off.

“His spirit lives within all of us now. This is what my birth father would have wanted, deliverance from death and the cleansing of his sins. Today, he will get both. For our god will embody his flesh now and guide us on the path of righteousness.” Noctus tells us with promise.

“Praise him!” We chant in unison.

Darren gets carried into our circle. He’s set down on the ground and looks like he’s sleeping, but we know he’s dead. He’s got bite marks all over him and his fresh wounds leak a tone of blood.

Savior’s blood laced magic drifts around our circle like a heavy fog and I know everyone is doing their best to not look affected by it during our ritual. It makes me feel starved and I’m so tempted to feast on Darren’s body, but I know better.

Savior holds Darren over the coffin letting his blood drop onto the corpse inside. When he’s finished, he doesn’t tear his gaze from his father as he tosses Darren’s body onto the ground. The vampire to my right dives for the body. Savior doesn’t mind when a couple others join and clean up the remaining mess.

I copy my brethren, making a small slit in my palm with the knife I’m passed. A little nervous, I follow the robed man in front of me to wait my turn to offer my blood to our father. When I finally reach the coffin, Noctus grabs my hand and holds it over the coffin.

Naturally, my eyes find the body of the corpse below. It’s already almost hidden under the amount of blood poured in there. I watch the droplets of my blood land on the corpse’s chin.

“Next.” Savior says curtly while releasing my hand and I duck my head going back to my spot in the circle.

Not only will our blood work for our father’s rebirth, but as a blood oath so he can watch over us now too as he walks in the flesh.

When everyone has had their turn offering their blood to our father, we return to our positions around the coffin that’s now full to the rim. Savior isn’t wearing his robe like we are. He’s still dressed in his uniform from work.

He holds the same type of vial he plunged down my throat. It looks like it’s full of blood and when he takes out the cork I almost faint smelling it.

It’s goddess’s blood and it smells so good. I don’t care if I throw up again, I just want to drink it all myself. No one else seems bothered by it and Heinrich restrains my arms seeing me already walking towards Noctus to snag it from him.

“Stay still, newborn.” Heinrich hisses in my ear. I growl, kicking and struggling against him.

Savior gets handed a blade from one of my brethren. He pours the precious blood all over the blade and inclines his head forward licking the blood off the blade like it’s a popsicle. Noctus closes his eyes making a deep groan of pleasure and pain that turns into a chuckle as he cuts his tongue along the blade melding their blood together. I dare not even think about reading his mind right now because I’m fairly certain he is fantasizing again about goddess.

Their mixed blood drips from his mouth and down his chin spilling over the blood in the coffin. The pile of blood overfloods and starts dripping over the edge of the coffin onto the ground of the forest floor.

Noctus’s magic condenses tighter together in the air and makes a strange crackling sound like a wave of static electric shock. My body goes slack, shutting down. My instincts immediately tell me we’re treading in territory prohibited by the coven because this is truly of the devil. Heinrich laughs at my fear letting me stumble backward behind the circle.

Noctus’s skin is black as the sky above us and his bones shine through it making him look like a walking skeleton. His blue eyes darken to red and his hair maintains its gold color. I swear I see the blackness of his skin shifting. A stark contrast from his newly turned red police uniform. It must be a gift bestowed upon him from our god. His blood must be blended with the magic of our god and father, the devil.

And goddess. Heinrich says in my head and I glare at his back for him having rudely read my mind.

The blood in the coffin sounds like it’s boiling now and I walk up next to Heinrich to get a better view. It’s bubbling something crazy and raises upward by way of not our savior’s magic, but something else entirely. It reaches exactly savior’s height and moves out of the coffin. Blood-soaked bone and limbs of the corpse formulating together inside the large walking goop of blood.

The human in me starts having a panic attack and I begin to hyperventilate. Seconds later, I lean over puking onto the grass. A couple other vampires step back seeing the bloody sight ahead of us.

A minute passes and the mirror image of Noctus stands before us. The devil maintains Noctus’s father’s form, looking a little older than him with a slight grey tone in his hair. His face has a few lines of age in it too and his hair isn’t golden, but black. It’s probably a side effect of most of the blood we offered to him being Darren’s.

Suddenly, Noctus falls to his knees.

