Tales of the Strange World: Legends of the Past.

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Chapter Two: "The Messenger."

" Listen to your heart

Those angel voices

They’ll sing to you

They’ll be your guide

Back home.”

-“The Messenger”, Linkin Park.

The ball shaped object that is covered in sapphire flames is swiftly hurling down from the heaven, as Kiv’ran and I look upon the blue sphere with mixed emotions of fear and wonder; some of the Lycantors that dare to gaze at the blinding blue light of the object are instantly blinded. Their eyes are melted out from their eye sockets. I hear howls from these savages that carry great pain. Being the members of the race of light, Kiv’ran and I are both unaffected from the dazzling illumination that the mysterious object carries. I would fear for the sake of the Venatorian Ox brothers that they may fall upon the same fate as what these Lycantors have suffered, but to my great surprise… both of the brothers are fine, as they stood mightily beside us. Their wounds are mysteriously healed as mine are.

Could it be the sphere’s brilliance that we are exposed to have made our wounds cured and our vitality restored?

I am not certain if this is indeed a gift from the heaven; a place where it went non-existent for almost two millennia, just like a legend of the past that has been repetitively told in the lecture halls and that is written on the ancient books… or could it be more than that?

I have lingered for so long, and though more than half of the Lycantors army that has surrounded us has been disabled by the blinding light, our lives are still in great peril as we don’t know what the blue sphere of heaven truly brings.

Before I can react and make a word, the sphere crashes down in front of us and everything is instantly covered in a great blue radiance.

The entire shade forest stirs a deafening- silence noise.

I am not certain how long it has been since the blue sphere came down crashing in front of us.

I don’t see Kiv’ran, or the brothers; and certainly none of the Lycantors are around.

I see nothing but a glowing colour of the sapphire around me.

Am I dead?

Is… is this what the afterlife looks like? Is this how it feels. I don’t feel anything at all. The pain, the wounds… everything has been lifted up...no, I was already healed before the heavenly object hit us. This feeling… this feeling is something else.

I try to lift my hands up but I don’t feel them nor do I see them.

Does it mean that I have perished and my soul has already been casted away from my flesh?

Where am I?

A few seconds later, I feel the wind brushes up on my face. It makes me want to close my eyes in which I do.

And so I did.

The moment I close my eyes, I see Darkness and I quickly hear a sound; similar to the sound of the ocean waves that I used to hear when my twin sister Nyssa and I were children.

It was our most favourite sound to hear when we were growing up.

I open my eyes once more and the vast glimmering blue colour is now gone. I see the trees of the shade forest and I immediately look up and I see the night sky and the full moon again, but it is not blue anymore. I then turn my attention to my surrounding and I see Barson calling my name. He seems to be yelling out my name but it is hard for me to distinguish as I feel light headed.

His voice sounds so far away and yet he is just a few feet away from me. He tries to help me up and assists me to regain my balance.

Barson: Myrrha!

I still feel light headed and my vision is blurred.

“What… what just happened?”

Harron: Look around! The ground… it elevated-

“By the heavens! I don’t think…”

Once I have fully regained my sight, I look around; and to my great surprise I see what Harron meant. But the ground that we stand right now didn’t elevate but the earth around us has collapsed. I carefully look down and I see the bodies of the broken Lycantors.

“The blue sphere! What happened to it?”

Kiv’ran: I saw it landed in front of us a few minutes ago. I thought… I thought we were done for… what was it?

“A few minutes ago? What else did you see Kiv’ran?”

Kiv’ran: I am not certain what I saw. Everything was covered in a bright blue light and then… and then I felt the earth trembled and I saw this… we are…

Barson: We are in the center of the impact. A crater, Myrrha.

“How are we alive then?”

I observe the surrounding once more and based on my calculations, the center of the crater, the ground that we stand right now has approximately fifteen yards or less and the impact that the blue sphere from heaven has created around five feet deep basin. The crater is littered with broken trees and dead bodies of the Lycantors that were once threaten our lives.

