Tales of the Strange World: Legends of the Past.

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Chapter Three: "The Prophecy."

“Oh oh people of Earth

Listen to the warning

The seer he said

Beware the storm that gathers here

Listen to the wise man.”

“The Prophet’s Song”, Queen.

The cold morning wind touches my skin, as we lay our broken bodies on the damp ground I hear the slow and weak breathings of Malachi… or what he had claimed to be his mortal vessel before the bright bluish light extinguished from him. I see Varius gets off from his brown steed and approaches me. Four sword wielding light armoured warriors of the Silent Dagger follow him on foot and the rest of the cavalry stays in their position.

Varius kneels down on his right knee; his face shows the emotion of concern and guilt. With my weaken voice, I attempt to lighten up his mood.

“What’s the matter Varius? You know…I have had worse than this.”

Varius: Myrrha… everyone, I-I am sorry. I came in late.

“Nonsense… you and the order are just… right on time…”

Kiv’ran: I take it that we can take a more comfortable means of travelling back.

Varius: Of… of course! We have enough horses for four of you.


Varius: What? What do you mean-

“Don’t pretend that you do not see him. Help Kiv’ran and Malachi to their horses and have the men behind you carry Harron… he is deeply wounded. We need to leave this place as quickly as we can.”

Varius: And what of the Lycantors?

“Did you encounter any on your way here?”

Varius: Surprisingly, we haven’t seen a single of their kind on our way here. Not even a scent-

“Then we are safe… for now. I don’t intend to stay here longer and wait for what’s next to happen.”

Two of the men behind Varius gently carried the unconscious Malachi and loads him up inside the metal chariot.

Varius: You need to tell me what happened here and who is that young male?

“In due time Varius. I need you to protect him at all costs! We need to bring him to my father and to the elders.”

Varius: There is one more thing Myrrha. We cannot leave until the arrival of our Captain-

The sounds of trumpets are heard from the short distance. As the morning fog that is a few meters in front of us dissipates, I see another small number of troops riding in their horses. They wear the insignia of the higher ranking soldiers of the Silent Dagger.

“Well, it seems we didn’t have to wait for too long…”

The soldiers that Varius are with him swiftly form a divided formation as they ready their swords for the arrival of our Captain.

A medium sized steed trots towards us and is being accompanied by a pair of large-built warriors wearing heavy armours, wielding long double-sided blades and rectangular shields with the logo of our order engraved on. These are the colossi or mostly known in the entire continent, the children of Giga; one of the three races that live in the Horologio Caelo.

Varius immediately bows down his head to the sight of our Captain.

Varius: Captain Verrhan.

Verrhan: No need for such formalities Varius. You did well.

She steps down from her steed and immediately paces her steps towards her sons. One of the Colossi guards grabs the collar of her horse and he gently caresses its mane.

Our Captain speaks to Barson in a concerned tone.

Verrhan: Harron… is he?

Barson: He is out of death’s touch… Captain.

Upon hearing the words from her older son, her mood slightly lightens up. She embraces Barson.

Verrhan: Thank Mikhael that you are alive-

Barson: But mother… I failed… I failed to protect him-

Verrhan: Hush my child! You didn’t. You did very well… protecting him. He is alive, you are alive… all of you are alive. That’s what matters most.

She kisses Barson’s forehead and then she calls one of the colossi to gently carry her wounded and unconscious son Harron.

Verrhan: Can you walk, son?

Barson: I am alright. I… I would like to go with Harron-

Verrhan: Of course. Stay with my vanguards and take half of these troops with you. You and your team will immediately return to the city for proper medical aid. Do you think you have the strength to lead half of the camp’s army on my behalf?

Barson: Captain? …are you certain?

Verrhan: I have never doubted my decisions just like I have never doubted you. It’s all up to you now to take this responsibility. What do you say, son?

Barson: I… yes… yes Captain!

Verrhan: Just like what I wanted to hear. Very well...

She then starts speaking in a vehement tone.

Verrhan: Due to the prominent exhibition of fine skills of a true warrior of the order of the Silent Dagger, and displaying valour, cunning, tenacity and as well showing the skills of survivability of completing a mission that was given, I, Captain Verrhan, one of the three Captains of the order of the Silent Dagger and Captain of the second battalion, hereby declare to you my advocacy of Barson and Harron of the Venatorian Ox, sons of yours truly from novices to the first fine blades men of the Silent Dagger.

“Barson… this is great! I guess you and Harron will be getting new fine armours and weapons like what you’ve been wanting since we became scouts.”

Barson: Hold on, does it mean?

“I guess this settles it then. You are the best leader and fighter among the novices. You and Harron of course-“

Verrhan: Do I look like I am finished?

“A- apologies, Captain. I did not mean to disresp-“

Verrhan: There you go again. I suppose I need to hurry this along. I would also like to formally announce my advocacy of Kiv’ran Livia from novice to the first unerring archer; Varius, from novice to the first master tracker of the order. And…

Captain Verrhan strikes me with her gaze and her stare locks on to me.

