The Royal Mates

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Amorelli, a princess who was kidnapped from birth and sold to India, along with other royalties, as slaves of all kinds. She then makes friends with another royal princess, Zinniah. Every royal that is kidnapped has two qualities about them. They are a royal and have a special ability about them. But Amorelli has no idea what her gift is, nor does she know where she came from. Mordikai York, Prince of Russia, is a werewolf. He can be arrogant, rude, and selfish. However, one thing for sure is that he is drop-dead gorgeous. You would think with the last quality, he would have some new woman next to him so he could have his way with her later on, but the good thing about him - he is waiting for his mate. Amorelli and Mordikai. The way they meet is extraordinary. But finding out your mate is a slave, and the prophecies all around them are going to go awry soon is concerning. Also posting this story on

Fantasy / Drama
Keeley Duffy
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Chapter 1


It was hot. But then again, it’s always hot here. The blazing sun at my back, the sweat dripping down my face and body, the crops were enjoying the water our sweat was giving them. Yes, I said ours. There are hundreds of us here; slaves, I mean. All of us have secret abilities and/or powers that we have. However, all of the guards know what we have. For me? No one knows except for the boss and a few guards. Shoot, I don’t even know. It’s that secret.

The guards have gotten even more slaves over the past few months. They got this set of twins from the Netherlands, and they got the daughter of Spain’s king about two weeks ago. They even got some royal from China about a day or so ago. The two things that stand out are her eyes. One of her eyes was red, and the other was purple. It is believed that she has the power of healing, mental torture, telekinesis, and that the god Buddha lives within her. To be completely honest I believe it all. I heard that she hurt a guard who disrespected Buddha before they entered, but she wasn’t touching him. With her eyes, it is believed that the purple is the god Buddha, and the other one is for enhancing her powers. She also can look through a person’s memories. Like, she looks through your soul and sees everything you have seen, heard, lived through, you name it, she experiences it when she looks into your memories. But once she entered, she became scared. Her powers were useless, and she couldn’t protect herself

And don’t even get me started on Samara. That girl has been raped at least a hundred times. The poor girl was turned into a sex slave because of her godly looks. No lie, she looks as beautiful as Aphrodite. She has long, light brown hair and dark green eyes. She looks like an angel. To be honest, I envy her entirely. Not for the sex slave part of course, for that, I completely pity the girl. I envy her for the amount of food she gets. Since she’s a sex slave, she gets such a significant amount of food. Yeah, we different slaves get food as well, but since those slaves are used for pleasure, they need to look beautiful, healthy, and overall, not sick and anorexic. They all get gourmet food. Caviar, lobster, crab, you name it, they had it. Even though we were fed the same amount as them, they got better food. We had soup, bread, water or milk, crackers, and other healthy snacks. They feed us the same amount because apparently, they needed healthy slaves to tend to the chores. If you got sick before, during, or after the job was done then you were immediately rushed to the hospital they have here. Surprisingly, they treat us well here. They are nice unless we do something wrong. Then we get yelled at and are told to do it again, and right at that time.

“Amorelli!” I heard Zinniah say my name and I looked over from my tomatoes to see she called me over to the squash. I walked over to see she was picking the good ones off the stem.

“What is it Zinniah?”

“I need your help.”

“With picking the squash?”

“No. I saw one down this row, and I swear I saw something eating at it. And I can tell it’s a fast little critter, so I need help catching it.”

“Alright. From what you saw, what did it look like?”

It was at that moment she hesitated.

“Zinniah. Answer me.” I used this tone with her is she was keeping something from me that I should know.

“I think it’s the same critter that has been getting into the other crops...”

Right after she said that I was speed walking down the aisle of squash, but also minding the crops next to me and making sure not to step on them; this critter has been at our plants for a while now, and it was getting on my nerves.

“Amorelli, slow and calm down. We’ll get the critter, and we will move it to somewhere else. Just be calm and don’t scare it off. Mariana!” Zinniah called over another slave. She proceeded to tell her to get the guards for back-up because we think we saw the critter eating our crops. She ran to the three nearest guards, and they quickly came over with nets.

“Are you sure you saw it?” A male guard asked.

“I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I saw something,” Zinniah stated, and we started our way down the aisle to look for it. After a minute of searching, we found it and captured it with ease. We then gave it to the guards who took it away to its natural habitat.


After the days work, we went to dinner and talked to each other and made jokes about random things. Right when Zinniah and I finished eating, guards came up to us.

" The boss wants to speak to both of you.” A female guard said in a grave voice.

“For what? We didn’t do anything wrong, did we?” I asked, and she had a grim look.

“As far as I know, no. But he did say it was important.” She replied, and with that, we started walking with the guard. My attention drifted to what we could have done wrong.

We caught the critter, and we are always at work on time. We tend to the crops just fine.

What could be wrong?

As I was so caught up in my thoughts, I didn’t realize we had reached the boss’ office until the guard cleared her throat. I looked up to her, and she gave me a stern, yet gentle look. She was giving me a head up to pay attention and not drift into my thoughts as we were about to talk to him. I nodded slightly and smiled gently at her quickly before she opened the massive double doors to the boss’ office.

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