Lost Treasure: Continued

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Jewel O'Tool is a 15 year old alpha's daughter of one of the most ancient packs in the US territory. Her proud family bloodline can be traced directly from the first werewolves created. Something not taking lightly by surrounding packs. Even the council of the US territory treats them like a treasure to be cherished and protected. Little did she know this fact would put her on an adventure that would take her places far from home and everything she loved. In one dark and devastating night everything she held dear taken, by an over whelming force of rogues. They kill everyone in their path with no warning at all. After witnessing her two younger siblings killed she escapes into the mountians she had grown to love. With a survial pack, and the knowledge she was given, she must find a way to survive and find out who did this. Revenge as her drive, she pushes herself each day to get stronger, and be faster. She had failed on saving her siblings, but she would not let their death or the extinction of her pack go unpunished. She was still being chased by the leaders of the terrible rouge force. Which keeps her on the move always. Her instincts tell her the best place to hide is where there is a lot of people. A city. Now a rogue herself. An adventure taking her across country over five years, her only escape is to find her mate. Will she find him before they find her?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Sorry for the inconvenience... this book is under reconstruction. You will find the first 22 chapters in the newly posted book, Lost Treasure: Into the City. This book is long so I thought to break it up. I edited it with Microsoft word, so it's still not perfect. Thanks for your patience!
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