Lovely, so we survived a very long night of bloody chaos against the Lycantors and have been unpredictably saved from a long thought to be extinct angel and now, the sternest Captain of the order is looking straight through my very soul. I take it that she will revoke my title of a novice and send me packing home. Father will not love this…

Verrhan: Do you have something to say Myrrha?

I slowly stand up as I struggle to maintain my composure. I bow down my head and begin to deliver my words to her.

“As a matter of fact… yes. I know that I failed to comply with one of the tasks that were given to us… no, that were given to me. And though the promotions of ranks that have been bestowed to my fellow… to my ‘former’ fellow team members, I know as well that they will be punished by my insubordination. I ask of you my Captain, as the appointed leader of this fourth team to take the whole part of my former fellow scouts’ punishment. It was I who decided to engage the Lycantors and it was I who gave the command to advance forward into the depths of the woods and away from the outpost. I humbly ask of you to please bestow the entire punishment to me and have Barson, Harron, Kiv’ran and Varius to stay together as a team as they are fit to work together and they excel well in using their unique skills and talents as a whole unit and I may also ask of you to provide them with a more fitting team member. And lastly, I wish to recommend Barson as the leader of their new team. That is all, Captain.”

Captain Verrhan stands fearsome in front of me, and though I don’t look at her eyes, I feel the strike of her gaze.

Verrhan: Such commendable words, Myrrha. Spoken like a true leader! You were correct about almost everything that you claimed. I don’t intend to find a replacement member of this team because you, Myrrha Luxion, daughter of the acolytes Lorrha and Yssa of the order of Mikhael’s Sword, is being promoted from novice to the first versatile strategist of the Silent Dagger.

“I… I don’t know what to say-“

Verrhan: You’re interrupting me again.

“My apologies.”

Verrhan: (She sighs.) Is there anyone in the audience who wishes to voice their concerns in my decisions?

A few quick seconds of silence has passed and the army that Varius brought along with him swiftly face in front of us and they mightily raise their daggers with the insignia of the order inscribed on the bottom of flat part of the blades. They all shout our battle cry! And their cries reverberate the whole woodlands as they repeatedly yell the words with all their hearts.




Verrhan: That settles it then. Myrrha, Barson, Kiv’ran, Varius and of course, Harron… you are all now officially part of the first men and women warriors of the Silent Order. Your first mission, take half of the camp’s army back to the city. Barson, like what I commanded, you will lead the half of the army. You are all dismissed!

Barson: Captain.

He bows his head before turning a step back. He walks beside one of the colossi who is carrying the wounded Harron. The rest of the troops follow and I walk behind them.

Verrhan: Except you Myrrha.


Verrhan: As what you have said, you were mostly correct with all of your assumptions, which included your punishment. In which you will shoulder it alone. Come now, your ‘father’ looks forward to your return at the camp.

Of course! It is the most fitting punishment for me… I will have to face with my personal tormentor; I will have words with my dear father. Oh I cannot wait for that.

Kiv’ran turns back and she looks at me with a perplexed expression.

“It’s alright Kiv’ran. Fall to command. I need you to watch Barson’s back with your bow and arrow. We will meet again soon at the city.

My fellow female Luxian embraces me for what it seems to be a long three seconds and then she departs together with Barson and the troops of the Silent Dagger.

“Captain, before we venture back I would like to talk about the young stranger that with us-“

Verrhan: Save your words daughter of Lord Lorrha. I prefer you speak the words of your encounter with the Lycantors and this young male in front of your father’s audience.

“His audience? I don’t understand-“

Verrhan: It was quite a nuisance, really. He brought half of the Sword’s council with him.

This is just getting better and better.

“What of my mother? Is she with him?”

Verrhan: Lady Yssa stays in the city.

“Why did my father descend from the city just to see me?”

Verrhan: To show his fatherly love and concern for you. Just like what most loving father would have done and isn’t he your father?

“Yes, and I suppose half of the council is also concerned about my well-being after my first field mission? They just probably wanted to ensure the survival of his legacy.”

Verrhan: Perhaps. Why don’t you ask him yourself? Come now, child. We don’t have the whole day to linger here and I for one cannot fathom the thought of what your dear father and his council are doing right now to my camp. He and his posse are now probably changing the ways of the order (Silent Dagger) as we speak.

“I understood Captain.”

Verrhan: Good. Now grab that horse and let’s be on our way.

The Captain and I get on our steeds and we head north, back to our camp.

It took us not longer than an hour to reach the campground of the Silent Dagger. And though half of the troops have already been sent back to the floating city, the blades men and the archers that are left behind are still actively maintaining their posts. I can feel their eyes stare at my presence. Our steeds slowly approach a big white pavilion with another pair of colossi guarding the entrance.

Our horses stop exactly in front of the giants. We slowly get off our steeds and one of the colossi greets us in a heavy deep voice.

Colossus: Captain Verrhan, Lady Myrrha… we are glad that you are safe from your travels from the Shade Forest.

“How I wish you were there to see all the fun firsthand.”

Verrhan: Manners Myrrha. You are speaking to one of the elite vanguards of the council.

Apologies; I… we had a very tiring travel.”

Colossus: You didn’t have to say your apologies, my lady. Your father awaits for your arrival. He is inside.

