The Fallen Crown

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• A Small Change •

The voice sounded rough, like it was supposed to scare me or the child- Asena -but it didn't work. I slowly turn my head to see a large black man with tattoos peeking out from his grey long sleeved shirt. He's bald with a little bit of a stubble, like a small beard and I can tell that this male is Asena's father. But it's weird because they smell different.

"Daddy do you smell it?" She asks cheerfully pointing towards me. I bite my lip and furrow my eyebrows. Smell it? Me? How do I smell different?

He mumbles out a small yeah and motions for her to come to him, she skips to him and grabs his outstretched hand. He eyes me down like he's preparing himself to pounce on me if I make the tiniest move. I slowly move my hands in a surrendering motion and take small steps away from the car. He seems to have lowered his guard but still holds that stare on me.

"I dont want any trouble. I just want answers," I start off, "I hope you can help me."

"Sweetheart can you go to your mother?" He asks and bends down to whisper something to her. The tiny child smiles at him and runs off to do what she's told. "First you must answer my questions. Then we'll answer yours."

I don't like how this is going. I won't be able to answer his questions, or at least very well. How would he react? He looks like he could hurt me without thinking twice. I nod a few times and lower my hands. I shut the car door because even if I wanted to I couldn't get away from him.

"What is your name?"

"Moxy," I try to say as confident as I can. I'm glad I decided to finally choose a name.

"What are you doing here?"

"Looking for information."

"About what?" It seems like he doesn't believe me, honestly I wouldn't either.

I take a deep breath, "An explosion that happened in-in the woods a month ago."


"I-I was ... apart of it," I stutter out. I've actually never spoken about it out load to another person and it's making me feel uncomfortable.

He relaxes a little bit. Probably feeling sympathy for me. Unless he knows something about it. That thought alone gives me a little bit of hope.

By now I'm heavily breathing and I think he has seen that I'm not a threat and allows me to ask my questions.

"Who are you?"

"Bastian Vesper."

"What are you?" He looks so confused by my question, like he's surprised by it. That since I'm one of them that I should at least be able to figure it out.

"You should know that already."

"Well I don't," I'm not sure if that sounded rude or not, I didn't mean for it to but he didn't say anything else. So I continue with my questions, "Do you know anything about the explosion?"

He stiffens again, "Yes."

My eyes widen, "You do? Can you explain to me what happened?"

He looks even more confused by my question. Until he talks a deep breath and raises a hand to scratch his chin,"I think you should come with me."

Now I'm the one confused,"With you?" -I point to him- "Where?" -I gesture to the town. It's completely dark by now and the other people who were here have now gone probably back to their homes. I have always loved the night-time but I know not to go anywhere with strangers, even if they can give me what I desperately want. "I think it's best that we separate and meet another time."

"Ok then," he says clearly understanding that I don't trust him enough to go anywhere with him. "The shopping centre, tomorrow, noon at the Triple Three Lounge."

I nod and he walks off to go back home. Until I can't see him I let out a loud breath. That was interesting. I have never seen someone of that kind, let alone spoken to one, and he has information about the explosion. Saves me having to go into the middle of nowhere.

I grab the spare blanket and pillow that I store in the trunk and lay them in the backseat. I try to get comfortable as much as possible. Then I just lay there thinking. Does this Bastian really know anything? What do they mean by I smell different? What if he tells me something I don't like or something I can't handle? How does he know? Was he there? Did he hear it from someone? Most likely, because he probably lives here so he wouldnt have been at the scene.

Ugh. I hate this.

Having no answers to so many questions suck.

So tomorrow at 12 at the Triple Three Lounge. I can do it. He wouldn't do anything to me in a public place, plus I think he's a big teddy bear on the inside. I let out a chuckle just thinking about it. He's a father and from the way he spoke to Asena he seems kind so he'll probably only let that side of him come out when he's alone with her or his partner. That would be so adorable, which is the opposite of him. Him having a tea party with her talking posh to all the teddy bears. I want to see that.

Because of my constant worrying last night I only got a few hours sleep. I wish I could say that it's an unusual thing but unfortunally it's not, on most nights I get nightmares- memories -about what happened and then I can't sleep for the rest of the night. I usually forget them as soon as I wake up or it's blurry and it doesn't make sence. All I know is that it is terrifying and that there's that lingering feeling of fear and familiarity. So throughout the night I laid there wondering what's going to happen the next day. At around 10 o'clock in the morning I decided to get off my lazy ass and get moving. I first get changed in the public bathrooms, which I've always hated doing. While also doing all the hygienic things and such as well I go out and into the car.

Taking deep breaths to help calm myself I park my car and give myself a little pep talk on the way. The Tripl3 Thr33 Lounge is what is says on the sign in neon. It's really cool and bright. It serves coffees, hot chocolate, milkshakes, pancakes and more and suprisingly for a good price too. Wow. It's vibrant and colourful, there's even some old arcade games in a different section. I go to the counter to choose what I want to eat, smiling nicely at the pretty girl behind the counter.

I hope this goes well.

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