After a moment, the devil’s magic makes us all follow suit. My blood feels like it’s on fire and I cough up blood, choking on air. I can only imagine what Noctus feels since most of his blood is of black magic.

“Bring me my witch! You should have used her when you had the chance.” Our father reprimands us.

“Nein!” The big vampire yells in his native language.

Savior looks back at Heinrich with warning and the two of them seem to have some kind of mental argument. Heinrich ends up keeping his mouth clamped shut and the devil looks at the two of them with new malice.

“I am your god. You will do what I say and as my new host commands. Finish your task soon or I will possess you instead.” Our father hisses at Heinrich and he tenses up like he’s ready to poop his pants.

Abruptly, our father’s body slumps over and we all look around confused, except Noctus. He still kneels in front of our father. A few minutes of silence pass and our father stands back up looking lost.

“What am I...doing here? Where are my clothes?” Our father asks, but he sounds human now.

The devil must be using the body as a host. Noctus’s birth father’s soul must be back in it now. One of our brethren toss our father a pair of pants and shoes. I wonder what scared the devil off? Will our father return soon or will we see him only when we open the portal? Are we still to call this awakened vampire our father?

Savior already alerted the coven about his father’s awakening and everything is now settled. All we must do is make sure our father doesn’t leave the church until the coven comes to take a look at him. Noctus had made Heinrich call Valerie to alert her of the situation as he saw fit.

Our savior is asleep now, letting us keep watch of our father as we pull into the parking lot of the church.

“Something smells good...” Our father mumbles while eyeing the empty vial rolling around on the floor of the car by savior’s feet.


I got a call from the police department in the very early hours of this morning. I was afraid it was going to be Nick, but it was the front desk. Another case of necromancy has occurred, but this time with Nick’s father as awful as it must be for him. He was a horrible man and I can only imagine how Nick feels right now. I’m sure the coven will be all over the case. Unlike when I was awakened, the ward wasn’t broken.

I really wasn’t planning on going into the station, but after I received the call this morning Nick texted me to come to the church. They think his father may have the same curse mark as me and I’m guessing if he does it will mean the same person performed necromancy on me.

I hope Nick isn’t planning on bringing the information to the coven, but I have a feeling he might. I kind of hope our marks are different because I just don’t want to believe the same person had the nerve to do this twice.

At least, Mr. Silvet wasn’t an innocent person. Still, necromancy is forbidden and he shouldn’t have been brought back to life.

Heinrich was the one who actually called me on the phone this morning about Mr. Silvet. I was told to come to his church because they’re keeping him there at the moment. One of the special doctors they have at the church is keeping him on bedrest until the coven arrives later today to check his aura.

I didn’t go to sleep since he called around two a.m. this morning. So I think I’ll take a nap before I head over. I can barely keep my eyes open as it is. I set an alarm on my phone to wake me up in a half hour and then shut my eyes curling up in my bed.

I walk up the steps of the church feeling my curse mark on my belly tingle a little bit, but it doesn’t hurt enough to tell me there’s a demon around. It’s like the devil reads my though because the moment I enter the church the pain increases dramatically and I’m no longer wearing my jeans and sweater, but the dumb black funeral dress.

The sound of the organ’s dark melody playing somewhere above my head doesn’t do much to comfort me seeing the rather vacant looking church pews. None of the candles are lit at the altar either. It doesn’t look like the police are even here. Maybe they took Mr. Silvet back to the police department.

My heart pounds heavily when I hear a loud thud come from somewhere down the hall to my left. I grasp the corner of the wall, peering anxiously down the empty hallway and not seeing anyone. I do, however, hear the hum of a police radio. They must be in one of the rooms back here. The sound of the radio gets louder as I walk further away from the entrance of the large church.

“Hello?” I call out uneasily.

I check my phone thinking about calling Nick, but there’s no service in here.

This must be the same area Heinrich took me, I recognize this water fountain. I keep walking and find Mr. Silvet’s office. The pain searing across my curse mark has finally stopped, but my stomach twists seeing the police tape torn. Someone came back in here, again?

It sounds like the police radio noise is coming from in here and blood rushes to my face as fear consumes me. I stop short in the doorway of the office seeing Mr. Silvet’s chair turned away from me and towards the giant flag. Someone’s arm hangs down over the side of the chair. I try to get a read on their aura and when I don’t see any aura at all my heart races.