Captain Verrhan goes inside the pavilion first and I immediately follow her. The inside of the tent is way bigger than it looks from its exterior. The inside is lightly guarded by four Venatorians elite vanguards, from the look of the icon on their crests, they are from the clan of the hound; Varius’ clan members.

“Where is my father?”

The vanguards make way and it shows a big red curtain made of flannel behind them. One of the vanguards opens the curtains. I hear a voice that comes from the inside; the voice belongs to my father’s.

Lorrha: Come in, both of you.

I see my father leaning forward to the wooden map table; he appears to be studying the free lands that surround our continent. Three individuals, wearing light blue gown with leather vests worn over, stand beside my father. These must be the council that he brought with him here.

“Father, how was your travel here?”

He turns his head to his left side and gives a quick glance at me; he then returns his attention to the map. After a quick few seconds he finally turns around to see me.

He speaks to me in a gentle tone, but I can’t shake off the feeling of intimidation that his voice carries.

Lorrha: Tell me, how did you fare last night?

“Father…I- I apologize if I didn’t obey your direct orders… my emotions got the best of me, after I have witnessed what they had done to our fellow, I just couldn’t stand there and-“

Lorrha: I don’t believe that is the answer to my question. Should I repeat myself again, Myrrha?

“Apologies again, father. Last night… last night, we did our very best to survive against the Lycantors. We barely held it all together. If… if it wasn’t for-“

Lorrha: Yes, the young brown-haired male… what was his name again?

“Malachi. I was supposed to bring him to you and to the elders, father. He isn’t what he looks like-“

Lorrha: Angel.

Verrhan: Angel?

Lorrha: That is right, Captain Verrhan. I had thought that my daughter would have told you already about her team encounter with… a being, other than the Lycantors from last night.

Verrhan: Myrrha! Is this true? Is this what you wanted to tell me before?

“Yes Captain. Malachi… Malachi was an angel, a very powerful species long thought to be extinct. And without him, we would have faced our deaths. Malachi was the one who destroyed most of their numbers.”

Verrhan: You said ‘was’. What did you mean by that?

I look at my father; I show him my expression of asking an approval to disclose the whole information to my Captain. Being a wise Captain that she is, she immediately figures it out that my father already knew what had happened last night.

Verrhan: (Talking to my father.) You knew it already. Of course! Blasted Mind Seekers! There is one thing I don’t get-

“You and I think alike Captain.”

The Captain and I speak our minds at the same time.

Verrhan & Myrrha: How?

Lorrha: I’m not sure I follow your question.

“Don’t play us fools father! You know well what we meant!”

Verrhan: Myrrha! You are still talking to one of the acolytes of Mikhael and in case you are forgetting that, let me remind you that he is still your father!

Lorrha: That is fine, Captain Verrhan.

“Apologies…again, father.”

Verrhan: Going back to our question; I can’t help but to wonder the same thought as Myrrha. While you have already known what they had experienced last night, how did you and your council manage to get here that quick? It will take at least a day and a half even with the fastest steeds you could muster for your travel here.

And just like that, a thought suddenly strikes me.

“You knew it all along.”

Verrhan: We already established that Myrrha.

“No Captain. What I meant was …father and his ‘royal’ council already knew what was going to happen last night even before he had given out the mission to us. How it would end. The army of Lycantors, the arrival of the angel Malachi. Were you really that confident that you would throw the life of your own flesh and blood into the pit of those blood lust monsters! ”

Verrhan: What?

“The prophecy… I am talking about the text from the pages of the book of the old world… is that right, father?”

Lorrha: I am glad that you, for the first time, are finally taking our legacy seriously.

“And what of your daughter’s life? My own life? How serious were you about that? I almost lost my life and the lives of my companions!”

Verrhan: Myrrha, both of you… we need to take a step back. You both know I favour realization rather than some hearsay prediction. What prophecy is she talking about?

My father approaches one of his male council and he gently lays his right hand to his right shoulder; he nods at him. The male council’s eyes glows yellow and he extends his left hand to us. From his palm, light beams of assorted colours come out. The lights circle around and on top of his hand and a few seconds later; the lights suddenly manifest an image. This is one of the magnificent powers of a Mind Seeker. They can create visuals out of lights that they can draw from their energies.

“What is your council trying to show us, father?”

Lorrha: Tell me, what do you both see through the light image?

Verrhan: I… I don’t- …hold on! I see-

“A dark sky.”

Lorrha: And?

Verrhan: A moon… a full moon.

Lorrha: And tell me, what is the colour of the moon illuminates?


Lorrha: Do you see it similarities? Does it look familiar to you?

“The angel.”

Verrhan: Someone needs to explain to me what are we looking at here? And Myrrha, what did you mean by ‘was’.

Lorrha: In the third night of the blue, the light falls.

“The prophecy…”

My father smiles and it gives a condescending expression.

Lorrha: It is quite easy to comprehend, Captain. Last night was the third night of blue full moon-

Verrhan: Don’t take me as a fool, Lord Lorrha-

“Captain, manners…”

Verrhan: Shut it, Myrrha. What did it fall?

