My twin's mate

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Luna Williams is the normal human and the freak of the school. While coming home from school he found a small weak wolf whimpering in the forest and decided to take him home with her. The wolf was not other than Knox Dawson, the son of Alisha and Robert Dowson who was abandon in the forest by his parents. She takes him in, look after him and named him Ash due to his ash fur colour. Her only friend is Linda and Chloe. When she goes to camping with her friends with other students things started to go weird. She saw Ash in the forest and decided to follow him to find out it look just like ash but have different eye colour and also saw him shift into Kai her crush. After Returning home she told everything that happened in the forest to Knox and Knox knows everything and decided that it’s time to take the matter into his hands and fight for his right and mate before Kai take everything away from him. What happen when Luna get to know about the super natural world? Will she accept them as their mate? Will she able remove all the hate rate from Knox heart for his family? What will Kai do when he know about his twin brother? Will Knox able to forgive his family for abounding him when he needs them the most or will Luna lose one of her or both the mates?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

(5 Year Luna P.O.V)

I was walking home through the forest with my nanny when I heard whimpering. I look around but I find nothing. I look at my nanny who was busy on her phone typing furiously on her phone. I walk forward and look around the forest for the source of the voice when I saw a cute little puppy.

When I reach the puppy he looked at me and whimpered again.

“Its okay puppy.....I will not hurt you,” I said holding him in my hands.

“Where is your owner?” I ask and look around to find someone but find no one there.

“I live with Lauren my nanny and my parents are not home all the time, and it gets lonely there,” I said while smiling at him, he wagged its tail and move his head towards me to lick my face.

“Oh don’t move your hurt, but don’t worry I will look after you. I will always there for you and never leave you well only when I will leave for school and my other classes.” I said while grinning from ears to ears.

“Luna, Luna where are you?” I heard Lauren called me. I cradle him in my arms and walk towards her.

“Lauren,” I called her to grab her attention when she was looking around for me.

“Where were you Luna, don’t run away like that again do you understand me,” I said in a stern voice with a scowl on her face.

“I heard the voice of whimpering in the forest so I walk towards the voice to find it’s a source and I wound a wounded puppy, can we kept it with us?” I said showing her the puppy in my arms while making my best puppy face in front of her hoping that she will agree with it. Her face softens when she saw him.

“I have no problem with keeping him with us as long as your parents have a problem with it, ” she said smiling at me, making me smile at return.

“Do you hear it a puppy, you will stay with us,” I said jumping up and down in excitement and yelp in return.

“Now what should we name you?” I ask and thought for some time.

“How about Ash, as you have Ash color fur,” I ask and he licked my face.

“Now let’s go home it’s getting late,” Lauren said and we all walk home.

After reaching I change in comfortable clothes and wash him carefully as not to hurt him more then he already is. After cleaning him I dress his wounds and feed him, then make him sleep on one of my pillows.

I go to my washroom take a shower, eat the dinner that Lauren prepare for us goes to sleep while making a mental note to go to the pet shop to buy all the necessary thing Ash is going to need.

(6 Years old Knox P.O.V)

It’s been a week since my parents abandon me in the forest. I shift in my wolf form to survive but it is very hard to survive alone in this dangerous forest. I was almost get killed by a rogue and get out of the paw of the hunters.

I did only many to hunt some small rabbits to feed me. It’ has been two days since I eat something. I am wounded and starving which did not help my condition at all. I don’t think I will able to survive more than two days in this condition.

I can’t believe my parents do that to me. How can they do this to me; to their son? I know I am weak and it’s hard to control my wolf and Lycian but that does not mean that they will abandon me in this dangerous forest to die.

I was so lost in my thought that I didn’t hear someone approaching me until I heard a twig snapped and I look up to see a small girl coming towards me and I whimpered Scared that it’s all over for me.

‘It’s Okay she will not harm us, you can trust her’ my wolf Ash said to me.

‘Can I trust her, and I mean how can I trust her when my parents leave me all alone in the forest, ’ I ask him.

’You don’t have to trust anyone just trust your instinct it will never disappoint you ’my Lycian said smiling at me.

‘Tell me, Knox, what your instinct is telling you,’ ash ask.

‘To trust her’ I said.

‘Then go with it’ they said together. I am so busy talking with my wolf and Lycian that I did not notice her holding me in her arms. I follow my instinct and licked her face, getting a breathtaking smile in return. She cradles me in her arms and walks towards a younger lady.

She asks her, that can she keep me with them and the lady agreed and she jumped up and down in excitement. I was happy two knowing that I will be safe now. She named me to ash and I didn’t mind it since my wolf name is ash.

She took me home with her; it was a medium-size looking home but a beautiful home. After that she changes herself in comfortable clothes while I was busy looking around my surroundings, then she picks me up in her arms and takes me to her washroom.

She washes me carefully, making sure that she did not put any pressure on my wounds, then dressed my wounds up. After that, she feeds me some boiled vegetable and put me on a pillow and cooed me until I fall asleep.

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