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This gives you an idea of the world I created for all my werewolf stories. They will be connected in one way or another. This is a summary the story behind their Goddess, why she created them in the first place. Why there is a matebond and why some have abilities. Eventually I may write a whole back story on the Goddess.

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My stories are a work of fiction.

Any reference to historical events, real people or places are used simply as a setting where my story takes place. Helping the reader get a better picture of where my characters live and go without filling pages of setting descriptions.

Other names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the authors imagination, and any resemblance to actual events, locales, persons; living or dead, is coincidental.

Introduction to the world in my story: creation of werewolves

There was a time when werewolves didnt exist. In a world filled with magical creatures: fairies, vampires, witches and sorcerers. Humans dwell among them oblivious to their existence, holding on to superstitions, and fables.

War brought on by an evil sorcerer over whelmed by the use of black magic, waging to rule the world, sick with greed, and hatred for all who challenge him.

The world was in trouble, crushing under the pressure of a tyrant and his growing power. Europe was the territory he claimed so far, but his hunger for more was unquenchable.

A sorcerer, Maximus, who was a comrade of the evil one, lead the rebellion with other creatures of magic. His efforts were noble and fierce but could only match him eye for eye. He needed something that could tip the scales of victory in their favor.

Maximus sent for all the best scholars, to search for an answer. Pouring himself in to scrolls, archives, and even stories passed down.

An old witch found an ancient story of a Goddess imprisoned in the moon. Its been said She promises a reward to the one who frees her.

The witch gives the scrolls and everything else she found on it to Maximus. He must go on this quest if they are rid the world of this evil one.

The quest sent him to the top of the earth to a hidden cave. A ritual and a sacrifice was to be done to free the Goddess from the moon. The quest was trying and dangerous.

The evil one found out their plans and tried to stop him, but failed. Maximus eventually found the cave and did what was required to free the Goddess.

The Goddess, now known as the Moon Goddess, was grateful to her rescuer and granted him a wish. He asked for more power to defeated the evil sorcerer that was claiming the earth as his own. The Goddess took pity on the world, seeing its impending doom.

She could give the man power, but how could she keep his loyalty forever. She needed worshippers, prayers; and protection.

She looked to the animals and found the wolf to be the most loyal of all creatures. Not too far from that very cave lived an artic wolf pack. She took the alpha and put him inside of the mind of Maximus, giving him the ability to change his form into a wolf. Immense strength, endurance, and all other attributes of the animal was heightened tenfold. Plus a gift.

The other wolves of the pack were given the ability to change their form in to a human form. The alpha female, Calypso, was blessed with a special gift, that made her a weapon to ensure their victory and later a way to protect her pack.

Then the Goddess paired these new creatures, making their wolves soulmates for eternity. After their human vessel would die, their wolves would return to the Goddess. Only to be reborn again, they must find their mate in their new human vessel.

The bond the two wolves share are special and can be found by a scent only their soulmate has. Along with a sensitivity of their touch, skin to skin, and a connection of familiarity and attraction.

She promises them victory over their enemies in exchange for love and loyalty. They agree and they are now Her people, werewolves.

Maximus leads his pack back down to location of the war. With his new powers, and new family behind him they over whelmed the evil one in to oblivion.

After peace, Maximus took his pack deep into the wilderness some where in Europe. Where they continued to populate the world.

The Moon Goddess has laid claim to her own place in the immortal world. At their death the wolves returned to her and sit at her feet among others who are not yet reborn to protect her from her mate,Orion, God of the night sky. They prevent him from seeing her, keeping him from imprisoning her again.

With her newfound freedom and her guardians she rules and fulfills her role as their Goddess.

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