“We need to get out of here now!”

Barson: Do we still continue our destination to the further southwest?

“It may look like the whole Lycantor tribe has been decimated by the light from heaven, we can’t still risk our chance running to the direction of where we came from-“

Kiv’ran: Look there!

I gaze at the location where my fellow female Luxian pointed and the emotion of fear once again filled me.

“We… we just can’t escape this…”

I see a small number of Lycantors that is gathering across the center of the crater that we all stand.

Harron: We are truly done for…

Barson: Myrrha, another small group of the savages has amassed behind us.

And in a quick few minutes, we are once again surrounded by the savage beasts that I thought was reduced by the blue light of heaven. Their numbers seem to be endless.

Harron: There is no escaping this…

“You are right Harron. We all have our wounds healed and our strengths regained for some odd reasons. It could be the heaven itself gave us a second chance to fight for our lives. I can take out a few more of these savages with my light powers-”

Kiv’ran: Myrrha, I will use my Luxian power as well. We may stand a better chance; though I won’t have much control of the light that I will release and it may render me weaken as it did to you.

Harron: (He draws his weapon.) Second chance huh? I’m ready for a second skirmish with these mongrels!

Barson: I’m with you brother! I feel like I can easily take down these savages.

“It is settled then. We all hold our line here until Varius and the army of the Silent Dagger find us.”

Harron: Heh, looks like we got their work cut out for them. With that whatever mysterious light from the heaven brought, there is no chance for them not to know where to find us.

A small wave of the surviving Lycantors immediately rushes forward to us and followed by the rest of the blood thirsty, rampaging savages.

“Look alive my brothers and sister! We will show these savages how savage we can be! Let us show them how one of their numbers has suffered and fell in our hands! For the Silent Dagger! For Mikhael! For Horologio Caelum!”

The brothers raise their bladed weapons in front of them as Kiv’ran and I prepare our hands to gesture the light wave formation, and then the ground that we stand on, trembles.

Harron: What is this now?

“Don’t lose your balance! Prepare for their incoming attacks!”

I look down at the ground and I see cracks forming. And in between the cracks, I see the same brilliance of the sapphire as what I have witnessed in the night sky. And from that very quick moment, I suddenly realize that the blue sphere didn’t vanish out of thin air but it burrowed deep in to the ground underneath us. The center of the crater that our feet hold then erupts and we are blown away together with the Lycantors that are near us.

My surroundings are once again covered in the same blue light but only for a few seconds. As the blue light subsides, I slowly see a shape forming from the short distance in front of me. The odd shape then forms into a being, a humanoid that resembles a man, a man of the same height as I am. He is glowing in azure just like the same azure light the heaven and the earth produced.

The mysterious being of the azure light then slowly turns and though the entity shows no face, for some odd reasons, I am somehow certain that he is looking straight at me. I clearly feel the gaze of this faceless being and his blank stare pierces through my very soul. Everything seems to be noiseless until one of the Lycantors that managed to shield his eyes from the being’s brilliance sneaks up on him. The savage quickly springs forward; he attempts to stab him in the back of his neck.

The azure being lifts his left arm backward and the Lycantor is suddenly seemed to be frozen midair. He then averts his gaze from me and gives his attention to the Lycantor who attempted to strike him. He points his left index finger at the savage and he gently touches his shaggy forehead. The savage Lycantor then quickly overwhelmed by the same bluish brilliance. As the Lycantor’s howl grows louder due to the unexplainable pain that he is going through, the light grows intensely.

And after a few seconds, the savage vanishes; leaving without any trace of his existence.

There is no amount of words to describe our feelings. I look at each of my team’s faces and I see great fear, admiration, inquisitive and confusion. But one thing that I am certain, we all share the same sentiment; whatever or whoever this astonishing mysterious being of blue light that stands in front of us, is nothing what any books of the old that any of us had read that can determine what we are dealing right now. And this being… this being holds a very tremendous power that no one can fathom.

