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Mercy is a half-fairy. when her parents were killed when she was a young child she gave her heart away to keep herself alive, to keep herself protected. Now 10 years on shes decided to go back to where it all started, get her heart back before she starts running again for her life. but the thing is, the kid she gave her heart to isn't just an 8-year-old boy anymore hes an 18-year-old quarterback with big dreams and the fairy world kind of want Mercy back.

Fantasy / Children
Katy Rayne
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“Faster,” A small voice rung out in the forest,

“Faster.” It said again, the little girl sped up running as fast as her little legs could carry her, blood oozing out of her as she ran. She ran till her chest was so tight she felt like it was about to burst into flames. But still, she ran on for stopping would see her death. Faster and faster like the voice kept telling her too.

“Don’t stop whatever you do don’t stop.” The voice rung out again, giving her the motivation to keep going. She wasn’t going to stop by choice if she stopped it would see her death, or worse getting put into one of the new slavery camps. Faster she ran. Faster and faster. But how long could she run for? Her 8 year old legs where scratched to pieces, her bare feet were leaving a trail of blood behind her. With every step she took she knew they were only a few behind. There was one way and only one way to survive this. Something her parents had told her never to do. But that was before the evil men came to capture her and her mother. He wasn’t going to own her she would make sure of that. She turned sharply running a different direction, running towards people. Running towards everyday people. Maybe, just maybe one of them would take ownership of her. Maybe just maybe one of them would save her. So she could be free. It was the best way. It was the only way. She ran as fast as she could to the town, that she had only seen in passing a few days before, was it only a few days ago that she thought this was all a holiday?

the people chasing her were still so close. She ran into a school, running straight through the fence like it wasn’t even there. Invisible to the children and adults alike in the playground. The men stopped they couldn’t run through a school looking like they did, especially not to kidnap a child.

They were human they weren’t invisible, they just knew about her kind. But they had been tracking her blood, her magic trail, her life essence. They had a tracker on them and the only way to get away from a tracker was to give her light to another, to give her ownership to another. to give her heart to another.

She looked around at the children running around the playground. Children, her age innocent human children. Children she envied for the first time in her life. Could she do the one thing her parents told her was wrong until she was old enough to choose wisely? Would they understand? Yes, she told herself. They had given up their lives to make sure she could escape and live. this was the only way to make there sacrifice worth it. she knew that with certainty. She looked around the playground. Looking for anyone she could see ever being willing to be her friend, to accept her, to care for her and maybe if she was lucky to love her.

That’s when she saw him. He looked about her age. Brown scruffy hair, a t-shirt on that was covered in mud, hey she decided he would do great, he obviously didn't mind getting messy maybe he would love the outside too. She ran up to him. Not fully sure what was during her to him.

But that’s when he pushed another kid over, oh no not great. she stopped in her tracks watching him

“Cry baby cry baby.” He teased the child he had knocked over. The other one burst into tears.

“Hey that’s not nice, David apologize to Liam now.” Another boy said, he had brown hair very similar to the other boy but something about him made the little girl feel safe. she was sure he was the one she wanted to give her light to. She ran up to him. afraid to hesitate for a moment longer. He looked at her as she ran towards them, took her in taken aback to see her. Covered in blood, her little yellow dress practically stained red with blood and more rips than she had previously believed possible. She looked at him hoping he would understand her and take what he needed to from her.

“Please.” She almost begged him scared stiff he would say no, it was a lot to ask a child, but she didn't think her legs could carry her a second longer.

he ran over to her worriedly as she collapsed to the ground not making it to him. She looked up at him her dark blue eyes looking at him for any signs he was the wrong kind to give her light to, but none showed.

“David, Liam go get the teacher quick.” the boy shouted. The other two did runoff. Mercy didnt even care if it was to get a teacher or not, no matter what happened her life was no longer in her own hands.

“Mercy.” She forced out of her dry mouth, now she had stopped she hurt all over she wouldn’t be surprised if she never stood again.

“Mercy?” the little boy asked her, not fully sure what the word meant.

“My names Mercy please take it,” she begged him.

“Take what?” he asked her so confused, going down to his knees and taking her hand, in a way to try comfort her.

“Please take it.” Mercy managed to croak out again scared he wouldn’t accept her.

“Okay,” he told her confused. She handed him her light as he held her hand in his hand confused.

“Thank you.” She told him as she felt her light leave her. Then she fainted.

Cole looked at the little girl really worried scared and wondering where the teacher was! Thankfully a few teachers arrived then.

The cops were called and an ambulance.

Cole watched as the little girl was taken away.

“Did she say anything to you at all?” he was asked by a cop when his parents were with him.

“Her name,” he told the lady worried.

“Mercy.” He told her.

“She wanted me to take something but she never told me what.” He told her worried. One thing he did hear about the little girl that week was she was extremely badly hurt. That memory lived with Cole for years, one thing he could never get out of his head no matter how much he tried was her scared face little face and the fear in her eyes as she begged him to 'please take it.'

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