Tales of the Strange World: Legends of the Past.

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Almost two millennia ago since the Great War ended; an epic battle between the mortals and an ancient powerful entity, the great Darkness. The entity was known by the men of the old and its name was decoded from ancient books that were found in the library of the old world, it was called the Tenebris. The dark entity, Tenebris existed even before the dawn of mankind. And legend has it, that it was even around long before the first life in the world bloomed.

The Darkness it carried within was older than the light of the heaven.

The Tenebris ravaged almost all the life in the world and brought upon the near extinction of humanity.

As each of the men, women and children alike befell to the Darkness; the unfortunate fallen ones had fused with the Tenebris and had become part of the aggregating mass of Darkness itself, leaving no hope for tomorrow.

The Tenebris continued to consume the world, and what were once hundreds of thousands of strong and valour mortal men and women that stood against the void had been reduced into frail and desperate low hundreds.

For what was seemed to be the final moments of humanity. A new hope had arrived, and the rampaging Darkness was abruptly deferred by an intervention, an intervention by the heaven in a form of a striking light.

And in the light, four powerful beings walked out from it, these were known as the four High Angels of heaven, the overseers and guardians of the mortal world.

Mikhael of the north, leader of the angelic army.

Gavri’el of the east, the librarian of all the sacred knowledge of both immortal and mortal worlds.

Rafa’el of the west, keeper of the heavenly weapons.

And Apollyon of the south, the warden of the most belligerent creatures that once were roamed the land of the mortals.

As the four High Angels stood mighty in front of the oncoming horde of Darkness, the heaven behind them cracked open. And from the breach, thousands upon thousands of angels, covered in blue spectrum of light, descended upon the Darkness. With their powers combined; the High Angels and their angelic army had successfully weakened the Tenebris.

For what it seemed a short victory for the mortal and the heaven; the warden, Apollyon, the High Angel of the south did the most treacherous act.

He betrayed his own fellow High Angels.

He stabbed Rafa’el in the back with one of the most powerful weapons of the heaven that he stole; the Soul dagger, a powerful two edge blade that could harm and kill any mortal and immortal beings. The souls of the victims then would be siphon to the blade, enhancing the power of its wielder.

Upon the murder of the keeper of the heaven’s weapons, his soul was captured by the blade and it was now in the hands of the Warden, Apollyon. And from the newfound power that he attained, the High Angel warden had easily entered the vault of heaven in which the most powerful heavenly weapon of all was kept, the Nethereal Cube.

And whoever was in possession of the powerful box, he could be one with the Darkness and control its tremendous power, which was Apollyon, had planned all along.

Now that the Darkness was in total control by the hands of Apollyon; the traitor of his kin had easily subdued of what was the remaining combined forces of the mortals and the heaven’s army.

Only Mikhael, Gavri’el and a handful of angels and mortals survived Apollyon’s chaos.

Gavri’el, the High Angel librarian of all the knowledge proposed a plan to Mikhael that would end the warden’s reign of terror. A powerful spell would be needed to execute.

The spell would allow the use of travelling through time and the plan was to have three of Mikhael’s lieutenants of his angelic army sent back to the past; to warn his past self and to undo Apollyon’s deed.

A vital piece would be needed in order for the spell to work; a High Angel’s beating heart.

And without any second thought, Gavri’el plunged her right hand into her chest and reaped her still beating heart out and offered it to Mikhael. And with a heavy heart, the general of the remaining angel’s army accepted her sacrifice.

Without any time to waste, Mikhael and the remainder of his small, combined army of humans and angels travelled to the desolated city where Apollyon and Mikhael fought for the first time since the former’s betrayal, it was the last place on the planet that Apollyon would find them.

Mikhael then drew a sigil on the ground with his own blood and crushed the still beating heart of his fellow High Angel. A few seconds later, a bright white portal suddenly appeared in front of the general, and then he instructed his three lieutenants to jump in to the doorway of time.

Mikhael hoped that this act of sacrifice would end his brother’s reign of terror; but Apollyon felt the energy that the doorway of time had unleashed and he and his own army of Darkness rushed to the desolated city.

As Apollyon and his Darkness approached, Mikhael prepared his army for the last stand to guard the doorway while he waited for his three angels of hope that he sent back through time to come back to him; but alas, the portal closed up on him and the angels didn’t return.

And for the last time, all hope was lost. And Apollyon’s victory was imminent.

As Mikhael witnessed the slaughter of the last remaining of his own kin and the mortals that he promised to protect, he performed a spell of his own that would give the mortals one last fighting chance.