And though the rest of the Lycantors witnessed the fall of one of their own, they do not hesitate to charge forward to the azure being. The being then effortlessly flicker his left hand and the charging small wave of the Lycantor is instantly blown away. He then resumes his sight on me; and with the overwhelming emotions of fright and excitement that weighted me, I find difficulty moving my legs.

I turn my attention to my right side and I see Harron waking up from the loss of his conscience. He moves his head gently, trying to regain his composure. He then sees me.

Harron: (His voice sounds weaken.) Myr… Myrrha… hold on, I’m… I’m coming…

The being of the blue light slowly reaches his hand to me, and though half of my body feels heavy due to the blow we have sustained, I use all of my remaining strength in attempt to reach for my dagger.

He looks at the direction of my hand that is trying to reach for my weapon and to my astonishment, he speaks his first words. His voice gently resonates and for some odd reason, his voice brings serenity.

Being of the Blue Light: Do not be afraid. I don’t intend to hurt you and your friends. I saw your light, and it released me from what it seemed to be an unending journey to find my way back home. I saw the light, your light and it guided me back here. Fear not, denizen of this world… though the Darkness is once again upon us, I bring the light of hope for those who seek it as what your light had done for me. I thank you.

I remain speechless.

The next thing I see, are my team slowly regaining their consciousness. As they slowly recover from the blast, our bodies are suddenly starting to glow in blue.

Harron: Myrrha! What is going-


Being of the Blue Light: My apologies, this will only take a short moment.

He raises both of his arms with palms open and sparks of blue light are starting to gather in his hands. As he immediately closes his palms, a number of blue light waves come out from his body and the rest of the Lycantors that is surrounding us vanish in the same manner as the previous Lycantor that he encountered.

Kiv’ran: What just happened? Why… what is this light that surrounds us?

Barson: What is that thing? Harron! Myrrha! Are you-

“I am fine. He… the blue light from the heaven-“

His blue brilliance is slowly fading.

Harron: His light! It’s fading away-

“You! What is going on with you?”

Being of the Blue Light: Impossible…

He looks at the night sky and utters his words.

Being of the Blue Light: Mikhael…

“Mikhael? What do you know of his name? Who and what are you?”

Being of the Blue Light: How long… how long have I been away? What year is it?

Harron: The creature of the light is mad! Myrrha! Everyone! Prepare to attack!

“lower your blade Harron! Have you not seen what he has done to this entire tribe of Lycantor? We could have shared the same fate as these savages if he wanted to, he is on our side…”

Kiv’ran: How can you be so certain Myrrha?

“This light that covers us… this blue light, it protected us. Even before that, the light that he carried with him when he plummeted from the heaven, it also restored us. That is enough for me count him as our ally.”

Barson: You may be right; he helped us fight against the Lycantors.

Harron: And now the battle is won, he can now release us from this light that “protected” us. We’ve seen what his light can do against the enemies; I don’t want to stand longer with this aura around us when he thinks we are not the same as he is…

“Then that is another reason for you… for all of us to stand down. He spoke to me; he doesn’t want to hurt us…”

Being of the Blue Light: She is right. I don’t intend to inflict any pain on all of you. You and I… we all share the same goal, to extinguish the “Darkness” that ravaged these lands. I just need to know-

Kiv’ran: Hold on, you speak of Darkness… you don’t mean-

“What is it Kiv’ran?”

Kiv’ran: The story from one of the books of the old world, Myrrha.

Barson: We’ve all read it.

Kiv’ran: No. Not all of it. There’s another book that is well hidden in the very heart of our city’s library.

“How did you come by that book if it was hell hidden?”

Kiv’ran: It was during one of my days when I was a kid, loitering the streets. I snuck into the library, looking for a temporary shelter and by accident, I found the book. I only skimmed the pages of the book and then the guards found me and I was charged of trespassing. And my punishment was to join the order of the Silent Dagger when I came to proper age.

