The Fight for Power

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There are two sides of the world. One is the normal world we all know and the second is where magick thrives. This story is about a girl who tries to find the answers while also staying alive. Verena Forest doesn't know who or what she is. All she knows is that she's different. Stolen as a teenager, she has no memories. When she finally escapes, she looks for something or someone, anyone who can help her get answers. When she does get those answers are they the ones she wants? Would the answers affect other people and how would they react?

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My life is a full on rollercoaster. I don't even know what's going on half of the time. There are only a few times in my life when I'm completely calm and in control without having to worry about anything else. But even then, there are still so many unanswered questions.

I can't really remember my childhood. My teenage years I do remember, however some memories I wish I could forget. They're not very pleasent.

As a joke I like to think of my life as a supervillan origin story. That I'm the main character who loses their minds and has a sick twisted theory about life and people. When in reality, I'm not crazy but if people knew what had happened and what I can do then that's what they'd think or they would be running away from me in fear. But safe to say I'll never tell anyone about my past, especially a human. Then again I can't even if I wanted to because there are laws forbidding our kind to tell mortals, well without any good reason. I don't know the laws of species but not telling humans is just an obvious one. I understand why though, it would cause a mass panic and everyone would loose their minds. Humans have always been afraid of change and honestly are quite dense, so a secret, especially one of this magnitude, is better to be kept hidden.

While I escaped I maybe killed someone but I was trying to protect myself and others, so would that make me a superhero? In the eyes of law and order thay would say "fuck no, you're going to hell" but in the eyes of the ones I've helped I would be a goddess or an angel. Okay, that's maybe exaggerating a little bit but you get my point. In a way it's sort of like a vigilante story, just a really bad one. I have only saved people once and probably won't do it anytime soon.

I did it once but since my limited knowledge about everything on how the world works it's been difficult to do anything again. I'm not even sure I want to again. Yes, I don't want anyone to go though what I had to put up with but I just don't feel like I can go through it again. I still have so much more to figure out about myself that if I get caught again then I would undoubtedly break apart. I just don't think I can risk it. Maybe one day but until then I have to find out what the fuck happened, get my memories back and have some fun while I'm at it.

What I mean by "have some fun" I mean to cause some trouble. I have always wanted to have a good time without having to worry about anything. I want to take a walk on the wild side and see where I end up. You only live once, right? Well as far as I know but when you're me anything is possible, so I am not surprised if there is a heaven or hell or an afterlife. In fact I'll be disappointed if there isn't any.

Anyways, like I said I don't know a lot about my world. It is pretty confusing honestly. I can sort of sense who is human and who is not, it's like a different smell of each type. It is hard to explain without knowing what it is and what going on but there's an obvious difference between species.

I don't look like a different species, I look like a human, so far I don't have fangs or fur or any unusual body parts. I know that I'm different because although I don't remember what happened on the night of my escape, I do know that I saved a bunch of people and they saw me do some weird shit. I don't know what they saw because I never talked to any of them. From then on I have been able to do different things but nothing noticeable or extravagant. Only little things. Things a human can't do.

I've been staying at a dingy motel for around two nights. How did I pay for that? Simple, I didn't. I usually sneak in during the night and stay for a night or two and since nobody knows who I am I can cause some trouble in the town, like one time I was in a bar and one asshole tried to get in my pants, so I started a fight with him and then all his buddies decided to join. In the end, half of them were knocked out and the rest were to tired or to sore to move. I only had one wound, that was when a guy came up behind me and stabbed me in the stomach.

Will I ever settle down somewhere? Maybe, in future years when I'm at peace but until then I'm going to keep on looking for answers.

I would take on a normal human life, you know, get a job, find a stable apartment, own a car i brought- not stole -and have friends. Its just hard to do when I don't even know my name. I could make one up, something cool, something I like. I have thought about this before I just didn't know where to start, now I do.

I hum to a song I heard earlier on the radio, I don't remember what it's called but it was nice. Sitting up on the bed I was previously laying down on and staring into the abyss, I stretch a little bit and go to the only bag I own. Inside there are a few oufits, hygiene necessities, I pickpocketed a phone and money from a man. I don't use them often only when needed because I don't have a charger for the phone and the money's for food.

I slide my thumb to get into the phone- how stupid can he be to not have a password -then I go to google to try to find some cool names. Verona? Forett? Mmm, that's not me.

Verena Forest? I like it.

Hi, my name's Verena Forest and this is my fucked up life.

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