Lorrha: I’m guessing I don’t need to tell that to you Captain.

Verrhan: …The angel, that young male… he is just a vessel of this… of this angel, isn’t he?

“Yes. Malachi used up all of his angelic powers in that fight with the Lycantors.”

Lorrha: This Malachi… the angel, he is asleep somewhere?

“He is recovering his lost powers. He asked me to find the other two angels, Mikhael’s messengers-“

Verrhan: The three angelic messengers those were lost from the Great War? He is one of them? But it’s been almost two millennia. Why now?

Lorrha: Ahhh... now you and I think alike, Captain.

Verrhan: I take it that you have no idea?

“The Darkness…”

Lorrha: Pardon?

“The Lycantors, they were following a command. They have leaders. We have encountered two of them, fellow Lycantors but they were different.”

Verrhan: How so?

“Other than in terms of strength and skills, they both wield the power of Darkness.”

Verrhan: You don’t mean-

Lorrha: The same Darkness that ruined this world and its first inhabitants? Impossible!

“That was how Malachi almost lost the fight against them. The power of the Darkness almost took Malachi’s life! An angel that was supposed to be the light in all of this madness barely managed to survive the fight against the very thing he was created to destroy! I guess your prophecy failed to foresee that.”

Lorrha: Do not mock me child! We both know that the text from the ancient scroll is incomplete.

Verrhan: And I suppose the other half tells us the return of the Darkness? I may not be superstitious but if we are talking about the history… that dreadful history that is bound to happen again, we need to get on with this. We need to alert the entire council, the order of Mikhael’s sword and the rest of the Seven’s children!

Lorrha: Captain! You are fretting for nothing here! Tell me child, these two Lycantors, they were special you said… what did they do?

“We fought the other one for a longer time, his name was Luhgus. He could control the Darkness around him, its density and motions. He can make it his own sharp and pointed weapons. He almost killed Harron and exhausted Malachi’s angelic power to the last.”

Verrhan: This was a deed from one of their elite ranks… I fear for what the others can do. How about the other one?

“He… he was more calm, in a way, civilized than his brother.”

Lorrha: They’re brothers?

“Yes. Luhgus called him Ze’lus. He was wearing a full set of dark iron armour.”

Lorrha: What was his ‘special’ ability?

“He could stop our movements by stepping on our shadows. I believe that was the only sliver of his dark powers.”

Lorrha: Heavens! The powers… these are the same display of powers that were written in the book of the old world.

“I would have known, I spent half of my childhood years reading that book. Those powers are nowhere written in that book and it only mentions the Darkness in its first few pages.”

Lorrha: That’s because the book doesn’t deem you worthy to reveal half of its contents to you.

“What do you mean by that?”

Lorrha: A discussion worth of having next time.

Verrhan: We cannot waste more time here Lord Lorrha! We need to be prepared for this.

“Hold on, so now you both believe me? Has the Captain also read the ‘secretive’ parts of the book?”

Father puts his hands on my shoulders.

Lorrha: Are you certain about the powers that these Lycantors possessed, my child?

“I didn’t believe it at first but these Lycantors… what they have done to us, what they have done to Malachi… they boldly claimed that there will be nothing for us to do.

Verrhan: What did they mean by that?

“They cannot be stopped; their rage and the return of Darkness will bring forth the fall of our city.”

He lets go his grasps on my shoulders and turns his attention to Captain Verrhan.

Lorrha: Even if your angel managed to kill some of their numbers, I believe that they have more of their kind in their hands and the Darkness can bring back the fallen ones to the battlefield. Captain, assemble the rest of your troops. We are going back to the city, immediately! Once we arrive at the city, you have my permission to gather the Silent Dagger’s army, the city’s soldiers and the Elite Vanguards in the center plaza. I will address this critical matter myself.

Verrhan: What of our people who are outside the city?

Lorrha: We cannot take them inside the city and risk getting caught in the upcoming war with the Lycantors. After my public statement, have your fastest scouts and trackers disperse throughout the outside vicinity of the cit. The outsiders will know how to deal in this kind of situation.

“You don’t expect to have ten thousands of them to hide inside their underground shelters? What of the ones who don’t have such places to hide?”

Verrhan: Perhaps we can reopen some of our locked barracks to the east? We have four underground garrisons that we can use.

Lorrha: Very well! Put half of the city’s soldiers and all your scouts to these barracks and have them protect it and the civilians. We leave in half an hour and I expect to have my commands carried out before nightfall tomorrow.

Verrhan: Consider it done!

“Father, Captain Verrhan, there is one more thing. The shadow Lycantors… they call themselves the Night Sons and they answer to someone, they call her… the Night Queen.”

Captain Verrhan looks at my father.

Verrhan: Do you know about their little organization?

Lorrha: No, this is the first time I have heard of this Night Queen and her Night Sons.

Verrhan: I have an idea what this Night Queen might be, I am sure the thought also passes to your mind, my Lord.

“Who is it Captain?”

Lorrha: Perhaps the better question falls more to ‘who’. I don’t want to jump into any conclusions yet, but if what we thought is right… then Mikhael helps us! This will be bigger than the city fighting against the Lycantors, than any of us!

