Blood Dective

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Selina is a vampire adjusting to life in the netherworld. With her work as an elite knight in service to the Demon King. When the king suddenly gets stabbed on the main street it's up to her and unlikely friends to figure out who did it.

Fantasy / Romance
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Everything in this world works in deals. Demons pray on the wants of humans, minulating our dark wants to their own goals.

I was in a dark place back then my Dad's health had crippled our family mentally. He was in and out of hospital contently and it made making money hard to come by. We where losing everything our house and spending days without eating to pay the bills.

I still remember that night lying on my bed reading my only escape at the time murder mystery books. Every book I read was easy to solve finding the killer on the first few pages but it was an escape from the troubles in my life. When he first appeared in my room I was terrified the glowing red eyes that screamed out in hunger. The deal was a simple one or so I thought: I would take his place and he would make sure my family had the money and health they so need.

I laughed off the deal but days later my Mom had used the last bit of change we had to buy a scratch card and it won enough for use to eat for a week and pay the bills looming over our head. Then my Dad started to make an amazing recovery till he was well enough to come home. He came back after that gloating how easy it was to help humans and that he could take it away anytime, I couldn't help but agree then all I wanted was for my family not to have to worry ever again.

Do you know what happens to people that make deals with devils? They become them.

I never remember the car that hit me or changing into a vampire but I do remember waking up in the Netherworld the dark bleeding red sky and the cold face of the deal maker staring down at me as I woke, it was the more confusing moment of my life.

Finding yourself at the bottom of the food chain was terrifying and that it was your job to protect the King of the Kingdom was impossible at first. The training was extreme every day for hours till your lungs bled, He trained me till I was ready and then just disappeared leaving me alone in a run down apartment above a grocery store and a job to keep me alive till someone killed me off.

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