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CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAAAAPPP! My alarm clock didn’t go off again and I am so totally LATE to school. I ran downstairs as quickly as I could. I grabbed a slice of the toast left over from breakfast I saw father who was still reading the gazete and sipping his daily orange juice. I just assumed mother was still upstairs in a bath. Brother Noah was already at school the overachiever parent pleaser he is, apparently he had scheduled extra solo morning practice with his coach. Honestly he is so annoying, with all of the extra overachieving every day things he does, you wanna know something he is a pre-med AND pre- law and the captain of the football team. How in the name of jesus am I supposted to live up to a standard like that.

By the time I got to school first period had already passed, and I got detention for missing it from the hedmistress. Great just freaking great, another thing my parents can scold me for. Another reason they can say that I am not their favorite child, that I don’t get my picture of on the mantle next to Noah’s.

You know I’m so freaking sick of hiding in the shadow of my brother we are twins after all. But apparently he is “The Famous One.” He is more liked by my parents, more popular at school, he is more liked by everyone in this god damn little town.

As I was walking home, because detention made me miss my limo and my chauffeur gladly drove my brother solo. A flyer flew up into my face, the flyer was advertising a local support group for lonely outcast teenagers who want to change themselves. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to give it a try, because at this point I was desperate.

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