But Mikhael’s spell was so powerful that it required another sacrifice, his own divine powers. He sacrificed the rest of his angelic powers to the seven leaders of the remaining humanity, the effect of the spell then rendered him vulnerable and he became a frail mortal.

And in return, the seven leaders then sacrificed their own humanity to Mikhael and accepted his divine powers.

Upon accepting the gift from who was once a mighty High Angel, the seven then quickly transformed into powerful beings, each held a very unique abilities that proved as adversary to the warden, Apollyon and the great Darkness, Tenebris. And their mortal names had been replaced with the names associated with their exceptional powers.

Luxion, a being that could siphon light itself into a powerful energy weapon; Venator, who held hundreds of the most powerful spirit beasts of the planet; Giga, a behemoth whose sheer strength rivaled to no one; Alis, an avian being, whose wings were strong enough to cut through any powerful tempest; Elementa, master of the four primary elements, earth, water, fire and air; Luna, wielder of the power of the moonlight; and Dracor, a dragon-like being, visage of both tranquility and ferocity.

They were known as the Seven Swords of Mikhael (The Seven).

The Seven vigorously fought and had successfully turned the events against Apollyon and his dark army.

Evidently, only a High Angel could kill a fellow High Angel, and despite being a mortal now, Mikhael had the chance to plunge the powerful Soul dagger into Apollyon’s chest. He had managed to best his brother, with the help of the Seven who were fighting with all their powers to overcome him.

The fatal blow in his chest had instantly weakened him and that moment gave Mikhael the chance to use the Nethereal Cube on his brother. With the power of the cube, he used it to seal Apollyon’s soul and the Tenebris inside it.

And the box was kept hidden to the unknown part of the old world, never to be opened again.

This concluded the events of the Great War.

The now mortal Mikhael gave his final commands to the Seven; to divide the rest of the human survivors and to convert them to what they had become and to fill the land with their own new race, forever expunging any traces of the humanity and the Darkness, Tenebris in the world, for it may pose a risk for the Darkness and chaos to wreak havoc once again.

Mikhael then disappeared, never to be seen and heard again.

Decades turned to century and centuries turn to a millennium, the children of the Seven had finally settled in, becoming the new races of the new world and most of the planet’s wounds caused by the destructive war had healed.

The children of Luxion, the children of Venator and some of the children of Giga decided to settle in a medium-sized upland continent in the far Northern west. The continent was named “Horologio Caelo”; the name translates from an ancient human language, Latin; meaning, Stairway to Heaven

The capital of the upland continent is called “Mikhael’s Citadel”, a tribute to one of the bravest heroes of the Great War. The Citadel is a big piece of land that magically hovers on top of the continent. There, half of the members of the holy order called, the “Mikhael’s Sword”, whose members are the direct descendants of the Seven Swords of Mikhael and their consorts reside the fortress. They serve as the royalties for the entire upland continent.

The citizens of Horologio Caelo are then called “Caelum”.

On the outskirts of the continent, a vast dark cold mist called the fog of Zephyr separates the Horologio Caelo from the rest of the world. The fog of Zephyr is magical and anyone who is fool enough to venture the outside lands without the blessing from the one of the members of Mikhael’s Sword will suffer a horrible death.

It is said that the mist itself is cursed and toxic to any living things; it will cause all kinds of horrifying hallucinations while it exhausts the very life essence of its victims and will leave the unfortunates’ flesh bodies withered and ghastly expressions from their mental torture will be shown in their faces and their souls will forever be haunting the misty wastes.

Pass the dark mist, a different part of the world is revealed.

Collections of hundreds of islands to the southeastern are inhabited by dangerous and wild creatures of the new world and as well as the rest of the Seven’s children inhabit the lands, these are; the proud and free children of Alis; the four children of Elementa also populate the lands, they are called the Gnomes of earth, the Undines of water, the Sylphs of air and the Salamanders of fire. In the far southern part of the islands, the children of Luna hide in a mystical concealed city, and only when the moon covers the sun, then they roam the surface world. And the children of Dracor inhabit the tallest mountains in the west. These free lands that are separated by the deadly fog of Zephyr are called the “Novi Mundi”, meaning the New World.

It’s been almost two millennia since the Great War. The human civilization has finally been expunged off the history and new breeds of uncanny species now roam the new world. The heaven that was once stood for the world and fought with the mankind is now nothing but tall tales. And the Darkness that was once threatened to extinguish all life on this planet has been sealed away for eternity, and now forgotten by many.

These are all now legends of the past and the scales of balance are unmoved for a very long time, as the new world enjoys its long time serenity.

…but everything is about to change.

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