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I got to school half an hour early just to make sure I can get to know the new school without all of the kids in it. I am not really a talkative and “fun” person, all I can say is that I prefer the company of books more than I do of people. Books can’t become a backstabbing ex-best friend, they can’t spill yogurt all over your new dress on the first day of school and they can’t be mean girls that ruin your life. All books can do is tell you their story and make you live in another miraculous world with no existing problems or consequences.

For me high school is just a formality. Just a place I have to go to to get a diploma so I can get into Yale because as soon as I get that diploma. I am so totally out of this little annoying town, Hell I’m out from even Nevada altogether.

I had to transfer high schools in the middle of actually completing high school. The reason is my father he is in the army and me and my mom have been trying to move with him as much as we can. So he got relocated and here we are following him to Nevada.

It just sucks having to switch schools so much. I think that might be the reason I find it so hard to make any friends. I think its so hard because in the back of my head I know that eventually I will have to leave them again. Or it might just be my social anxiety and me not being able to find a “common language” with the high schoolers in the twenty-first century.

My mother got a job as the school nurse. So that might not be the most ideal situation in your opinion but in reality me and my mother are quite close. So I think it will be quite interesting her playing more of a part in my school life.

We had only had the beginning of the year assembly and I had already gotten an understanding of this high school. It was a typical “American Movie High school.” We have cheerleading squad and a Football team. The captain of the football team is dating the head cheerleader, who may I add is suited to be a Victoria secret angel.

I have officially decided that I HATE LUNCH! You know how in elementary school you could just sit wherever you pleased and talk to whoever you pleased. Well not with the boys because they had cooties. Well in high school you sit at the table of the group that you belong to. Let me evaluate, the jocks and cheerleaders sit with the jocks and the cheerleaders, the drama and art geeks sit with the drama and art geeks, the band geeks sit with the band geeks, and the junkies sit with the junkies. I have just one question where do the socially awkward new kids sit? I’m guessing from all of the 2000′s movies I have seen they shit in the bathroom stalls. Not me instead I went to have lunch with my mom.

The rest of the school day went by fine, we got to meet the teachers separately. I think I like the science one the most she seems not that strict, and she seems to really know what she is doing I think she said she had a bachelor’s degree in biology.

As I ran across the street to my house, mom had to stay behind in school for new staff orientation. I saw a flyer stapled to the bottom of and electric pole. It was advertising a support group on Wednesdays and Thursdays. A support group for lonely outcast teenagers who want to change themselves. Interestingly enough that was the first time I ever saw a support group like that from all of the countries I have lived in. The flyer did catch my attention though, I ripped it of the pole and brought it home with me.

As I was finishing up my homework Mom got home for her after school new staff orientation. I went downstairs with the flyer and as she got out the frozen pizza from the freezer. I asked her “Mom do you think this support group is worth going to?” she looked at the flyer took a deep deep breath and said ” Honey I understand how hard it is to constantly have to move from one place to another. How hard it is for you to switch schools and have to leave friends and classmates behind.” She hugged me real close gave me a kiss on the forehead like the ones dad always gave me. “It’s completely up to you, but I wouldn’t be against it.” She said with a smile.

I went upstairs got in a hot shower. I do my best thinking in the shower. In the end I decided to give it a try maybe that place would actually help me make some friends here.

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