The Fallen Crown

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• So Close •

Now that I have a name doesn't mean I'm going to live a normal human life. It would just be too difficult because that name doesn't exist in any records so trying to make a life with it would only make things worse. Besides I have to know what's going on with me. The only places I can think of is the hospital and the police station.

The day of my escape I can only remember the explosion, the sirens and being dragged away. My guess is that the authorities found the building because of the fire and smoke, then took the wounded to the hospital. Its been around a month since it happened and everytime I have gone somewhere new I have visited each medical centre and each police station asking about an explosion in the middle of the woods.

It's a possiblity that they have a record of what the victims might have said or how it may have happend. It's a long shot but it's the only shot I've got.

Diving down the road, I tap my fingers to the beat of the song playing. Trying to drive was a real challenge for me, trying to figure out the gears and such, I had to steal a few cars until I got it because I kept crashing. Now I'm a pretty good driver, considering I didn't know anything up until 3 weeks ago. I'm not sure of what type of car it is but I can tell it's an older model because all the others I've seen are really different from mine. It's black, has black leather seats, there's only two doors and the gears are a little different to the others so it took a while to get used to.

Taking a few turns through the streets of another new town I try to find an information centre or basically any where I can find a map. Once I find somewhere I politely ask the lady at the desk for a map, she responds happily and hands me a large colourful map. After mentally remembering the route I am on my way.

The hospital is closer so I'll go there first. I drive in to the car park, it looks recently renovated. New, lushus plants are in the newly planted garden beds as I walk the path to the door. There's a desk right in front of me with two pathways on either side and some chairs with a few people waiting.

"Hi I just wanted to ask something?" The man looks up. He seems to be in his late 40s and has a button up and sweater on that makes him look like a high-school or college teacher. I take a small wif of him and he has no scent so, he's human.

"Yes, what would you like?"

"About a month ago there was an explosion in the middle of the woods and I was wondering if you have any information about it?" I ask hopefully, fidgeting with my fingers.

He looks confused for a second then says, "Umm, maybe. I'm not sure so I'll check." Before I can say anything he's gone behind a wall so I stand there until he gets back.

"I'm sorry but there's nothing about an explosion here, but I think the one you're talking about is up North near the lake. It was a big story a month ago and no one knows what happened," he says when he comes back. I feel a little disappointed but I'm close. Before leaving I wave to him while saying thanks.

Should I look at the police station now or go have a look around town? So many options.

Fuck it, let's explore the town. I've done too much traveling for today. I could just go for a walk in the shopping centre or something. I need some more deorderent anyway, maybe a new top too. With that settled I hop into my car, I have another look at that map and then I head to the shops.

The shopping centre is large but nothing compared to the city stores I've seen, there's still a variety of things in here though. As I walk through the sliding doors I take a glance through the windows, admiring the fancy clothing on display. When I go into the biggest clothing store in here I stroll to the womans section having a look at all the options, occationally feeling the material and then moving on. I hear my cheap converse squeak on the floor every one in a while. I collect a few t-shirts and a pair of jeans and make my way to the change rooms. I have shoplifted a few times, only when necessary but I know what to do and what to look for. After doing what I need to do I walk out without looking suspicious. I pay for the jeans and one of the tops and make my way out with no problems.

After I got the clothes and deorderent I head back to the car. It's got to be my favoutite car that I've stolen, it's different to everyone elses car and although it isn't the smoothest ot quietest, it wouldn't be the same wothout it.

By this time it's already 9:00-ish, so I decide to go to a quiet spot and sleep in the backseat. That way I don't have to sneak in and I'll be able to leave first thing tomorrow mourning, after getting breakfast of course. I pull up to a playgound parking lot, there are only a few people there a couple of kids and a few adults. I open up the door and take a step outside, a smell of two different species is here. It's rare that this happens, whenever I smell it it's usually in crowed places so I don't know who it is. Taking another look at them I decide not to go up to them, one of them- the man -look scary. It looks like they're an average family spending time together.

Wait a second, if I can smell them, can they smell me?

I make a move to go back into my car when a little girl places her hand on the door to stop me, "You smell different." Dispite how creepily that sounded she was fucking adorable with her brown hair in pigtails, the bits that didn't make it clipped to the side by a yellow flower and her dark-coloured skin making her baby blue eyes pop.

"What are you doing, Asena?" Oh, shit.

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