“Those savages wield the power of Darkness and they swore to bring down the city! What bigger threat could there be?”

Verrhan: You have no idea. Come child, there is much preparation needed to be done. Let’s leave your father and the council here for now. Perhaps they can find something else in that ‘prophecy’ that can help us win this war or at least minimize the casualties…

Captain and I then leave the pavilion. I take a look back at my father once more and I see him speaking to his council. Captain Verrhan shouts my name.

Verrhan: Myrrha! Quickly!

My father… he is lying. No, more like he isn’t telling something… about last night, about the prophecy, about all of these. How could he, one of his twin daughters, risk my life by the hands of the Lycantors for the sake of fulfilling some old prophecy? I know he can be cold-hearted sometimes, but he would never risk the lives of his daughters, especially when the legacy of our blood was on the line. There is something more than what he claimed about the prophecy and his relationship with the ‘Night Queen’ and I will find out about it!

A Day After.

We have finally arrived at the foot of the mountain where our city hovers on top of it. It only took us a day to get here, we didn’t stop on our travel way back here and most of us are now exhausted; but there is no time to rest! Once my father steps inside the city, he will assemble the council and the remaining occupied seats of the order of Mikhael’s Sword; while Captain Verrhan, as per my father’s orders, will assemble all of the armies from different factions of the city to the plaza and they will await for my father’s further command. Before we left our camp, Captain commanded me to join with the rest of the Silent Dagger’s first strategists to construct some plans in deploying the troops throughout the city and its outskirts.

So much for my first day as the ‘first strategist’ of the Silent Dagger.

“Captain, I expect some of the city guards to see our return. Do they even know that we were arriving here?”

Verrhan: Your father asked one of his Mind Seekers to convey a telepathic message to his city’s council and to have the entire city on locked down and all of the armies to be stayed within the walls. In case the Lycantors would throw an advance offense against us. Your father couldn’t risk the city to fall down from the attacks of these savages.

“And what of the outsiders? Who would protect them?”

The captain responds to my question with a sly smile on her face.

Verrhan: That’s already been settled. I didn’t want to waste my breath arguing with your dear father so I had my finest and fastest ghost hawks to send a message of my own to the remaining captains of the Silent Dagger. I already have the scouts and the trackers all deployed throughout the outskirts and the four underground garrisons have already been filled with the outsiders as we speak.

“Very well done Captain!”

Verrhan: It was something I would like to get off my plate. Besides, I need to spend more time with my sons before the war begins.

“You are right; I suppose I need to have words with my mother and Nyssa.”

Verrhan: You have a couple of hours Myrrha. After that I need you with the rest of the first strategist at the plaza.

“You have my gratitude.”

My father’s black steed trots towards Captain Verrhan’s side.

Lorrha: Do we have everything ready for our conveyance, Captain?

Verrhan: Yes my Lord. Everyone is accounted for. We are just waiting for your word.

Lorrha: Very well. Myrrha, please proceed…

“Yes father.”

The city hovers on top of the rugged mountains. It has approximately four hundred feet gap between the solid rock base foundations of the city and the green mountains. There is only one way to get inside Mikhael’s Citadel, the floating city of Horologio Caelo; a magical entrance, a portal that is strictly made of pure energy light of a living Luxian is needed to be casted. The process can be really excruciating for the caster and it requires a lot of energy and focus. In a way, the caster of the portal serves as the doorway for anyone who deserves to enter the hovering city. A position of highly importance and only a member of the Mikhael’s Sword can appoint the caster… and I am honored that my father, bestowed upon me such responsibility.

Verrhan: Focus child. You are the first step of saving Mikhael’s city from the war that will soon be upon us.

I get off my horse and I remove my worn-out leather gloves. I gentle make fists with my hands and loosen up my grasps as I relax my fingers.

Lorrha: Remember how you used your light power as a weapon for the very first time from the other night against that one Lycantor. I need you to release the same amount of power but this time, think of it as not a weapon but a tool… a tool that will help create a door, a door that will lead you to your home… our home.

Verrhan: You can do it Myrrha.

“I need all of you to back a couple of steps away; I am still having difficulty controlling my light powers.”

I take a deep breath and calm my mind. I slowly raise my hands and form a triangle. I let the energy flow throughout my body and transfer all of it to my hands. I can feel bit by bit of my light energy surging to my hands as they glow brighter similar to the brightness of a yellow quartz. The light is then suddenly forming around the triangle center of my hands; and my hands… they are starting to feel heavy… they feel warm… they are getting warmer, getting hotter by every second that passes.

My father stands beside me, places his hand on my shoulder and he speaks to me.

Lorrha: Let the light within you form on to your hands, Myrrha; feel the every light in your blood… feel the blood of Luxion, our blood flowing in your veins… this is your legacy! Let your hands grasp the legacy of our blood!

“My-my hands… I can’t keep this… up… father.”

I suddenly fall to my right knee and I almost drop my hands, almost breaking the ritual.

Verrhan: My Lord!