“So what did you find in the book?”

Kiv’ran: In the pages, it mentions the Darkness, the Great War… heaven and its angels the carry the blue light that can destroy the Darkness-

Harron: You are trying to tell us, that this creature in front of us… is an angel?

Barson: But the angels were vanished after the Great War…

“So was the Darkness that they valiantly fought… tell me, who and what are you?”

Being of the Blue Light: Vanished?

“You asked what the year today is; it has been almost two millennia since the Great War has ended. Now answer me, who and what are you?”

Being of the Blue Light: Your friend here was right… I am an angel of the heaven. Under the command of the high angel Mikhael, I was sent back to the past to undo the damages that one of our brothers had done; he was a high angel just like my commander. The spell somehow failed and I was trapped in a time loop and the time on this world has moved on since then. And since you claimed that the Great War has ended thousands of years ago, I don’t sense the influence of the heaven anymore on this world. It could have been destroyed during the war and I may be the sole surviving angel. My name… my name is Malachi. I am one of the three messengers of Mikhael.

Barson: You spewed lies! An angel in our midst…a long extinct race!

“But never forgotten… Barson, everyone, we’ve all witnessed what this- Malachi can do, and based on the text from the book of the old world, only one race that was powerful enough to conjure such powerful light. It was the same light our great alpha Luxion was created from.”

Barson: You believe this creature of light?

“We have encountered and danced closely with our deaths a few times tonight and yet we all still stand. Even a while ago where all hope was lost and our deaths had almost grasped us, Malachi, an angel that he claimed that he was had saved us. And for that, I acknowledge you with our gratitude. Angel or not, I do believe that he came from the heaven to help us survive this night.”

Kiv’ran: I share the same sentiment; gratitude, Malachi.

The older Venatorian Ox brother stares strongly at Malachi. His gaze shows his reluctant to believe.


He sighs and he lowers his weapon.

Barson: Very well. What would you want us to do now Myrrha?

Harron: It seems that this “angel” decimated most of the Lycantors. There is no reason for us to escape further to the south. We should proceed to where we came from and meet up with Varius and whatever army he may have brought along with him.

“Agreed; but we can’t just meet them while Malachi here emits an odd light-“

Kiv’ran: We can’t spook them with something they will find hard to believe. Just like what we had thought before you claimed what you were; all of them highly believe that angels are long gone from this world.

Malachi: If you would allow me, I can convey all of my knowledge that I possess to you all and to your kind. It would be easier for both of us that way. I sense the darknes-

And none of us has seen it coming. A long spear made of dark iron pierces right through Malachi chest. His brilliance immediately starts to fade as he drops to his knees.


Barson: Myrrha! Over there!

We see a slender man covered in black fur, he wields the same dark spear that he just threw at the angel. He hurls the spear directed at me. Luckily, I am able to react quickly and dodge the incoming projectile.

Barson: This savage and his kind are truly relentless! He dares to face us by himself we can easily subdue him.

“Barson! Be careful! I sense something different from him.”

Harron: They’re all the same to me! He will fall as his fellow savages did!

And the younger Venatorian Ox brother, being the reckless of all the novices, rushes at the savage spear-thrower.

“Barson, you are with me. Kiv’ran, tend to Malachi’s wounds. Let’s end this quick before more of his kind arrives.”

Harron manages to get closed to the savage. As he is about to slash him with his blade, another spear suddenly appears in his hand. He jabs the spear and it pierces the left side flesh of Harron. The savage then pulls out the spear and Harron drops his blade and falls to the ground. His blood gushes.

I scream, on the very top of my lungs, his name.


His brother quickly comes to his aid; he rips a huge fabric of his clothing and he quickly presses his younger brother’s stab wound to stop the bleeding.

Harron: Myrrha! We need to do something! He is quickly losing blood!

I turn around and I call for the angel’s name; but Kiv’ran is still trying to pull out the spear from Malachi’s chest. The angel is still fallen from the surprise attack.


