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The first monday after summer break ended, I woke up at 6.00 am. I haven’t had insomnia all sumer and suddenly it was back. My doctors say it is because of the stress school puts on me being a junior having to already think about universities and the future. But I know why I am getting insomnia again it’s because school is back and that means its football season again. All summer long I had been practicing solo with the school coach, I’m planning to go for quarterback this year. That is a really big step for me and even though the chances of me getting it are very slim I’m hopping for that a lot. Noah has been team captain and quarterback since freshman year.

An american football scholarship is the only chance I have of getting into a college or a university. For your knowledge I am not exactly the smartest person at school or even in my class, or out of my friends which is no-one . So that kinda explains that I am not smart like at all.

I have absolutely no idea on how the hell I got on the team last year. I am not exactly a favorite in this school. Im such a not favorite that I don’t even get to sit at the jocks and cheerleaders table at lunch even though I would be considered a jock in the twenty first century media. I just don’t know why I don’t fit in. I am ripped as fuck, curly haired , freckle faced, funny guy.

My mother had a miscarriage 2 months ago and she is currently battling depression. I live with my 2 younger siblings Brandon, and Michael they are twins who are in 7th grade.

As the school day slowly passed I understood why I love summer more and more, it’s because there are no backstabbing mean girls who throw yogurt at you. There are no teammates who can make fun of you. There is only the warmth of summer and my swim trunks. I spend most of my summer in San Francisco with my aunt, surfing my problems away.

As I was eating my lunch in the bathrooms because I would rather take the humility of doing that. Rather than eating lunch publicly by the trashcans for the entire school to see. I saw a flyer glued up to the mirror of our blue tile bathrooms. The flyer was advertising a support group for lonely outcast teenagers who want to change themselves. I looked at it and looked at it and looked at it. Finally someone came in and that caused me to jolt for the door leaving the remains of my lunch by the sink.

During science I sit behind Jenny, she is the head cheerleader who is uncoincidentally dating Noah. Can I say that she is hot, when I say that she is hot I mean that she is hot. She has hazelnut hair, brown eyes, she wears t-shirts with such v-cuts that half her breasts are exposed but thats only when she is not in her cheerleading uniform. When she is in her cheerleading uniform her skirt is so freaking short her moving down even a bit would leave her whole juicy ass exposed. Usually during science class I would be dreaming about her, not today though. Today all I could think about was that flyer that I saw in the bathrooms.

I finally decided that that group was worth giving a try. Although if anyone ever found out that I went there that would be the end of me.

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