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This a book about five kids who have never really felt like they belong in their town, who are outcasts they are kids who live in the shadows. Suddenly they see advertisements in their town for a support group for kids just like them. When they show up there they find out that there was a reason all along that they have not fit in, and that it is no coincidence that in the entire town the five of them showed up to this support group.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The first morning after summer break ended I woke up dreading leaving my bed. I had spent the entire summer break sitting inside the comforts of my house playing video games. Hi, my name is Brad I live in Goldfield a little forgotten town in, Nevada.

As I walked to school already 20 minutes late, I saw Jenny. She was making out with Noah in his car. Not giving a little shit that they are now as late to school as me. Jenny is a skinny model suiting, cheerleader with hazel brown eyes, and a smile that lights up the stars at night. Unsurprisingly she is dating “the hottest guy in school” Noah. Noah is a smug faced, really buff jock who is the captain of the football team. I have been crushing on Jenny since freshman year, it is currently junior year. She still has absolutely no idea that I exist. In reality why would she. I am a socially awkward dude who has no friends and hides in the shadows.

By the time lunch rolled around, I had already met all of my teachers for the year. I met them on our annual beginning of the year assembly, and let me tell you this I wanted to quit school already.

Lunchtime was completely horrible as well, Noah talked one of his teammates into dropping his lunch on me. My suit was ruined the suit my dad gave me before he died it was completely freaking ruined all I wanted to do was cry. But if I cried in school on the first day of junior year I’m afraid I would have to transfer schools immediately.

Finally it was time to go home. By the time I was home I smelled like rotten milk . With the sun blazing at 110 °F the 20 minute walk home was more than enough to make me smell like rotten milk. I took that suit off as quickly as I could. Got in the shower and cried my eyes out.

By the time I got out of the shower my mom was home from work. She had just had a 15 hour shift at the hospital, she works so hard as a minimal wage nurse. I look up to her so much, she is such an amazing and powerful woman, I love her.

She hit the showers and went straight to bed, so I ordered Indian and went to bed myself. The next morning as I was walking to school I saw this flyer posted up on the bottom of an electric pole. Advertising a support group for lonely outcast teenagers who want to change themselves.

For the rest of the day all I did is deliberate wether I should give that support group a try or should I not, because I’m really really sick of being a shadow and being made fun of people like Noah and his teammates. So in the very end I decided to give that support group a try, because what would be the worst thing that could happen. I dislike it and I quit, after all they say it is a support group for kids like me so people like Noah won’t be there to make me even more miserable then I already am.

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