Kiv’ran: His light Myrrha… it’s…it’s fading quickly.

Once again, we find ourselves facing our demise and this time …it seems that we have used all of our luck.

As the spear-thrower Lycantor attempts to thrust me, I swiftly jumps back, and I successfully evaded his fatal attack. I regain my momentum once again. I waste no time as I lunge in front of the Lycantor. Using my right hand, I grab his head and I unleash the power of the Luxian at him.

I pray to the heaven that this attack will be enough to kill him.

The light is immediately released from my right hand and I feel the skin of his face burning from the strong light. The Lycantor loses his balance while my hand is still covering his face.

“Die you savage cur!”

I am not quite certain but it seems that despite of my light slowly burning and blinding him, he shows a sinister smile. And after a few seconds, my light is starting to fade away. He tightly grabs my right hand and I struggle to keep my hand on his face. And then, I see an odd shadow moving around his free hand.

“What are you-“

The shadow then quickly takes the form of a blade and I finally realize what makes this Lycantor quite special among his kin. I quickly release my grasp from his face and jumps back away from him. As he slowly stands up, I hear his ominous laugh.

“You are quite different than the rest of the Lycantors we have encountered. How are you doing that?”

Another shadow quickly surrounds his right hand and it forms another blade. And then he begins to speak.

Shadow Lycantor: (He shows his two swords that his shadow created) Do you mean these? Anything is quite possible if you wield the power of Darkness.

“The power …of Darkness? What do you mean?”

Shadow Lycantor: Why don’t I show you… more closely?

As he gently taps his lead foot on the ground, the solid surface where he stands instantly turns black; and the next thing that I see are his blades directly pointing at me.

I am once again grateful to my days of hard training, I manage to evade his attacks once more but I can’t help but to ponder, how did he manage to get so close to me that fast? It was almost instantly.

I have no weapons to defend myself and I can’t rely on my Luxian power to work again; but what can I do is to buy time for Kiv’ran and Barson to take our wounded allies away from the fight… and hopefully, for Varius and the warriors of the Silent Dagger to arrive.

I manage to keep on evading this unique Lycantor’s attack.

Shadow Lycantor: You dance well for a wounded Luxian! Let’s see if you can dance well with two more blades in your feet!


Bloody savage was able to conjure a pair of blades from his shadow using the ground that I stand on. The blades pierce through my feet, hindering my movements.

Shadow Lycantor: Now don’t you struggle little Luxian, this will be over soon. Let me plunge this blade to your skull. Don’t worry; your friends will follow your death soon.

And all of a sudden, the Lycantor finds himself struggling to control his weapon hand.

Shadow Lycantor: What- what is happening?

I look around and I see Malachi, barely standing with the dark spear that is still pierced in his chest; he is being assisted by Kiv’ran. The angel shakily raises his hand forward as he struggles to maintain his balance

Malachi: You will… you will not harm another soul. You and…and your Darkness have no place in this world!

And then, Malachi’s sapphire light once again illuminates. The light is becoming brighter than before.

Shadow Lycantor: (Yelling) Stop! …stop! ….stop!

A number of pointed tentacles instantly come out from the Lycantor’s back and the tentacles swiftly come straight at the angel.

His blue brilliance intensified and the dark shadow tentacles are immediately pushed back. The shadow Lycantor shrieks in fear as we all look at the majestic blue brilliance fighting against the mysterious shadowy figures.

Shadow Lycantor: How are you doing this? This… is… impossible!

Malachi: (His voice trembles.) This… ends… now. No more… no more… Darkness!

After he uttered his words, he tightly closes his raised hand with his fingers and as the moment he opens his palm again, a massive wave of light consumes the shadowy figures and a thinning noise resonates our surroundings; and then seconds after, the shadow Lycantor is swallowed by the overwhelming brilliance of the angel.