Lorrha: Stand your ground Captain. You all of people must believe in her more… she cannot stop now. She is the only one who can do this! The casting of the portal must be preserved! Myrrha! If you can hear me… you need to keep on focusing your light powers on to your hands. When the time is right and you will know it, you must release your light in one direction and it will show us the way to our home.

What is my father saying? I cannot hear anything other than the increasing piercing sound in my ears. I am… I am starting to have heavy breathings and my heart keeps pounding hard inside my chest. My legs are weakening, they’re shaking… I… I am barely holding my ground and I cannot keep my hands up anymore. Father-

“Father… help me-“

As I am about to drop my hands and the rest of my body to the ground, I see an image that is forming in the center of the bright yellow light. It could be that I am having hallucinations once more just like how I felt back in the Shade Forest. Just like how I felt back there… hold on, could it be? The Whispering Light! But it no longer whispers to me, nor hear its voice… but I see a figure… a figure of a male covered in bright golden light. I feel the hotness of his light that he produces and yet… and yet it does not burn me at all. Is he-

“Are you the same entity that had told me where to find the angel way back there in the forest? Are you… are you the voice of the Whispering Light?”

The mysterious male of pure golden light doesn’t respond to me with his word but instead, he reaches his hand to me. I try to reach for his hand. As I struggle to stretch my heavy hands for trying to reach him, I find myself standing on both of my feet again with my arms and hands pointing straight at a blank space. My breathing pace returns to normal and the pounding of my heart stops, and I hear the voice of my father yelling my name.

Lorrha: Myrrha!

I release the air in my chest through my mouth, and so the yellow energy that was forming around my hands in the form of a long ray of light. The shaft of my energy power lasts for a few seconds and once all the energy from my hands …from my body has been used up; I finally drop my body to the ground.

The surroundings are covered with a deafening sound of silence and just before I let my conscious fall, I slowly try to get up using the remaining strength in my arms and I look at the spot where my energy light disappeared.

“I-I failed. The casting of the portal was… not completed-“

And just before my hands give up and my eyes close, I see a glimpse of yellow flash in front of us and I hear my father calling for my name again. And then the whole place goes black.

A couple of hours later.

I wake up to the sweet flower smell of Jasmine. I slowly open my eyes and I see our family crest, a perfectly circle-shaped golden sun with six rays, in a form of a beautiful stained glass ceiling. I am still feeling light-headed and my vision is blurred. I carefully roam my eyes around the room and I see a female figure with a long blonde hair, same shade of blonde as mine, folding some garments. And though my vision is impaired for a moment, I notice right away who this female individual is. I greet her with a weak sound of my voice.

“Hello, …mother. How long was I sleeping?”

She puts down the clothes and immediately comes to my bedside.

Yssa: Myrrha, you have awakened. Thank Mikhael that no further harm came to you and you managed to find your way back to me. How are you feeling my child?

“I am fine mother. I need… I need to go to the center of the city-“

Yssa: You need to rest. I shouldn’t have allowed you to partake on that mission!

“I knew you wouldn’t the moment you found out about it and you would have pulled me out from the mission with all your political power…”

Yssa: Your father… he didn’t tell me the full nature of the mission.

“That’s father for us, no doubt. I don’t regret it. Mother, something good… something great came out of that mission-“

Yssa: I know all about it.

“Did Nyssa use her powers again?”

Yssa: She was worried for you, both of us were worried.

“But mother, you know how much it pains her to use her mind seeking ability.”

Yssa: Your twin sister is strong, so are you. And I couldn’t be more prouder to have both of you as my daughters.

“Where is she anyway?”

Yssa: She’s in the war room with your father and the council. They’re-

“They’re preparing for the upcoming war. I’ve already wasted a lot of time by sleeping. I need to be there as well! I must figure out-“

Yssa: And more sleep is what you need right now! Listen to your mother! You are to stay here until you regain your strength.

“You don’t understand! There is too much to be done before those blasted savages issue a full scale attack to this city!”

Yssa: Fine! You want to leave this room and help your comrades? There is the door, be on your way! Just don’t expect any help from me!

I strive to get up from my bed but it feels like there are no bones in my legs and my arms are shaky. I gently wiggle my movements but instead, I just fall off to the side of my bed. I try greatly to get up from the ceramic floor but it takes too much strength that I have left just to turn my body up.

And then I hear my mother laughs.

Yssa: You have always been your father’s daughter. You and your father are always so persistent on getting what you want. Here, let me…

She helps me to get up from the floor and puts me back to my bed.

Yssa: I know you would be a great help to the city and to your father but you wouldn’t be able to do much in your condition. Trust me on this and I beg you Myrrha, you are in no condition to fight or to make any decision as a first strategist. You should know better! You would just put yourself and your comrades at risk.

“So you also knew about that...”

Yssa: Yes! And I am so proud of you; you and your team. You all did great back there at the Shade Forest.

“You must have already known as well that Captain Verrhan gave me my first mission as one of her first strategists.”

