The Fallen Crown

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• Unlikely Friend •

I tap my fingers on the table I'm sitting at. I chose a spot away from humans so they wouldn't be able to hear us talking. It's a little past 12 and so far I've eaten a couple choctolate chip cookies and had a nice hot chocolate. I swear I haven't had them in forever. Then afterward I got a bit bored waiting so I walked around the shopping centre looking at all the exits and pathways if I need an exit. Just in case. Now I'm just waiting for Bastian.

The doorbell rings signalling that someone is here, I look and speak of the devil. Bastian walks in glancing around, looking for me, I assume. He is dressed in casual, like yesterday but I get the feeling it's not his regular attire. Simple jeans and a hoodie with some new looking sneakers. He spots me and starts heading my way. Fuck, I'm nervous.

"We've got a lot to talk about. So, to make things easier can you explain to me why and how you were apart of the incident?" He says straight to point, thank god. I don't want to make small talk.

"I don't know," I breathe out, "I don't remember my childhood, only that shed. I don't remember how I got out too. That why I was looking for information to try to find the missing peices."

He nods thinking about what I've said, "So do you know anything about the supernatural universe?" I shake my head no. "There are four different types that take up Earth, well five if you want to get technical. Shifters, vampires, witches and humans,"- he holds up one finger for each and continues -"are the most common, the last one is more complicated and rare. All five have lived in harmony for centuries, well apart from the occasional battle, but we all live under The Nobles."

I slowly nod as this imformation kicks in. It would explain why there are differwnt types of smells and such, but how do I come into all of this? What's the other type? Who are The Nobles?

"I'll explain The Nobles and the other type later but you have to understand that there is a limitation to us."

I interupt, "Limitation?"

"Yeah so we are not able to go to our full potential. Some of us, when we are at that complete power we could destroy countries if we wanted to." At that I sit with wide eyes and my mouth hanging open. Destroy countries? I wish I could do that, everyone probably wants to though.

A random thought came to my mind,"What are you?"

"Uh, I'm the other type I was talking about. It's hard to explain so I'll do it another time. Are understanding what I'm saying?" Bastian says vaguely. I slowly nod my head there are still questions but it a general sense I understand.

"What about the explosion? You haven't exlpained that."

He has a slightly pained facial expression but does what I ask anyway, "As far as I know the shed was used as a experimental laboratory on all sorts of types. It was run by humans, wanting to have the power they'd dreamed of and the power we use almost everyday. They were driven by greed and used innocent humans as lab rats. I think that's where you come into the picture, you were probably kidnapped."

That would explain a lot. All my memories are fuzzy but it did look like a cheap hospital. I remember the syrines, chemicals, the pain, screams coming from everywhere, the fear of when I'd see the horrible people again. The fear I still have.

"Hey, come on. There you go. Breathe."

I was heavily sucking in breathes and two firm hands were on my shoulders. There's pain erupting in my chest and head. I look down at my hands to find them shaking violently, then I cradle them to my chest, hoping to stop the pain. I close my eyes and breathe though my nose and out the mouth. When my heartbeat steadies and my breathing normalises, I blink my eyes a few times and look at Bastian. He has a panicked and worried face, like he doesn't know what to do. The pain is still there but it's not as bad, no doubt I'll have a bad headache.

That has only happened a few times, basically only when I think about what happened in the shed. So I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Bastian asks, "Are you ok?" He then shakes his head slightly, "Sorry stupid question."

I clear my throat, "Yeah, I'm ok. On a different subject, your daughter Asena, how old is she?" I ask the question fast but still with genuine curiosity. She's adorable and if Bastian allowed it I would like to properly meet her.

Thankfully he went along and answered the question, "She'd be 6 in a month or two. She doesn't look that old right?"

"I thought she would've been 4 or 5. Wow she's tiny."

He develops a small smile probably thinking about his daughter. He must really care for her, any parent would right? What about my parents? This subject has come across my mind a few times over the years. Did I have family? Why didn't they come for me? Did they miss me?

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Do you remember your family?" I can tell he's not trying to be rude, just wanting to know more. I would feel the same way too.

"I don't remember anything about my past, I didn't even know my real name. Moxy is one I made up," I shrug unaffectedingly, hiding the fact that it is a pretty big deal. I'm not sure if I trust Bastian enough to spill my deepest thoughts. I've already told him enough. It's best to explain in little detail as possible.

He nods and smiles at me, "Moxy suits you."

I find myself smiling as well. This is the longest conversation since my escape- scratch that -ever. It is, nice. Having to talk to someone without rehearsing it like a robot. Bastian can be a kind and caring person, you just have to get past his terrifying exterior and give it time. We were laughing at the stories he was telling me about Asena. He didn't ask anymore personal questions and I did the same, respecting the others privacy. At around 5 his wife calls him up asking if he come back and that's when it ends. I leave with a big smile on my face.

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