The light attack from Malachi is similar to mine but the light energy is quite different from mine or from any Luxian light I have seen. Even I find myself almost blinded by the powerful light of the angel if I haven’t averted my gaze in time.


Malachi: It is done.

The angel once again falls to his knees. His sapphire brilliance has been completely faded away and the dark spear, made of the mysterious shadowy essence that pierced his chest has dissipated as well.

I rush towards Malachi.

“Malachi! That was… that was amazing! The elders need to see you. We need to tell them what had transpired here. The angels… your kind, they’re back to this world. We- …Malachi?”

Malachi: Apologies… it seems that my divine grace has been consumed… the spear that impaled me… it was made of Darkness just like the shadow beast I just bested. I need to purify my divine grace in order for me to fight back the return of the Darkness…

Kiv’ran: That’s impossible. You may be an angel of the heaven but the Darkness that you speak of, is the same chaotic entity that was destroyed almost two millennia ago. It is impossible for it to return to this world. It was a long forgotten past as you and your kind should have.

Malachi: (His voice is weakened) Heed my words; the Darkness… the great Tenebris has returned to this world… everything… everything will be consumed by its massive void and I don’t sense the influence of the heaven in this world anymore. My brothers and sisters are long gone in this world.There is no other way for you and for the mortals of this world to fight and push back the Darkness. B-but all hope is not …lost. There are other more… just like me… like how I was sent away to the past… you need to find them. You need to find the remaining angels that are trapped in a time loop, just like I was. You need to find and rescue the other two messengers of Mikhael.

Kiv’ran: I don’t understand. Why should we believ-

Malachi: You’ve seen it with your own eyes! You cannot deny it! More of his kind, much stronger and much faster will infect these lands and they will all be carrying the essence of the Tenebris. You all… need to be prepared.

“If what you are saying is true; the Darkness returning to this world and only the heaven and its angels can vanquish it. How can we find the other two messengers that you speak of?”

Malachi: Use… use your light. The same light you have used to bring me back here. The same light that guided me back to you-

He reaches for my hand.

Malachi: My time here has been spent. I must leave my mortal vessel while I heal. This isn’t a farewell. When the time is right, once I have finally extinguished the infection of the Darkness in me… I will come back and fight the Tenebris with you. It all falls to you now… the survival of this world… rests in your… light.

And Malachi’s brilliance once again illuminates but for the last time. As he lets go his grasp on my hand, his once faceless expression gives form to a face of young man whose hair is short and is a colour of hazel.

This must be his vessel that he spoke of.

He looks frail and the expression he projects feels benevolent.

Kiv’ran: Who is… who is that? Is that Malachi’s true face?

“That is Malachi, …or his mortal vessel.”

Kiv’ran: I didn’t know angels can take mortal forms.

“I didn’t know either.”

Kiv’ran: What do we do now?

“We take Malachi… his vessel to the elders and tell them exactly what happened here.”

Kiv’ran: And what of the order of the Silent Dagger? They will ask us about him.

“We lie. We simply tell them he is one of the novice scouts that we rescued; the sole survivor from the previous nights. We tell them he is a Venatorian.”

Kiv’ran: We pretend him to be one of us? Myrrha, if anyone finds out… they’ll exile us!

“Then we best hope no one else knows the truth but us and the elders. I’ll do the talking. Barson, how is your brother?”

Barson: The bleeding has stopped. He’s unconscious but he will live; they both in need of medical assistance.

Kiv’ran: The medical professors of the floating city can help them-

A mysterious dark haze materializes out of nowhere.

“What is this now?”

Kiv’ran:The shadow Myrrha! The Darkness from that Lycantor returns!

“How is this possible?”

And then, out of the shadow, a face suddenly forms. It has the same face of the shadow Lycantor that Malachi had defeated… or so we all thought.

Shadow Lycantor: (His voice sounds rough and harsh) you fool… you don’t think you can… easily defeat me… I wield the power of the Tenebris. I am the Darkness itself!