Yssa: Don’t you worry about her and the mission. Captain Verrhan herself carried and took you to this room. She told me that the first thing you would fret yourself when you woke up was about the mission she gave you and she also told me that you don’t have to worry about it. And these are her words before she left, “don’t bother showing yourself before us if you can’t come out of this room without catching your breath. It would be ashamed to be seen in the public for the first time as one of my strategist if your legs are shaking and you fall to the ground, eating dirt. Just do yourself a favour and please don’t embarrass me!”

“You’re lying.”

Yssa: Would I really lie about something like that? And I couldn’t agree more with your Captain. You would do us more favour if you are to stay here and rest. The city will not crumble down without your help, you know.

“Very well. I will rest for a few hours.”

Yssa: That’s what I only want for you.

“There is another thing I need to know…”

Yssa: You were about to ask me about that young brown-haired male that you found in that forest?

“You knew of him as well?”

Yssa: Of course, my child. I am part of the council and knowing the events that had transpired is one of my responsibilities. Don’t tell your father, but I do know more things than what he knows. That angel… Malachi, I still can’t believe it, after all these long years.

“What of his condition?”

Yssa: He is still unconscious and the elders are observing him right now. His entire physical health is quite healthy. The elders didn’t find any physical anomaly in him. We did almost everything to wake him up but to no avail. One of our Mind Seekers, the best of her kind in our council even tried to communicate with him through the dream world.

“I take it that didn’t work?”

Yssa: His mind was being protected by some kind of barrier. The Mind Seeker’s thoughts were kept on getting pushed away-

“You said you almost did everything to wake him up?”

Yssa: I know that look, Myrrha. And yes, I have considered that option…

“You said the Mind Seeker that tried to probe Malachi’s mind was the best in the council?”

My mother smiles at me.

Yssa: Obviously, she isn’t the best in the continent.

“Nyssa might be able to communicate with him.”

Yssa: She actually proposed that idea, but I don’t think your sister can handle the pain. We can both agree that we don’t want that kind of pressure on her.

“And what did she say?”

Yssa: She wants to speak to you before she acts on her own. She really looks up to you.

“And I can say the same thing to her. Mother, I need to speak with her, could you-”

Yssa: Of course.

My mother puts her two fingers on her right temple and she closes her eyes. The entire room becomes quiet for a few seconds.

Yssa: I had spoken with her using our minds. She will be here shortly.

“Thanks, mother. How about the prophecy? What do you know of it?”

She sighs.

Yssa: I take it that your father didn’t tell you everything about the prophecy of the blue full moon?

“Father told me part of it, but I could see that father was hiding something from me. He wasn’t telling me everything about the damn prophecy!”

Yssa:In the third night of the blue, the light falls.”, that is the prophecy your Father told you, isn’t that right?

“I understand the literal meaning of it, but what does it have to do with me? And why is that he was so certain that I would survive that night?”

She stands up from her seat and she looks at the outside scenery through the window.

Yssa: It is true that your father loves you as much as he loves your twin sister, and he would never risk both of your lives not only because of securing the bloodline legacy but more importantly, out of his love…

“Then explain to me why he did what he did!”

Yssa: Because there is more something to that prophecy.

“Tell me something I don’t know, mother”

Yssa: I am so sorry my child. I can’t reveal to you the words of the book from its forbidden pages.

“He said the same thing to me. You can’t or you won’t?”

Yssa: I really wanted to tell you, Myrrha, I really do but the book itself has its own magical properties. No one can translate nor can convey the words from its forbidden pages unless the book itself deems the receiver of its words worthy. The book of the old world won’t just allow us to do so…

“What will happen if you try? Will the damned book curse you with a spell and extinguish your life?”

Yssa: It’s not like that Myrrha. The magic of the book is nothing of malevolent. The words will just simply not come out; it won’t allow its knowledge to form a sound to the ears of the unworthy.

“Perfect. Just perfect! What do I need to do for the book to consider me worthy?”

Yssa: I’m afraid I can’t help you on that, my dear child. Only you and no one else can help you seek the knowledge of the book.

A couple of minutes after, we hear someone knocks on the door.

Yssa: That must be your sister.

My mother walks towards the door and just before she opens it, she turns around and smiles at me.

Yssa: I love you Myrrha, you and your sister and so does your father. Your father can be really hard sometimes… well most of the time but I know, and you know this as well that he really cares for both of you. He will throw his life away if that will secure his most precious lights in his life. Don’t you ever forget that.

I… I love you too, mother.”

She opens that door and I see my twin sister standing outside. Her silvery shoulder length hair shines well.

Yssa: Hello Nyssa. I will see both of you later on the day. Don’t tire your sister, she needs to rest more.

Nyssa: Of course mother.

Yssa: I will be in the war room with your father. Mikhael knows that he needs a calming presence in front of the council.

And then she steps of my room and Nyssa enters the room and closes the door.

Yssa: Is everything alright with you and mother?

“(Snickering) Nice dress, Nyssa.”

Nyssa: You didn’t want this dress that mother gave to you!

“I wasn’t making fun of you. It looks really good on you! The colour of the lavender doesn’t suit me well and the dress is awfully long.”

Nyssa: And when did you start thinking about the colour and the length of the dress that you wear? I always knew you for being simple.

“Exactly! That dress looks so regally for me.”