Slowly, the chair swivels around and the door shuts behind me.

A coppery smell fills the air and I shudder.

“What are you doing in here?” Nick asks me lightly sounding surprised.

“I w-was told to come here.” I stutter wondering what he’s doing sitting at his father’s desk.

“Oh, my father has been relocated.” He says shortly while circling around me and I cross my arms.

The room feels small and claustrophobic, especially with him standing so close to me. He stops in front of me and searches my eyes for something while taking off his police hat. He sets the hat on the case behind me and then lays his hand flat against the glass showcase at my side.

He must be waiting for me to explain again why I quit so suddenly. I guess my letter wasn’t that great of an excuse.

Doesn’t he know how scared I am? Now more than ever too. The necromancer really couldn’t have been Patty now that his father is alive again.

“I know you regret leaving. You did it for Will, I understand.” He tells me in a forgiving voice.

It makes me feel useless to him and my missing friends though. I’m not sure if I made the right decision. Does he think I’ve given hope of finding them by leaving? Will won’t be able to help me fix the conjoinment once he finds out Mr. Silvet is alive again. Nick already told me Will and him weren’t getting along anymore.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think Will can cure us.” I tell him gently hoping he’s not mad.

“I don’t think so either. He already found out. The headmistress told him. He immediately accused me and of course had no interest in helping.” Nick states evenly.

“What?” I whisper in disbelief feeling something inside me whither.

“We must keep this between us.” He tells me.

“Keep what between us?” I ask quickly and a small tight-lipped smile forms on his face.

“I like it when I feed you my magic and deep down you know you like it too.” He whispers an inch away from me while cupping my face and I blush deeply hearing his shameless statement.

“No...” I mumble in protest, but it ends up coming out as a moan because his lips crash into mine just as his magic breaks through the final barrier between us, my aura.

If we were not in a conjoinment he would have died because my magic would have naturally attacked him. Instead, it entirely withdraws from around me leaving me completely exposed and vulnerable as his own magic roams over me now. It makes me feel needy and I shouldn’t like it because this is against the law for a reason. His magic could easily attack me right now and I’d have no way to defend myself.

It’s like he knows it’s wrong and is testing me to see if I’ll pull away or not. His magic does feel really good though. The trails of warmth his magic leaves should leave me feeling violated, but greedy little me doesn’t care because I just pretend he’s Will to fit my own selfish needs.

I should probably feel disturbed by that, but it’s the only way I can keep my sanity.

His hand on my lower back drops even lower and my back arches. His hands comb through my hair slowly and he grabs onto the ends gently pulling my head back further beneath him. His smoldering tongue caresses mine lazily. I’m left panting, unable to catch my breath each time he breaks away. It’s all too overwhelming and leaves me feeling confused until he decides to resume kissing me again. It’s almost like he’s unsure of his actions and whether to continue or not.

A surpised squeak escapes when he starts pressing us closer and tighter together. I giggle hearing him make weird humming sounds against me and I can’t help, but feel a little evil about it too knowing it’s not really Will.

Nick pulls away from me suddenly and glares at something above my head in the doorway. He uses his vamp speed and transports us behind his father’s desk as if to create a barrier between us and the door.

“Oh, what is this?” Marcella gasps with pretend shock, her mouth formed into a dramatic ‘O’.

She covers her mouth with her hand, narrowing her eyes at Nick and I. Then she turns on her black heels with an unforgiving expression and walks back out of the doorway. Leaving me feeling like a lousy, unfaithful girlfriend to Will.

Beep, beep, beep

My eyes fly open and I sit up in panic. I quickly turn off my phone’s alarm that I set and try not to think about the forbidden vivid dream. What is wrong with me?! It’s the second dream I had of him and I know in my heart it is so wrong and so laughable. It’s embarrassing to even to think about. Seeing the new headmistress in it creeped me out too.

“What were you dreaming about?” I hear Crystal call from the kitchen sounding sly.

“A nightmare.” I murmur.

She looks over at me trying not to smile while leaning against her crutch and I slump down on the couch completely mortified. I don’t have time to worry about this silly dream right now though, I have to hurry down to the church.

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