He slowly raises his still shadowy right hand and from it, a dark blade is materialized.

Shadow Lycantor: There is no more help… for you all… this is… your end!

“Kiv’ran! If we combine our lights together, we can extinguish this abomination once and for all!”

Kiv’ran: I am with you Myrrha. Whenever you are ready.

“Shield your eyes Barson.”

Shadow Lycantor: An angel couldn’t defeat me. What makes you think a pair of little sun fairies can succeed on what a mighty angel could not?

He prepares to lunge forward at the young female Luxians.

Shadow Lycantor: Be one with the Darkness-

Just before he dashes forward in attempt to strike at us, a deep resonating voice is heard.

Deep Voice: Enough Luhgus!


His attempt to attack us is halted and he turns around.

Luhgus: You… you dare? You dare to interrupt me? Show yourself!

And all of a sudden I feel a gentle brush on the back of my neck. As Kiv’ran and I turn around, we see another black long-haired, male Lycantor. He dons a light weight, dark iron armor from his neck to his toes.

We both try to jump back away from him but we find ourselves still standing on the same ground.

Kiv’ran: How… how did you manage to get close to us?

“You used a spell of teleportation?”

Luhgus: Why are you here Ze’lus? You were supposed at the Night Queen’s side.

Barson reaches for his bladed weapon and he swiftly charges at the mysterious armored Lycantor.

Ze’lus: Stop.

Barson appears to be frozen with his bladed weapon a couple of inches away from hacking Ze’lus neck.

Barson: I… I cannot move hands.

Kiv’ran: You can teleport and you can control our movements? How are you doing this?

Ze’lus: I possess neither of such skills. I can only pin your movements from where you stand… as long as my Darkness holds your shadows.


Ze’lus: My apologies if none of this makes any sense to you. After all, the Darkness…the great Tenebris is a power that no one understands it; other than Apollyon of course.

“Do it.”

Ze’lus: I beg your pardon?

“Kill me… kill us! Make it quick and I advise you well, to do it right. If you leave me here with a breath of life… even the slightest of it, I swear… I will hunt you down. I will not stop and I will kill every one of you damn savages and I do not care if you hold the power of Tenebris, the power of my light will extinguish your Darkness. I will destroy you with all I have!”

Ze’lus: Tempting. How unfortunate that I won’t be able to grant your wish. The Night Queen strictly ordered me to fetch one of her wayward Night Sons. Let’s go on our way Luhgus-

Luhgus: No! I will not go anywhere until I have their lives!

Ze’lus: You have already disobeyed the word of our mother (Night Queen). You are only to observe while the rest of her children do what they were asked to do.

Luhgus: They killed more than half of our brothers and sisters! She and that angel! (He points at Malachi’s unconscious mortal vessel)

Ze’lus: An angel? So the prophecy of the Night Queen came true.

“Who are you really? And who is this Night Queen that you speak of?”

Ze’lus: Don’t fret too much on the details that won’t matter to you or to your kind. There is only one thing that you need to be prepared for… the return of the Darkness and the fall of your beloved city. It will end soon, child of Luxion.

He then looks at Luhgus who is still struggling to maintain his shadowy form.

Ze’lus: I won’t ask you again Luhgus. Fail to fall in my command and I will see to it that you will find yourself burned by the first touch of the sunrise.

Luhgus: This isn’t over, Luxian.

The pair is covered by the blanket of their own shadows and then they vanish. I can no longer feel Ze’lus’ grasp on me.

A few moments later, we witness the first light of the sunrise. The three of us bask in the morning’s first sunlight and for the first time since the ordeal that we went through last night, we can finally catch our breath.

We all lay our weary and broken bodies on the ground for a while.

A few more minutes, I feel the ground trembles and I hear hoof steps approaching. We all slowly get up and to our joy; we see Varius and the warriors of the order of the Silent Dagger riding their mighty steeds.

I show my smugly smile to Varius.

“What took you so long?”

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