Nyssa: And I suppose you prefer tight dark leather vest?

“What’s your point? It’s perfect for almost all occasions! Besides, the Silent Dagger promoted me to a first strategist. I expect to be outside the field from now on.”

Nyssa: I haven’t properly applauded you on your promotion, Myrrha.

“That’s right! You haven’t. The first thing you mentioned was that dress!”

Nyssa: You started it! But seriously, I am very happy for you. It is just what you wanted, isn’t?

“Gratitude, Nyssa. Being committed with the Silent Dagger will make father get off my back for a while with all his talk about me ascending to the seat of the Mikhael’s Sword.”

Nyssa: And you are going to pass most of father’s attention regarding the order and the council on to me. That was your plan all along, wasn’t it?

“Oh you will love it, trust me! Besides, you are far better to be his successor than me.”

Nssa: I am not sure about that, but seriously, I am very glad to have you back here all safe with us. You and everyone. You all did it! Your team fought the Lycantors and won!

“Heh, barely. But yes, we did it. There were lots of times that death almost had us, but we all managed to pull through.”

Nyssa: You must tell me all of your exploits! How did you feel the first time you faced a Lycantor? How ferocious were they? How did you fight them off? And-

“Nyssa, just… just take it easy on the questions, will you?”

Nyssa: Apologies. I was… I was just so excited to see you and hear your adventures.

“I am glad to see you and mother as well but trust me; it wasn’t really much of an adventure encountering those savages.”

Nyssa: That is fine; I won’t bother you about your grim encounter with them. Perhaps for another day but you must tell me one thing sister-

“You wish to know about the angel…”

Nyssa: Is it that obvious?

“Just a hunch; and as a matter of fact, I wanted to talk about him with you.”

Nyssa: I can do it, you know. I’ve been training myself mentally, in using my powers.

“But Nyssa… this won’t be the same as reading minds. You will be entering a different world, a world that both of us are not familiar of. Besides, you don’t know him…”

Nyssa: But you know him. Malachi… his name is Malachi, isn’t it? I know everything sister. What you and the rest of your team had to go through… the ordeal of that night. And I know how Malachi came and helped you all. He is an angel of the heaven; I highly believe that as much as you do. And… and I know that you know that he is our only chance of winning this war.

“But the pain that it may cause-“

Nyssa: What? You don’t think I can handle a little hurt? I told you, I’ve been preparing myself for something big as this. You have to believe in me, Myrrha… just I have believed in you when father sent you out to the Shade Forest.

Upon hearing those words, I know right away that my twin sister have become stronger, and for that, I completely put my faith in her.

“I was gone for a few days and look what have you become. Very well, I will leave you to the task of waking up Malachi, but if things go wrong… I want you to abandon the mission. Do you understand me? We don’t know what lurks in the dream world.”

Nyssa: He’s an angel. If all the books of the past say about the angels are true, then he won’t allow any harm to befall upon me in his dream.

“Let’s hope for that.”

Nyssa: Which reminds me, his name is Malachi… doesn’t it translate “as messenger”?

“That’s correct.”

Nyssa: And history says that there were three angels that Mikhael had sent back to the past to prevent the chaos his brother and the Darkness had done…

“What are you trying to say?”

Nyssa: Maybe if I manage to communicate with him, I can ask him a way of knowing how to find the other two angels.

“Malachi actually spoke of the other two angels before he faded. I am not sure if he has answers on how to get his siblings back into this world, but we can give that a chance as well.”

Nyssa: It’s worth a try, right?

“But even if you succeed on finding a way, it may take a while for us to summon the remaining angels since we are unsure of their whereabouts and we only have a very short time before the forces of the Lycantors fall upon us.

Nyssa: You are right, and the power of a single angel won’t be enough to stop them. What else do you have in mind?

“The thought occurred to me earlier when I was casting the spell to open a doorway to this city. Nyssa, you are aware of the legend of the Whispering Light?”

Nyssa: Of course. All of the Luxians know of it. Why did you ask?

“I saw a vision, even that time when I encountered a Lycantor for the first time. When I used my light power to blast the savage away, I heard the whisper… it told me where to go to with my team and upon going to the destination that the whisper had told me, that’s how I encountered the angel Malachi. And the second time I use my power to open a portal… that time I almost gave up but I saw a male figure covered in golden light. He was reaching his hand to me and so I extended my hands to reach him. That’s what made me continued to finish the casting of the spell.”

Nyssa: Do you think the voice of the Whispering Light belongs to that mysterious male figure?

“I think he was helping me from the start. He was the reason that I found where Malachi would fall from heaven and he was the reason that I managed to continue in opening the portal.”

Nyssa: Myrrha, we Luxians know who is the voice of the Whispering Light, are you telling me that-

“We cannot just put all of our hopes in Malachi and his angelic siblings. We both know that we only have a very little time before the Lycantors and the Darkness they wield come to us. In order for us to survive the war and to keep this city from falling, we must bring one of the weapons that were used in the Great War against the Darkness. We need someone that had survived and bested the ancient dark entity. We need a legend in our side, one of the legends of the past; the first of his kind and the alpha of our race. We must find Luxion.

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